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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Views on Kingsman: The Red Diamond? Uncertain as to whether to give it a go or not.


I hear that it is fun. I liked the first issue, but I dropped it by #3 because it was way too synergy focused and that was a real shame because it made it hard to go through as a sequel.

So, if you don’t mind that it’s not much of a sequel to the original, sounds like a good time.


Not sure what you mean by this?


Changing stuff to fit the movie and the movie’s characters/setting rather than carrying on from the original miniseries.


Oh. That does sound kind of weird. Might work for me though, as I liked the films more than the comic.


I thought it was a lot of fun

Really funny and great to see Simon Fraser on a big name book.

I recommend it.


Me too. It reminded me in tone of Ennis’ Punisher stuff he did before the Max run. Over the top funny action romp.


Sold! (you bastards)

Did also see this:

James Bond 007: Kill Chain HC - Books Etc - £13.48


Wise decision Ben. It’s a fun book.


Anyone wanting to check out one of Bendis’ last Spider-man stories:

Spider-Men II - Books Etc - £7.68

Panini are once again kicking arse on price.


Or 69p on digital a couple of weeks back.


69c is an outrage, I demand it be 49c!


Oh it was a full 99c in US currency, they’ve got standards you know.


They also continue to maintain a very generous exchange rate which is refreshing compared to Diamond who’ll whack the prices up at the merest hint of a weakening of the pound and then take forever to drop them back down when it becomes more favourable (the owner of my old mail order provider wrote epic rants about that one).


I read James Stokoe’s Aliens: Dead Orbit a few days ago. Some neat atmospheric scenes and some out right horrific stuff too. The action was well done too. Xenomorphs are the only sci-fi creature that really get under my skin when they are done right and this did the job!


Oh, I also finished my re-read of the seven Hellboy library editions (which collects all the main Hellboy series but unfortunately not the three graphic novels). Damned good comics there!


This is on to my to-read pile.

The next Aliens one on my future hitlist is Dust to Dust by Hardman.


Yeah, I think it’s why FP prices have stayed fairly high lately and made them quite uncompetitive.


Almost certainly. This guy used to print charts that showed the increase weeks after a currency shift and then the return back would be 7-8 months delayed.


See also: petrol stations and oil prices.