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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


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10% off 2 books or more at Wordery


Expires 6 May

EDIT: They also have the Han Solo OHC (RRP £22.99) for £14.91

Using the code gets this down to £13.41 - which is the best price you’ll get, even though Marvel have double-dipped by bundling the Immonen arc with the mini! £13.41 is still a decent price for a 5-issue OHC.


My copy of BPRD: The Devil You Know: Volume 1: Messiah arrived today, haven’t read it but had a flick through.

The blurb on the back sets the stakes - this is the last story arc of the Mignolaverse!

But it was in the extras that the book showed how far this set of books has gone - it’s a world map with symbols denoting areas and effects and, well the world is, as of the opening of this new arc, utterly fucked! There’s Ogdru Jahad, Ogdru Hem, disaster zones, new volcanoes, zombies, possession and a load I can’t recall - it really shows off the ambition of BPRD across two massive arcs.

In related news, amazon fishing says Hell on Earth OHC4 and Witchfinder Volume 5 are due for Jan 2019.

EDIT: Dealer Alert

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior OHC - Books Etc - £26.26


If you’re doing 4-issue arcs and then a collection of the quartet and you sell it at the same price as other 5-6 issue collections then you really have to make your four issues are up to scratch! Fortunately, these two are more than up to scratch:

Eclipse Volume 1

I became away of this by being intrigued by Kaplan’s new book Port of Earth. I didn’t realise it was his first book, but it’s a hell of a debut.

Smartly fusing horror and SF by having sunlight become lethal, Kaplan does another smart move by rendering the origin quite simple - massive solar flare. Is more than that needed? Nope and it removes the whole mystery angle at a stroke.

I found it was best if you know not much more than that, they do an excellent job of easing you into this strange, new, terrifying world. Then they do all manner of smart riffs on what it really means.

Timpano’s artwork is also superb, detailed, careful - the extras where the creators talk through Issue 1 is well worth a read, as there Timpano covers the artists who influenced his imagery.

I really enjoyed this, have just ordered the second and like that they’ve taken a break while Kaplan works on his new book. That gives Timpano some time.

This is an Image $10 / £9 trade, you can bag it for just over 6 quid, there are worse things to spend your cash on.

Copperhead Volume 4

Wile I still miss Godlewski, I’m starting to warm to Moss’ art - it’s not spectacular but it’s a clean, clear style that tells the story well.

And the story? The book has been circling around Laura’s past for a good 12 issues so it now decides to address it. There are times when postponing this amps up expectations too much, that the eventual revelation doesn’t warrant the build-up. That doesn’t happen here, the revelations are effective and they’ve been revealed at the right time.

I continue to really like this little book, I didn’t expect it to keep going never mind have its fifth trade due later this year!

EDIT: A few more:

Valerian & Laureline: Shingoulooz Inc

This is a very fun little tale by a new team, which includes Lauffrey on art, so know it’s going to look great.

What unfurls is a grand farce on the nature of business and commerce that never takes itself too seriously.

Port of Earth: Volume 1

Like his debut, this is a smart, smart book from Kaplan. Aliens come to earth in the near future and a dubious deal is struck. The story picks up a few years later with the consequences of that deal becoming clearer, but the deal remains.

Mutti’s art is pretty good, with smart alien designs, but it’s Kaoplan’s story that makes this work.

Elephantmen 2259: Volume 6

So, about a dozen trades and 80+ issues later, this quirky and brilliant, yet still under-the-radar book comes to a quiet close.

It’s a strange final volume that only works in the context of ‘things end, but life goes on’, for this story does. But it feels quite abrupt, as if this and the last trade were the epilogues for a series but didn’t realise that is what was being done. For the last few stories have been setting characters on new paths that we don’t get to see the realisation of.

At the same time, there’s a certain level of world-weary cynicism to the book - it’s always had it and it’s at work in the finale. Bad people keep doing bad things, about the only question that really matters in the end is: Are you going to join them or tell 'em to get lost? The book knows its answer and that has to be enough.

So, a strange, strange finale, but also one that does things on its own terms right to the end.


Went to Portsmouth comic today and grabbed the following from the forbidden planet stand which was doing everything at 50% off if you bought 2 or more books, plus lots were already discounted prior to that further discount.

New York Four deluxe £4
Power Man & Iron Fist £4
Run Love Kill £1
Deathlok vol 1 & 2 £2.50 each
Shield £3.50
Inhumanity £3.50

Think I got some bargains there. They had loads of omnibus books also in the offer but I got there too late to get any.


This is nuts, even for this lot…

Dealer Alert

Cable: Revolution - Books Etc - £18.83


Have you ever used, Ben? They have some comics stuff pretty cheap, especially with their 5%-off voucher for purchases of more than one book.

I ordered from them about a week ago (one of the DC Rebirth deluxe HCs for just under £15) and got my delivery today.


I haven’t used their new identity, but have bought from Aphrohead Books, they are pretty good and, if you spot it at the right time, you might well get a bargain.


Oh, is it just Aphrohead rebranded? It’s a very “knock off Book Depository” design they’ve got now.


Yep it’s just Aphrohead under a new name.

I’ve seen some mixed reviews of their service online (long despatch times, lack of communication etc.) but they delivered all my books in about a week.


I’ve used them a couple of times when they were Aphrohead - not for a good few years though - and didn’t have a problem with them. But they rarely had the lowest prices.


Speedyhen now have the Grant Morrison Batman omnibus on for £37.55, which is probably the best price you’re going to get if you missed the Amazon deal for £30 a while back.

(And you can still get an extra 5% off orders over £50 with the code SPRING18.)


Fordidden Planet always has a shelf of miscellaneous trades at ridiculous prices. Last Saturday I saw this for £2.99:

150-page, hardcover, oversized OGN for the price of a regular comic? Oh go on, you’ve talked me into it :smiley:

The downside is that it’s book 2 and now I need to find book 1 for a similar price.So if anyone sees it…

(Even without book 1, this is stand-alone readable as it seems to follow the opera pretty closely so I basically know the characters and plot of book 1. And the art is beautiful, so it’s worth the money just to look at it.)


Have you ever read P. Craig Russell’s Ring of Nibelung, David?


I haven’t but I’ve had it on my “interested” list for a while. So if I ever see it at £2.99… :smiley:

There was also a Roy Thomas/Gil Kane adaptation in the 80s. It’s a popular subject.


What are the dimensions of the omnibus do you know? The size of the absolute?


17.34? That’s a steal


No, omnibuses are the same page size as deluxe HCs, so slightly shorter than an Absolute.

These issues have never been collected in Absolute (apart from the Final Crisis tie-in issues that are in that Absolute) but the Batman & Robin run and Batman Incorporated have.


The Seven Soldiers Omnibus will hopefully be going active for the same price in a few weeks too.

Combine that with that 5% off and I doubt anywhere will beat it.


Again, I was lucky enough to snag that on Amazon with the £10-off voucher earlier this year so I’ll stick with that. But other than that I think it’s the best price you’ll find.


I actually preferred the Thomas/Kane version.