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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


It does seem part of the design of the book, it melds Lemire’s superhero stuff with his indie work like Essex County which is quite claustrophobic and wistful, of people stuck in small towns. There’s plot progression and surprises in the next volumes but it does retain that kind of slow burn feel which I think is deliberate.


Yeah, the differences are probably negligible there so not worth it.


I didn’t realise before reading Lemire’s afterword that Ormston had suffered a stroke early into working on this book that partly paralysed him down one side. Given that, it’s even more impressive that he was able to get back to that quality.


Jeez, I knew he was ill, I didn’t realise it was a stroke.

Ormston has been a favourite of mine since the days of his amazing painted art work in the Megazine on the likes of Harke & Burr, Raptaur and Judgement Day.

He came thru in that period that some of the Bisley Clones did, and although there was a definite influence, he had a style quite different from the others - one which was definitely his own and remains so this day; I find his art instantly recognisable - although I did have this poster on my wall as a teenager (right up to my twenties) - which could really have been passed as Bisley if one didn’t know otherwise.

The Vertigo period was quite an influential period for a lot of comics readers our age and I loved seeing Ormston on Sandman and Lucifer etc - I thought his demon designs were brilliant.

It is good that he’s getting some recognition and I hope that he is healthy and fit enough to keep working and that we see loads more from him after Black Hammer.

It’s clear that Lemire is a fan, I reckon we’ll see them do some other stuff together in the future.


I preordered this through Amazon in November 2017 for my husband with the expectation that it would arrive the first week of January and it still sits in pre order status. He was pretty stoked about it. He told me about it about it months prior. We haven’t heard a peep about it.


Did this Maxx Compendium ever turn up on the Diamond weekly list or in the Image solicits at all? Sounds like it made the latter but never hit the former which suggests something went off the rails somewhere and it might come out later.

While rare, zombie listings of books that never come out do happen. The best known example here is an Omnibus edition of the FF run by Millar and Hitch. Amazon listed it, took preorders, but it was never published.

Looking at the Preview link, it’s IDW and some of their stuff can get majorly delayed.

If you have it for a really, really good price with Amazon, keep it for now.


One thing I would really like to see, and this probably a pipe dream, is an Absolute 80s Batman.

It would be a slipcase holding three volumes: Batman Year One, The Killing Joke, and The Dark Knight Returns. With YO and KJ, I would be content with one version of each, preferably the remastered YO and the original version of KJ. All of the seminal Batman stories of that period in one handy edition. No new extras so the folks who already have the three Absolutes for the individual titles wouldn’t feel like they’re missing out.


Another run of very quick reactions to books I cleared from my To Read pile this month:

Snotgirl, Vol. 1: Green Hair Don’t Care: Not up there with rest of O’Malley’s work, but I liked it enough to keep reading.

Savage Town: Pretty good crime comic, but the plot feels a bit rushed at times, and there are a few too many characters to keep straight.

Uzumaki by Junji Ito: This was horrifying. In a good way, but still.

Planetes Omnibus, Volume 1-2: Took a while for me to get in to this, but I ended up enjoying it a lot.

The Complete Phonogram: Still love it. Nice seeing McKelvie’s art evolve from the original series to Vol. 3, and Wilson’s new colors on the first volume.

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, Vol. 1: Very well done book, and I’m glad I got the print edition. Looking forward to the second half.

Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether, Book I: The Map[/b]: Lovely art, but the story moves far too slowly. It’s a shame they never did any more print editions, but I might read the rest online sometime.

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus, Vol. 1-2: One of my favourite long superhero runs ever.

Clean Room, Vol. 2: I can see why Ellis swiped Jon Davis-Hunt for The Wild Storm. Great art here.

Crosswind, Vol. 1: Disappointing. The characters seem to adjust to the whole body swap thing a bit too easily, and I’m not a fan of Staggs’s art style.

Material, Vol. 1: I can see why this didn’t continue. Maybe the point would become clear eventually, but in these few issues it just comes across as a series of pretentious vignettes.

Wolf, Vol. 1: Blood and Magic: Not as good as most of Kot’s other work, but better than Material. I might get Vol 2 to see what happens, but I’m not too pressed.

Doctor Strange: A Nameless Land, A Timeless Time: Cost me €2. Not much to the story, but Ditko’s art is nice.

The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage: Very enjoyable, and educational.

The Wicked + the Divine Deluxe Edition: Year One + Year Two: Definitely my favourite book currently going. Love spotting clues to mysteries revealed recently in the monthly, and clues that haven’t paid off yet.

Beautiful Canvas Volume 1: Another decent book from Black Mask, who have been putting out some great books recently.

Blue Monday, Vol. 1: The Kids Are Alright: Finally reading this. You can definitely see it’s influence on indie books from later in the 2000s.

We Can Never Go Home: Not as good as some of Matthew Rosenberg’s more recent books, but worth a read if you like his work.

The Omega Men: The End is Here: Very good space comics, with some lovely coloring work.

The Vision HC: Still great.

The Sandman: Overture: JH Williams III is a very good artist.

Silver Surfer: New Dawn: Start of the Slott/Allred run, which I really need to read the rest of.

The Spire: There’s a bit too much worldbuilding to do, which gets in the way of the mystery a bit, but I liked it.

Essential Wolverine, Vol. 1: Cost me €1, and worth it for the Buscema art with Sienkiewicz inks.

A.D.: After Death: An interesting mix of prose and comics. Feels much more like a Lemire book than a Snyder book. I enjoyed it a lot, though some of the twists are a bit predictable.

All I have left in the comics To Read pile now is the Akira boxset, The Invisibles Omnibus, and The Muppets Omnibus. My digital “Unread” list is still massive though.


It stalled out not long after the print edition left off. Rucka and Burchett got other paying work and it kinda fell off.


Wow, someone’s been busy!!

Well done in plowing through all of that!


Supplemental Marvel fishing from the last batch and a few more surprises in there:

This is volume 1 for the Punisher Epics.

And this is the start of PaD’s first X-Factor run

I’d guess this is going in the same mini-range as those Marvel Knights reprints.

Two and a half years after the first volume. At this rate we’re going to get The Nam v4!

Post-Morrison Claremont.

Another new edition for Ennis’ Punisher.

Man, look at the contents on his hodge-podge:

I don’t quite get the appeal of a creator-focused scattershot like that.


New Omnibus should be here tomorrow.

I’m honestly somewhat paranoid it’ll just be another misprint version.


I don’t know, there are a lot of Byrne fans.


All I want is a deluxe reprint of his OMAC mini.




Thanks Martin.

The Slott-Allred Silver Surfer looks to be an excellent value package.

The Loeb-Sale one will irritate those who bought the earlier, three-colour omnibus but is perfect for me.


I get that, but having a volume that goes from a bit of Starbrand, to a Dracula one shot to Lost Generation, seems like it’d make for a very disparate reading experience, even if all by Byrne.


From what I gather, all of Byrne’s other work has been collected in omnibus format, and has sold reasonably well. So these are just filling in the gaps and giving Byrne fans the chance to have all his Marvel work in the same format.

With them knowing the numbers for the previous Byrne omnibuses, I imagine Marvel knows almost exactly how many of these to print to meet demand.


Has Namor made it to Omnibus yet? Or She Hulk? I’d be down for both of those!


The Slott/Allred Silver Surfer and Loeb/Sale Colour omnis scratch two of my biggest “Marvel really oughtta omni that run” itches. Very pleased with this turn of events.