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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


The ones I’m currently bagging are the Elfquest ones, which have been good.


Are you talking about the “digest” sized DH Omnibuses, Tom? Those aren’t the greatest quality. The paper stock us good, but I find the binding a little flimsy, and the overall product comes off looking a little cheap. But, there’s no denying, they are great value for money. If you have never read Hellboy before I think they would be a great option to go for.

The regular DH trades, and their hardcovers (both regular and Library Editions) are amazing though. Some of the best quality products out there, I think.


It’s bigger than the digest sized ones. More regular trade dimensions with more packed into it.


Ah, okay. Don’t think I’ve seen any of those in the wild. I should think those would be fine though, based on DH’s regular tpb quality.


£12.42 for an oversized, 16 issue hardcover?..Yes please!. Been meaning to check this series out for ages.


Wow, grab it! Then grab the second.

Dark Horse look to have ceased those and switched to regular, big trades.


I wish they’d done that before releasing Grendel in Omnibus.


I got it and the binding is quite wonderful, and is overall sturdy enough.
I just wish it had more of a pristine look to it. Literally all of the copies on the shelves had some wear on them.



That’s crazy.


Ive been reading Gwenpool on Marvel Unlimited, and it’s great. Very consistent across Hastings’ whole run.


Black Magick v.2: Awakening II

This was very good again, almost as great as the first volume. The same strengths are in evidence here, most notably Nicola Scott’s stunning art and Greg Rucka’s excellent plotting and characterisation.

Scott’s art is just beautiful, with the detailed black-and-white rendering just the icing on the cake - her figure work and facial expressions are incredibly strong too, conveying a lot through ‘silent’ panels. And her composition is great, leading you through pages effortlessly and naturally.

The monochrome-with-occasional-colour approach continues to work well and give the book a really distinctive feel, too. When the big splashes of colour come they always feel like exciting, earned moments, and there are also occasional subtle, almost unnoticeable dabs of colour that clue you in on important story information. Very nicely done.

The story moves a bit slower here than in the first volume, and there are times when it feels like a bit more forward momentum would be desirable, but given that Rucka makes use of his occasionally relaxed pacing to flesh out his characters so well (supporting cast as well as leads) I can’t really complain too much.

I got these issues on Comixology for just a few quid with an Image 65%-off code, and at that price it feels like an absolute steal. This might be my favourite new comic of the last few years.


Thanks, I forgot this was out. Volume 1 was superb so I’ll be getting this.


I’m starting to suspect some “customers” have been treating the shop as a library!


The first one arrived this week for me.

I’d have preferred a better bind and thicker stock on the cover and the internal pages, but I’ve seen far worse cough cough Marvel cough


£1.99!! That’s brilliant. Thanks for the heads up!


Sounds a bit like the Martha Washington omnibus they issued last year. It was a good book but not what I’d have expected from DHC.


Just read the first Shade the Changing Girl trade and I liked it a lot. There are a lot of neat nods to the original, and as a coming-of-age story, it’s a good premise (which is that Lorma, a girl from the planet Meta, uses the Madness Coat to leap into the body of a braindead girl on Earth, who turns out to have been the worst possible person, a monster who tortured everybody around here - not in a psycho killer way, that is, but in a high school way).

I like the writing and the art, and another thing the book has taken from the original is that things happen at a very quick pace - slow, meticulous world-building isn’t what The Madness brings.

I’ll get the second trade, too.


After a weekend of spy stories, then Marvel, it is now… Indie weekend:

The Black Monday Murders Volume 2

I can’t think of anyone else who could do this book. This may be the best expression of Hickman’s collaborative style, for in Coker he’s found a unique collaborator, who’s able to keep up with him!

I have nary the faintest of what is going on or where the story is going, it remains excellent.

Eclipse: Volume 2

Port of Earth is good, but this remains Kaplan’s best book.

Along with the rest of the creative crew, he builds on the first book, changes the lead focus, expands the world and deploys a very ballsy conclusion that is really excellent.

What makes the book work is its central concept of killer sunlight and how carefully they’ve thought through what that means in every respect.

I know they’re taking a break, but it’s very clear that there will be a third arc.

The Damned: Volume 2: Ill-Gotten

Talking of creative teams, the trio of Bunn, Hurtt and Crabtree always produce magic and this new series they’ve got going is absolutely superb. Hopefully there’ll be another after this.

Uber: Volume 6

Now this is a story you have to be in the right frame of mind to read. War? Hell no, this ain’t a war story, it might look like one but don’t be fooled. This here tale is hard core horror all the way.

The level of atrocity Gillen envisages being inflicted upon the US by the Germans’ Battleships is all the more scary for its plausibility - in the sequence with Hitler refusing an armistice, the point is made very clear that, if the Nazis had ever had the ability to hit the US, this is what they would have dreamed of.

It would have been very easy for a lesser writer to amp up the gore, amp up the darkness and think that suffices andm in so doing so, lose readers. Gillen is too smart an operator to take that road. He weaves back in characters from the first volume, sprinkles some breadcrumbs of hope and then pays it off magnificently in the final issue the trade issue.

That final, decisive conflict and the fate that is inflicted on such a very deserving target, at horrific cost, is brilliantly executed and is a decisive game-changer. It up-ends the board, scatters the pieces - I don’t know where the next three trades will go, I just hope they get to finish this epic series in the style it deserves.


Given by current plot developments I don’t think that they’re going to make it to the 60-issue mark Gillen wanted but also gives me hope that Gillen has kept that in mind.

So good right now.


I think the endpoint is near to or 50, as this trade was 7 issues and Volume 1 racked up 27. Another 3 trades of 15-18 issues hits that region.