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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


At this point (if I were the guy handling this at Amazon), I might try to see just how far I could push Tom before he broke. :wink:


I will take ALL of those, for just ONE corrected edition


Amazon says they do not know when they will get the reprints in stock. But to check back in a month.

So…I got a refund and ordered from In Stock Trades.
I save like 8 bucks.


They just need to rebrand them as “Rare Special Limited Collector’s Edition” and see them fly off the shelves. It’s not like the collectors will ever actually open the books.


If they hadn’t been so ominous about “You need to send those back” I’d be selling them off right now.


My copy of the second Waid/Samnee DD omnibus came today.

Daredevil is the only character in my collection who gets his own dedicated shelf.

I feel like a big reread of modern DD is in order. Maybe starting from the Bendis/Maleev run - or even Smith and Quesada - all the way through to the end of Waid.


I just did a similar thing. Started with Bendis through to Diggle. Now I need to do the Waid run. Here’s how I ranked the arcs. (numbers on left refer to the rank of the story in terms of best story ever. For reference, I have 595 entries on my list so far)



I thought that paper was actually quite shite though; there’s a version that would have worked, but the paper they used in those reprints was thin and prone to yellowing.

The new version is, I think, much stronger.




Yup, mine are all beige now.
But I love 'em.

The feel is just nice, even though it’s unsustainable.


Haha, but my issue was with the implication of ‘perceived’. I’d argue that there were certain largely objective, widely agreed upon standards of ‘good paper’ which it fell short, that it didn’t have to, to retain the beneficial qualities. :slight_smile:


I have no problem with newsprint-ish paper per se, but I’d like it to be thicker if so.



I like the thickness and temerity of the new Omnibus.
But the colors do leave Orion looking somewhat…silly in the New Gods #1 cover.


Yeah, I was just having fun. There is maybe a compromise there that they could have reached where they could have achieved a similar effect with slightly more durable paper.

But I use the word ‘perceived’ because all these things are fairly subjective judgements. Some people hated that paper because it went brown and brittle and wasn’t archival quality for collections that were touted as definitive keepsakes; some people loved it because it approximated the feel of the original comics in a way that most modern collections don’t typically strive to do.

I quite liked the solution of Absolute Batman: Year One, where you got two completely separate versions of the story - one with newsprint-type paper and the original, more garish colours; and one with top-quality paper and the overhauled, subtler and more sophisticated colouring. It was a way to have your cake and eat it.

I’ll be interested to see whether the upcoming Absolute Killing Joke uses different paper for the different colourings (but I doubt it somehow, especially given that it’s all going to be in a single volume).


Yeah, I really want that YEAR ONE, and also the insane Frank Miller artist edition of DKR, but they are priceeey.

Year One is a big inspiration on the color scheme for one of my next comics actually.


Black Hammer v.1: Secret Origins

I picked this up in a digital sale after a few recommendations here, and I’m glad I did. It’s a solid, measured start to an interesting series, and while I didn’t find it so compelling that I blazed through it quickly (it took me a couple of weeks of on-and-off reading to complete this first volume), I think that’s more an indicator that it gave me something substantial to think about than an indication of disinterest.

I appreciated this book all the more for not knowing much about it going in, so I won’t spoil any details here for those who haven’t read it. But it plays on quite a few familiar superhero archetypes (and sometimes specific characters) while doing something quite original with them, and reaches a poignancy that you don’t get from many superhero books.

As well as Lemire’s writing being very solid, Dean Ormston’s art is really impressive. The focus of each issue on a different character gives him the chance to play with some different storytelling styles, but he gives everything a consistent and coherent look and feel, which is impressive given how diverse the character types (and their story styles) are.

While it’s not the kind of book where I feel desperate to check out the next volume immediately, it has a slow burn that I think is going to be very satisfying in the long run. I’ll definitely check out the second collection at some point.


They are both amazing though (but I’m biased as a huge Miller fan).


Same, same.


Ormston has been criminally underrated until now. I’m so, so happy to see he’s gotten attention, because the work deserves it.


Killing Joke was always printed on nice glossy paper though so probably doesn’t need it.