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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I read this in singles and loved it. I can’t wait for the follow up which is supposed to be Harbinger Wars 2. Valiant continuity is very tight yet accessible.


Dealer Alert


Aliens: Dead Orbit (aka James Stokoe draws Aliens!) - Books Etc - £9.20

Oho? Great, thanks for the tip-off, should be a neat OHC of that in due course.

Talking of Valiant, FP just sent off my copy of Ninjak OHC2!


Paul O’Brien’s review from December 2002 is here:

It is not positive.


Does anybody know how far before release SpeedyHen activate their preorders? They’ve got pretty nice prices listed on a couple of things, I know those are subject to change, but sometimes when you pounce early on there’s deals to be had. I remember they originally activated the recent Simonson Thor omni at a crazy price which a couple of people got in on before it swiftly got bumped up.


About 2 months before whatever the release date is.

And yes, the art is to swoop on it the very first date it goes active!

Also, remember that it does not matter if the release date gets bumped and your original order expires. SH honour the original order, they just need you to point them to the order number so they can apply a refund to match.


Thank you, Omnibus Oracle Obiwomble!

As an aside, I’ve never experienced having to re-order from SpeedyHen, although I’ve had quite a few bumped. I wonder if this is down to me using paypal rather than entering my card details directly to the site? :thinking:


I imagine so. The 60-day reorder thing is usually described as being due to the time limit on storing card details.


Orders last 90 days then expire.

If you order by PayPal remember to reclaim your original payment.


Ahh that’ll be it then, I’ve never had stuff bumped longer than about 2 or 3 weeks really.


It’s fairly rare - recent examples are the Velvet OHC and Absolute WildC.A.T.S

The prices are all about about the RRP listed and the discount auto-applied by site software. Books Etc are the same and the same principles apply except they don’t do preorders. It’s how I got the Waid Cap omnibus for just over £55.


Just read the Abnett & Harrison Durham Red Trilogy. The first two parts in trade but the third part in progs due to the expensive nature of the third trade.

Task for @BenObiwomble to find me a reasonably priced copy of Durham Red: Empty Suns.


Have you signed my consultancy agreement?

EDIT: A quick look says it’s a volume from 2007, long, long out of print. You really will need Crowley to get a decent price on it.


Speedyhen don’t cancel PayPal pre-orders. At least not anymore. I paid for Absolute Wildcats as soon as it was released, and never had that initial order cancelled/ replaced.


Oh? Good to know, thanks Vik.


Been looking forward to this since I saw the previews of the first issue.


From the dimensions listed that Aliens book looks oversized - is that accurate?


Dunno, I didn’t notice that - I just bought it quick. Will post more info when my copy has arrived - probably this time next week!

Books Etc are cheap, they’re not that fast but I can live with that


The one I got last week wasn’t oversized.


Alerting the Cable posse - @markabnett , @RonnieM - I didn’t expect this:


They have pretty much trade paperbacked every cable run. I think we are just missing
Cable vol one issues 9-19 (excluding phalanx)
And cable 21-29 (although I’m sure I’ve seen a trade with issue 25 as the cover?)

In saying that I hated solider x with a passion
Renaming and denim ering and kordys art was nothing like the Skroce/Churchill stuff that I loved.
I call my self a cable completist but I dropped off after 2 issues