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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Have you heard of a company called Huawei? I’ve been seeing techreviews on their products pop up on Youtube.


My current tablet (10.1") is from Huawei, it’s brilliant, excellent screen and sound. (They aren’t really obscure here, loads of people have Huawei phones, I’d say they are in the top 5 brands).

I haven’t seen an offering from them larger than that though.


Huwai have been all over the west for a long time, but their phones are frequently sold as generic phones rebadged with the phone company’s logo in place of a manafacturer’s brand.


Mine is a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and the display is very decent, they do a 12.2 model too I think.

It was several years ago that I bought mine though, and only because I saw a good offer. It may well be that much better/better value alternatives have come along in the meantime.


As I’ve said for a while from very much and insider’s perspective. Most electronics branding is bullshit. I’ve sat there with a spreadsheet calculating the cost of changing badges on Lexmark printers to Dell. iPad screens are made by Samsung. I’ve been to the massive Taiwanese owned factories in Shenzen like Foxxcon and seen the same people in a line click the same Arm and Kingston parts into the 5 biggest brands.

My choice is actually around the operating system and the ability to use an SD card, vital for when I am bored as hell at my father in law’s house which has no wifi connection and load up on several episodes of HD TV shows (I saw all of Altered Carbon on the sofa over Chinese New Year). :smile:


Yes, the SD card expansion was something I definitely needed too. (And from a comics angle, Comixology will now save to an SD card, which is helpful.)


This is why I’m Android for the forseeable future, until the inevitable bullshit.


It’s nice, but we’re in trouble if the future of comics requires a $1000 tablet for every reader. That said, these devices are clearly key for the future of entertainment. I watch most TV and Netflix on the iPad now, it’s great for watching sports when the kids are in the room or someone wants to watch something else. Having all my comics available at a button press is great too, though like Netflix you end up just rereading the greats rather than trying some of the new stuff. Finn has his own iPad, Rafe will have his own too, and so they don’t watch much on the TV. iPad is how they entertain themselves and how they learn. Finn’s taught himself how to count and read and now he’s able to do searches for certain videos by typing in the names. And he just turned 3. As teaching & entertainment devices I think these things will change the world.


Agreed but I think the price will come down. I also wonder if we’ll ever get to a point where the screen is just that and gets the computing horsepower from your phone or some central computer in the house that it pairs to via wireless connection.


My kids both have tablets too (actually my daughter is on to her second now!), just cheapo Amazon Fire jobs at the moment so it’s not a big worry if they get damaged.

The educational apps they have available on there are brilliant, there’s all sorts of other great stuff available to them too (not just games - my daughter recently got a stop-motion animation studio app that she’s been having lots of fun with).

At the risk of sounding like an old man, it really is a different world for kids of this generation.


Kids jump to it just as we did with a Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum or Apple II, everything is new to kids so new tech is just the status quo and what you put in front of them.

My son has a spelling test most weeks, I load the words into a free app and it has him test and practice. He is not better at spelling than I was at 7 but the tablet use is they way the world works.


Out of interest Dave what’s the name of the app ?


The stop-motion one? It’s just called Stop Motion Studio I think.


Cool cheers for that.


Runaways Omnbus at £60.42 over on SpeedyHen

Bit of steal, cheaper than I can see it anywhere else.


It’s the best pre-order price you’ll probably get.

But keep an eye on Books Etc near the time of release.


“A few” :open_mouth:

Either you read incredibly fast, or the Brownies overrun more than a Jim Lee series.


Brownies runs for an hour and a half, and I was already halfway through two of the collections. :slight_smile:


I wonder if the future, or at least a viable alternative, of comics is the binge model: not merely a single graphic novel, but what would amount to a year’s worth of material dropped at once. If you think about it, this would actually solve a ton of problems. It’s been the ideal to prove you’ll definitely, definitively not have delays to get a big chunk of the comic done before the first issue is solicited. So there’s already that mentality in place. And of course graphic novels themselves. But it’s the size that’s the difference. What if you released a bigger volume? Twelve issues worth of material. That’s binge reading. A single standard-size graphic novel doesn’t really take that long to read. You can easily get it done in one sitting. It seems like something you can take for granted. It doesn’t seem special. But the whole appeal of binge viewing is being a part of something. It’s the new mass viewership model. It gets people talking. When people talk about comics now it’s more about complaining than soaking in the experience. When’s the last time anyone agreed that a new classic had happened? Tom King gets crazy readership with his Batman, but until the wedding bells started ringing it was mostly negative comments about his style. Just imagine if he’d dropped the first three arcs at the same time. Would “War of Jokes and Riddles” have seemed like the special story DC clearly thought it was if fans concentrated more on the story than Kite-Man’s kid?


Aquaman (Rebirth) v4 - Underworld

This is the first I’ve read of Abnett’s Aquaman, but it’s touted as a jumping on point and it does work as that. Arthur is presumed dead and living in the slums of Atlantis, where he starts to work as a vigilante, while Atlantis is ruled by a new king who is equal parts Joffrey and Trump.

It’s a decent set-up but, despite not having read much Aquaman (and much of what i have read has been in these library comics the last few weeks), it feels quite familiar. I mean, this has many similar ot points to the Veitch Waterbearer stuff (although it is much better than that). It just seems, as an outside observer, that Aquaman is one of those characters that goes through a handful of the same stories between reboots. Having not followed all of them closely, it’s hard to know what counts and what doesn’t from before, which is a tad confusing.

Still, as I said, it’s pretty good. Solid writing, as you’d expect from Abnett. I like his take on the structure and topography of Atlantis. The real highlight is Stjepan Sejic’s art though. He’s a master of facial expressions, which really comes in handy for mute character Dolphin.

No schoolboy productions errors from DC, but it is prettt silly that the “buy these other volumes!” bit at the back advertises volumes 1-3 of Geoff Johns’ New 52 run rather than the v1-3 that go with this trade.