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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


New SAGA trade was great, as always. The main issue it explores is quite heartbreaking, but it’s done so beautifully.

Politically, I can’t help but admire how easily Vaughn ties all these themes into his story: in this book, we have an emphasis on transgender love, abortion and pacifism and none of it gets preachy or boring, it’s just the world this story shows, and it makes us feel with all of the characters and their (often fucked-up) decisions.

Such a great book.


It really is. I understand why some may get frustrated if they are very plot driven in their tastes.

I’m not. I know Vaughan’s stuff often meanders, it doesn’t really matter to me, his character work is so good I just want to spend more time with them. It’s as great a book as ever for me and it will meander on until Fiona Staples gets bored and that’s fine with me.


I have to agree, Saga is damned good. I rattled through the two hardcover collections last weekend. I’d hate to read it monthly. It definitely feels like it reads better in big chunks.


I think there are other valid criticisms of it.

The latest arc that Christian mentioned was my least favourite of the book so far. Partly because I didn’t feel that it effectively followed up on the cliffhanger from the previous arc, and partly because I didn’t think it balanced its approach to the (sensitive) subject matter as well as it might have. And I also didn’t think the character elements were as strong as usual.

I came close to dropping it in monthlies after that, but I’m glad I didn’t as the most recent arc feels much improved so far.


Oddly, I feel the opposite. I got into it in trades but I actually enjoy it more monthly, partly because it doesn’t get too samey and partly because BKV writes some of the best cliffhangers in serial comics.


I did drop it because of that arc and similar feelings. Honestly, the whole thing has felt uneven to me for a while with good and bad arcs alternating. Reading it in trades may slightly improve the experience as the singles were a bit frustrating.

I kept on the book when there wasn’t a lot on my pull list. However, there I have no shortage of good material now.


It’s still top of my pile every time it comes out.


Vaughan and Staples are both great.

I just lost my way with it in the mid 20s as I felt he was constantly trying to shock and I got a bit bored of it

I fully intend to come back to it in trades in the the next year or two


While I appreciate the sentiment, I see Kill Or Be Killed as the kind of story that needs a definite conclusion.

The other point that might help - when they finished Fatale, could we have expected this? In which case, what do they have up their sleeves for their next story?

And with 3 trades per hardback, with online price being £26-29, they are excellent value and very nice volumes too.

I recommend you grab the hardbacks.

EDIT: Dealer Alert

Superman: The Oz Effect OHC - Books Etc - £13.69

Green Lantern: Earth One HC - Books Etc - £13.87

Moon Knight by Bendis-Maleev OHC - Books Etc - £16.75


Attempt #3:
Misprint #3


This is bad comedy Punk.


I want to see how many I can get before Amazon just admits they don’t have it.


If you’ve got any walls to build, you might have sufficient building material just with the dud copies.


Attempt #4 is underway.

This time Amazon is super-duper promising to conduct an investigation. And that it may take up to a week to complete. Let’s see if that holds water.


Maybe it’s you. :wink:


Only in love and war, Ronnie.




How is this run? I read the first couple of issues but never followed it through. That’s not a bad price.




Sounds like a yes to me!

(Joking aside, I remember being a bit underwhelmed by the first few issues and planned to maybe check it out one day in trade, but never did.)