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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


The Silver Age Supergirl Omnibus volume 2 arrived today. Doc Shaner is a good choice for cover artist, but it does make a little bit sad that it couldn’t be Darwyn Cooke again.


Major Easy just arrived. I’m half surprised. I was almost expecting them to say they’d made a mistake in the listing, or that it would be a “pre-owned” copy, or something. But, no. 100 large-size pages of Ezquerra art from the golden age of comics (i.e. 1976) in a quality hardcover for £1.99. It’s like it’s my birthday or something :open_mouth:


Barnes & Noble is having a digital-only DC graphic novels sale today: $5 or $6 for approximately 1,000 titles. I just bought the Morrison/Quitely All Star Superman collection for $5 to read on my iPad.


I wonder if that’s to coincide with the Comixology sale that’s on at the moment.


You just couldn’t nail an Eazy spelling, Meadows? It’s Eazy man, eazy.

More seriously, it’s a fantastic volume


I also downloaded all four volumes of Gotham Central for $6 each. :smiley:


Unforgiveable, considering the book was lying next to me as I typed :frowning:


Don’t worry, it’s an eazy mistake to make.


And Eazy? He tends to be kind of… well, eazy.


Ideally the book should be read on a Sunday Morning.


Hey, I should at least get some credit for spelling Ezquerra!


£20 for this omnibus!



What?? Is that amazon


Yeah, my mate found it earlier today and tipped me off. I’m not a massive fan of it but at that price thought I’d give it another go. Plus one copy as a present for a friend and one to flip on eBay.


Spider-Men II

Even at the cheapo price I got it for, this Panini collection is more-or-less a one-issue story racked out across five-issues, with the full Bendis treatment.

Some of that is his signature points of detail, the conversations and character points.

But the big problem is this is supposed to answer a Q that has been hanging around for years and the answer is underwhelming and mundane. Who is Miles Morales in 616? A gangster who erased every trace of him from existence and wants to go to the Ultimateverse to revive his romance with the version over there of his dead wife or girlfriend. Yep, that’s it. Anyone who paid for the issues and got sting $20 got ripped off.

I had thought the final revelations might change how I felt about Marvel’s decision to can the Ultimate line, but it doesn’t do that either. That world could have continued neatly as a self-contained book by Bendis, that wasn’t enough for Marvel. So they smashed it up as part of Secret Wars, but transferred Miles to try to retain the audience the character had.

Which misses the problem that they just kept screwing Ultimate Spider-Man, had the MO they used for the post-Bagley run been there at the start it never would have had the time to build up the ensemble that drew people to it. Post-Bagley, it got rebooted just about 12 months - Ultimatum, then Divided We Stand, then Cataclysm, then Secret Wars. It never got to keep a cast for more than 12 issues, which for Bendis was two stories, but then, just as it started going somewhere Secret Wars crapped all over it. So nope, still a mess.


I know it’s lame but I really disliked how the Miles Morales of 616 looked more overtly latino, it just felt weird since regular Miles is almost indistinguishable despite being mixed.


Is it? That’s the kind of detail I wouldn’t have picked up on but am interested by.


I just added that because I don’t want to push into some wild chaotic debate, but yeah reading that story it really did send weird feelings out to me that Bendis never actually capitalized, or made important, that Miles was half-latino…but the villain is undeniably latino.

It just felt so weird to have that contrast and…brrr.


Dealer Alert

For those after it:

Superman Rebirth Deluxe Volume 2 - Books Etc - £16.43


Dark Tower omnibus £28

Not sure why that pic is wrong. The link works though.