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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


The first is the best by far, consistent creative team, great visuals and a steal at that price.


I hadn’t even heard about this collection. Sold!

It means I can sell off all the singles and individual collections and have all this stuff in one volume.


And oh look, it’s yet another new format for Watchmen!

(So a slightly smaller Absolute, basically.)

I look forward to the next repackaging. Place your bets now as to what it will be.


What about a Watchmen bath book?


A lift-the-flaps book, I reckon. Find the Comedian’s killer!


A 12-part chapter-at-a-time series, with the final installment being bundled with binding material for you to assemble your own book?


Dealer Alert

Couple of bargains:

Supergirl: Being Super - Books Etc - £7.84

The Wild Storm: Volume 2 - Books Etc - £7.84


Absolute Authority v.2 (New Printing) is up for pre-order on Speedyhen:

Just £37.55, or £35.67 with the SPRING18 5%-off code.


Anyone after that should grab that immediately - I can’t see anyone going lower than £35.

Other reads:

She-Hulk Volume 3: She-Hulk Must Die

As runs goes, Tamaki’s has been pretty good. It’s been built around the central idea of restoring Jennifer Walters to what she used after being near killed by Thanos in Civil War II. Like most stories in relation to that event, I’d suspect this does a better job of handling the concepts than it did.

Tamaki’s run has been looking at a rarely covered aspect of superheroes - namely the trauma that can result from super-powered punch-ups.

It’s not the greatest material you’ll ever read, but it’s pretty good. The one big problem is Marvel’s new trade format for paperbacks is horrible.

Lobster Johnson: Volume 6: A Chain Forged in Life

A collection of five one-shots, minus the wonderful art of Zonjic, this is still a damn good collection despite that major loss.

Though reading it I do wonder if this is the last collection for the character.

BPRD: The Devil You Know: Volume 1: Messiah

This is how you do an apocalyptic epic - the big threat is taken out but it ain’t over and the world? It’s a mess, with a world map in the extras showing exactly how much of a mess it’s in. Short answer: Way, way past eleven.

Green Lantern: Earth One

I haven’t looked at the other books in this range so I’ve no way to know how it stacks up.

What I do know is this one of the boldest re-imaginings of the character going. DC should be doing more of this because it was absolutely superb from start to finish.

Roll on Volume 2.


Talking of which, anyone still after the reprint of Absolute Authority v.1 can get it from for £34.02, or £32.32 if they buy two books and use the five code for 5% off. A cracking price!


I’m eager to hear more on this. I liked the Wonder Woman and Batman Earth One books but felt Superman was a bit lacking. What’s good about GL?


Well, I was going to go into more detail but that post got derailed - see ‘what’s going in your life’ thread for what. (Yes, I learnt well from The Millar)

What makes it so great is it sets Hal, or rather as we’re introduced him here, Harold Jordan, as an asteroid miner. Yeah, Earth has gone to the belt! Out on an asteroid he finds a wrecked alien ship, with a dead alien, a power ring and dying battery and a damaged, inactive Manhunter.

There’s hints that Earth is a global dictatorship due to an atrocity committed years ago that put them into power.

It is a full-on superhero sci-fi epic that utterly reinvents Green Lantern while being true to all the main ideas of it. Kilowog is in here, there’s various planets, entire cast gets introduced, plots put in place for the future. It all adds up to one of the best books I’ve read in ages.

For all that I’d want more Invisible Republic, if the toss-up is between that and this, I’d go for this!


Have we heard anymore about the swamp thing absolute edition ? I can’t seem to find it anywhere online, just people talking about it.


That listing a while back was an advance solicit originally pegged for release in November or December.

The listing has been taken down now and there hasn’t been any further news on it as far as I know.


That sounds good, I might check it out.


Is that likely to mean it isn’t happening, in your experience, or just that it isn’t time for the solicit to be out?

I’m going to be gutted if it’s been scuttled.


I think it’s a combination - last I heard it had been pushed back a bit, which means it’s not time for the solicit to be out yet.

DC tend to solicit Absolutes around 6 months ahead of their other solicits (so, for example, the solicit for Absolute Transmetropolitan v.3, which comes out in early November, was in their May solicits this year, and Absolute Flashpoint - which is out in mid-December - was in their June solicits).

Next up from DC is their September solicits, which are due in mid-to-late June. If it turns up in that, then we can expect it to be released around March 2019. A spring release feels right for Swamp Thing. :slight_smile:


Oh man, a Swamp Thing Absolute? I really don’t need that, but it’s also one of my favorites and would probably fit nicely alongside my Sandman volumes. I’ll be so torn!


Yeah, it looks to be a three-volume set.

That will be the vast majority of Moore’s DC output in Absolute after they come out.


Thanks, brother! Hopefully it will be in the next round!