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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Shadows on the Grave

This is a superb collection of creepy tales from a master storyteller.

It’s worth emphasising that these stories reside far more on the creepy side of horror, as opposed to gore. As such, due to Corben’s skill in weaving them, they can really mess with your head.

Choosing to use black and white art for the great majority of the collection, Corben demonstrates very effectively how it can be every bit the equal of full colour art and even, when properly used, superior. Every carefully constructed page is pretty much a masterpiece:

The volume itself is an excellent quality, big standard size hardback from DHC. It goes very nicely with Corben’s 2014 work Spirits of the Dead.

Scarlet Traces: Volume Two (2000AD)

I was inclined to be critical of 2000AD for bundling The Great Game story, a reprint for me, with the new Cold War arc, however, the latter accounts for the far greater part of this volume so it’s better than I thought.

The story itself? Cold War is a superb continuation that sets up even more ambitious future tales that I hope they get the opportunity to tell.

There’s something about Edgington and D’Isreali, the two work together exceedingly well, thus their collaborations are always worth checking out, this is no exception.


Have you read Leviathan by those guys? Just finished it as part of my big 2000 ad re-read. It’s shortish and perhaps not that original in it’s themes but I really enjoyed it.


Yep, a few years back. Stickleback is excellent too.


Righto @BenObiwomble who has the best price for hickmnas avengers Omnibus vol2?
Just appeared on amazon for £104

Avengers by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus Vol. 2


Is the best I can find but you seem to have super powers!


SH has inactive price of just over 60 quid.

But if Books Etc have the RRP as 104 they may go as low as 55 quid.

Also check that you can’t get the OHC pieces that form this omnibus cheaper as it can happen.


By the way, if you’re ordering anything big from Speedyhen at the moment they have a MARCH18 discount code that gives you 10% off orders over £50. Not sure how long it lasts.


Time to replace some preorders then.


NOOOOOO I must have the OMNIBUS my precioussssssss


Then keep a close eye on their site.

The diamond list is a good indicator of when to look for it.

DHC, Marvel are a little later, DC, Image, IDW, Image can be earlier.


Dealer Alert

Courtesy of Agent Wallace upholding the highest tradition of the trades thread - sharing word of a deal offer:

I can’t tell either but here’s my list of recommended bargains to use it on:

  • Wolverine Goes to Hell - £48.78 - down to £43.90

  • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus 3: Knightsend - £50.75 - down to £45.68

  • Invincible OHC12 - £22.09 - down to £19.98

  • Detective Comics OHC2 / Global Frequency OHC - both £18.50 - down to £16.65 (@Vikram - you better to take advantage of this!)

  • Mask of Fudo HC - £14.01 - down to £12.61

Not even Books Etc are likely to be able to match these, or if they do, it’ll still be a few pence more.

One I forgot about was: Wrath of the Eternal Warrior OHC, but it’s gone up to £29.24 from £27.17 so wouldn’t have been a saving.

They’ve another offer of HAPPY5 until end of March for +£50 orders. I can use that on Superman OHC2 pre-order, just need to bundle it with a few others.


Now back to reviews…

Superman: The Oz Effect OHC

I’m a bit too fond of this GIF but there are times when it is most fitting:

And this is one of those times. Granted, it all has to pay off in Doomsday Clock and this adds another piece of the puzzle and indeed pressure onto that story.

One of the best aspects of this is that the story has the globe erupting in chaos, more than anyone could deal with - even Superman. So Jurgens does this brilliant two-pager that has Superman saving people while summarising what everyone else is doing in various locations. It’s a really neat touch.

As to the how the book deals with the revelation of Oz’s identitym develops and concludes, along with the cliffhanger resolution - DC should avoid the temptation to double-up on this, just start AC OHC3 with #993, reduce the price if you have to - is very, very smart. On the face of it Oz’s motivation isn’t entirely lacking in plausibility, but only in the final confrontation does the more elaborate truth come out, which in turns points Superman towards his destiny of Doomsday Clock.

There’s also a well-done Superman / Lex team-up come punch-up that avoids taking the obvious or expected route.

For anyone who’s been enjoying DC’s output, this is essential. The OHC is good quality, the lenticular cover on top is a bonus. Get it.

Secret Weapons OHC

On the face of it, this is pretty pricey for a 4-issue OHC, but once you understand it has pages like this of wonderfully constructed panels:

Your outlook changes, as the extra page space really show it off very well.

There have been screenwriters who have tried their hand at comics but I don’t think anyone has nailed it quite like Arrival’s Eric Heisserer. Combined with Allen’s incredible dense yet clear pages, he packs a lot into each issue, so much so this feels and reads as more than a 4-issue arc.

Whether you read this as the paperback or OHC - ensure you take a look at it.

It’s also much stronger than the Divinity Trilogy OHC, which tended to lose steam as it went along. If they can keep to the standard they’ve set here, this’ll be a book to watch.


That Secret Weapons art looks wonderful. Is it accessible as a story or do I need to have read other books to get it? I see the collection is only £5.49 on Comixology.


Absolutely accessible.

There is minor references to Harbinger, but it explains it all quickly and effectively.


Great, thanks. I’ll put that on my to-read list.


Really glad you enjoyed this Ben


Dealer Alert

Couple of good prices, including a blast from the past:

M.A.C.H. One: The John Probe Mission Files - Books Etc - £9.38

Copperhead Volume 4 - Books Etc - £9.28


Valiant are really good with that, even with their big crossovers I noticed they structure them cleverly with different perspectives so you can easily get away with just following the one book if you want.


Looks like there’s a Joe Quesada Daredevil omnibus on the cards for later this year:

Collecting his arcs with Kevin Smith and David Mack, as well as his (underrated) Daredevil: Father mini.

Tempting, but we’ll see about the price, especially as I have the OHCs of both and I doubt they’d fetch much if I sell them to trade up.

(Plus, the Daredevil: Father hardcover is one of the few Marvel books I own that has a dustjacket quote from me on it! And I didn’t even have to write it on myself in wax crayon or anything.)


Argh, I knew all the overdue new listings would appear the day I didn’t bother to look. There are loads of surprising titles in that list.

Wasn’t that universally panned?

X-Men Classic seems like something people have wanted for a while.

X-Men Epic Volume 3

Hulk Epic Volume 3

Mutant X? Really? This is on my “so reviled it has to be worth a look” list and has been for years.

Dr Strange Epic volume 1

A Quasar trade?! That perfectly follows on from the Quasar Classic v1 that was published 6 years ago and never followed up? :heart_eyes:

Only two years late for Agents of SHIELD series 4 synergy!

I thought the reprint of the Omnibus had killed this. Huzzah!

The blurb says this also contains a “never-before-published” Dr Druid story (#1-4) but I’m sure I’ve heard people talk about Ellis’ Druid before now.

West Coast Avengers Epic v1. I had wondered if this series would make it into Epics too. Bodes well for Spectacular Spider-Man at some point.

:heart_eyes: I’ve been looking recently at picking up the Ultimate Edition trades, which I never got around to buying apart from v5, but they’re long OOP and ridiculously expensive, so this is great! I’m taking full credit for this, after suggesting to Marvel on Twitter that they reprint this to go with the new ongoing. There is absolutely no disputing that whoever runs their Twitter account saw my tweet and passed it up the chain to make this happen.

Another Darkhold book? Odd.

Thor Epic v5, which is the tail end of the Lee/Kirby era.