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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


For what it’s worth I thought the second series of Brink was better. I think the trade comes out later this month.


I will break the habit of a lifetime and agree with Bobby. I really like Brink and the second story is better, it takes the concept and adds more twists and turns.


Hmm, Brink V2 is likely to be a cheap buy so might end up gambling on the basis of your posts.


I picked up the first four trades of Black Science for £4 each. Ugh, what a stinker. it’s easily Remender’s worst book (before everyone jumps on me I’m a big fan of Deadly Class and Low). It’s just a complete mess with characters seemingly dying then coming back, then being from an alternate earth and unfortunately I care for none of them. One of the main sticking points is the way Scalera draws Grant’s nose. I absolutely hate it.


There’s some issues written by Tynion IV in the Eternal series that really made me take notice of him, between that and Memetic.


Add my recommendation for volume 2 of Brink Ben if you need any more assurance to pick it up


Forbidden Planet offering 40% off the RRP of the Black Hammer hardcover. I was probably going to pick this up eventually if I liked the Quantum Age series, but for this price I think I’ll just take pot luck and buy it anyway.


Dealer Alert

Couple of bargains:

Elfquest: The Final Quest: Volume 4 - Books Etc - £9.22

Empowered and the Soldier of Love - Books Etc - £9.22

EDIT: Balls - Metabaron: Book 3: The Meta-Guardianess & The Techno-Baron has been bumped to mid-November!


I just got my copy of Avengers: No Surrender, which I’d forgotten I’d ordered. 16 issues for €21, and definitely bulkier-feeling than most of Marvel’s TPBs.


Dealer Alert

Been wanting this but just could pay the high price for it, then this deal came along:

Infinite Crisis Omnibus - Books Etc - £57.26

No idea how long it’ll last.


Glad you found it for a decent price.

Same thing happened with me a couple of days ago with Absolute Sandman Overture - I wasn’t going to buy it due to the high price, but I saw some pics of the black and white JHW3 art in the extras and got tempted, then the same day I saw a copy from an ebay seller for £45, so jumped on it. Before that the cheapest I’d seen was £63.


Do you have it yet? Would be interested in your take on it.


No, it’s on its way. I’ll get some pics and comments up once it comes.


Did you like Infinite Crisis, Ben?


Yeah, it was the first DC event I really went from start to finish on, from the Countdown special that started it running all the way to 52.

In trade terms, it’s been pretty much a mess with DC issuing the issues, working out how it all fit together, but not doing that on the trades. Very DC, but odd.


I enjoyed a lot of it, especially during the build up (Countdown and the OMAC Project being highlights), but found the main mini series a mess. That soured me on it, and I don’t have fond memories. I hope it hold up for you, if you do buy it.


I agree, though I read only the first, after which I decided I won’t continue on. I think I rven forgot what it was about.


Sorry you guys didn’t like it. It’s easily one of my favourite reads.


Yeah, me too. It’s a little inconsistent, but some of the volumes of Black Science have been incredible. Some amazing story techniques used by remender at times and Scalero’s art is fanastic.


I’m currently waiting for the final Black Science OHC.