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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Good story too with great art.

Changing tack, anyone who goes for nice hardbacks should know both Harrow County and Black Hammer are getting Library editions due at the end of October.


Little bit of Marvel fishing, including the Omnibuses that got solicited recently.

^500 pages, but no hint of what it contains

This seems like proof that no series will ever die in the Epic Collection line, just left to rest for a bit. They did two volumes of Moon Knight a year apart (October '14 and '15) and then nothing til this.


They’re collecting the Bob Gale Daredevil arc? First time ever, I think. I had to track it down in singles to read it.


Few active SpeedyHen preorders:

The Sixth Gun Deluxe Volume 5 - £31.72

An Absolute-size hardback of 300+ pages? Yes, please.

Warship Jolly Roger: Volume 2: Revenge - £11.49

Previous volume ended up with a £17.99 RRP.

The Complete Killer - £20.26

Archaia’s previous Euro-omnibus, The Complete Okko, was pretty damn good and collected 10 albums of content. This one collects 12 for the same price.

EDIT: Knew the price would eventually drop on this:

Hellboy & The BPRD: 1955 - Books Etc - £10.24


Having no regular Bat-books to read currently, I thought it high time to start reading some of the collected editions I have on the shelf; starting with Batman: Eternal.

I gave up on it after 3 or 4 issues at the time it was coming out. I really struggle with DC’s weekly books - the relentless pace, the haphazard writing and art, the lack of continuity between consecutive issues. I think the only one I’ve ever stuck with was Kurt Busiek’s Trinity, although that was ultimately just as disappointing. And, “No Man’s Land”, if that counts. Reading it in a big chunk like this though, a lot of those concerns no longer apply.

Volume 1 contains the first 21 issues of the series. It’s written by a tag team of writers - Tynion, Seeley, Layman, and Fawkes - from a plot by Snyder & Tynion, and there’s on the whole a pretty consistent feel across each instalment. A whole bunch of artists drew the book, the best of which are by far Jason Fabok and Andy Clarke.

Chronologically speaking this story takes place shortly after Dick’s death in Forever Evil and Damien’s death in Batman, Inc. That’s a good thing, as it takes both of them off the board, letting the spotlight shine on some of the other heroes - Alfred, Gordon, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Tim Drake’s Robin (albeit the New52 abomination). It was published concurrently with “Zero Year” in the main Batman title, so was effectively the main continuity book during that timeframe.

And, wow, it’s a pretty epic storyline so far. There’s a lot going on. A lot of characters. A lot of moving pieces. There are hints of connective tissue at this stage, but nothing overt, so it is hard to process it all. But, it’s safe to say, Batman is having a really fucking bad day.

I’ve got Volume 2 lined up on my bedside table, ready to go. Looking forward to it!


I’m thinking about having my Earth-2 Robinson run issues collected into a custom binding.
Any tips?


Never read Earth 2 - is it good Robinson or great Robinson? And, if I start reading it, how far do I follow the series? Was Tom Taylor’s run a worthy continuation? How about the World’s End stuff, and the Abnett follow up? Sorry for the questions. Really curious about that run, but don’t know where to start/ stop.

  1. Just good Robinson with shades of greatness
  2. Only until Robinson leaves.
  3. Taylor’s run was absolute shite. The guy after him, but before Abnett, was even worse.
  4. Abnett’s run was eh. Simple superhero stuff but after everything before, it never had a chance. Not worth slogging through to get to.


Cheers, Tom. From a distance it did look like it went completely off the rails there, during that whole World’s End nonsense. I’ll see if I can pick up Robinson’s stuff cheaply on digital someday.


This is patently false!

(It wasn’t good but it was a woman). :smile:


The MarvelMasterworks collected editions boards have a whole sub-forum about custom binds, with loads of useful tips, FAQs etc.

The guys there are usually very helpful.


I was talking about Daniel Wilson, but you’re right - there was a co-writer I completely forgot about.

Thanks for the link! I’ll set up an account there.



Yeah I saw that haha.
Houchen is really the best bet but their pricing guide says that their orders for for 3 bindings minimum.
Which is a shame because I wanted to do a custom cover and they’re the only ones I can find that give leeway with that.

I’ve shot them an email inquiring more but I expect any sort of response by Tuesday at the latest.
Been fiddling around with photoshop to at least create something of a “working model”.


So, I can’t be the only one who thinks this trade sounds awesome?

Award-winning artist David Aja (Hawkeye, Immortal Iron Fist) and filmmaker, journalist, and comics writer Ann Nocenti (Daredevil, Catwoman) team up to tell an eco-fiction tech-thriller where flora and fauna have begun to mutate. The Seeds is also a story of love beyond race and gender, and of the resilience of both human and animal kind.

The bees are swarming. What do they know that we don’t?

The rich have built walls around their wealth and scramble into escape rockets. The romantic and the ruthless cross over into the lawless wilds of Zone-B. A few cantankerous aliens have come to collect the last dregs of humanity’s essence for the celestial embryo bank. One of them falls in love.

Astra is an idealistic journalist who stumbles into the story of a lifetime, only to realize that if she reports it, she’ll destroy the last hope of a dying world. How far will she go to get her story?

Due March 2019.


I think the serialized issues are due to start soon.


Yep, I have the first issue on pre-order (and it’s rare that I buy singles physically these days).


Brink Volume 1

For all that the combo of Abnett and Culbard are simply unable to produce a crap comic, this one didn’t grab me as much as I expected. It’s all smartly executed, good writing and art, but I’m just not hooked, unlike their brilliant Wild’s End.

Oh well, can’t win 'em all and there’s no shortage of material by these two.

Deadpool: World’s Greatest OHC4

Oh, what posts we would weave, when contents pages do deceive.

Yea, go by the contents page alone and this doth appear a con job. Five, five Duggan issues only. Fie! Except… One of the non-Duggan is by Ian Doeschler, who does a riff on the “Shakespeare meets” books he’s done and it’s quite, quite excellent. The others? Form parts of a big crossover story that is, more-or-less, about getting rid of Deadpool’s marriage to Shikler. But even that doesn’t work out the way a cynic might expect.

Even more impressive is that Duggan can do a story with Hydra Cap and still make it work, which bodes well for the next OHC.


Anyone read this book? It looks interesting.


I read the first issue and thought it okay. However, you’ve just reminded of it so it obviously did t grab me enough to read more.