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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Wasn’t Fatale 30 issues?


24 issues, which fit perfectly into two hardcover volumes. :grinning:


24 I thought


By the way, I meant dave Wallace

Not meadows

So tired

I know I’m about 3 decades too recent for meadows :joy:


Guess I misremembered. :smile:


It was 5 trades, which might have led you to conclude 30 issues.


Yeah I think that’s exactly what it was.


Changing tack, of note in Marvel’s June solicits were:

Thor: Heroes Return Omnibus 2 - Completing the Jurgens run.

Duggan Guardians of the Galaxy Omnibus

Tomb of Dracula Omnibus 1 re-print -how good is this set? As they might reprint the second and third omnibus too.


The Wolfman-Colan run on Tomb of Dracula is one of the finest comics collaborations of the 70s. I already own the original single issues and the Essentials volumes, but I will certainly give the new collections a look.


Huh. I guess the Tomb omnibus reprint means no Complete Collection v2 any time soon.


I just saw in the new Image solicits that #20 is the last issue.


Ah bollocks



Since it started, really.

I always enjoy the Brubaker and Phillips collaborations but I think this might be their best yet. A big part of that is due to the art - it’s real next-level stuff from Phillips (I particularly like the full-page illustrations that slow down the pace and let Brubaker go into a bit more depth with his narrative passages) and the mix of techniques with the paintings and flashback sections is pulled off really well.

I hope there’s a OHC collection down the line. I’ve been buying it digitally and holding off on a hardcopy for that reason.


Is this the Fourth World omnibuses? I didn’t think the reprint was coming until April at least. Are they just going to keep sending out copies of the original version with the error?


The recall notice said they wanted all of the defective copies returned by April. But that retailers should expect the corrected copies to be in stock at Diamond by March 14 or so.

I was just checking, they said they had it, and now I’m getting 3 copies.


I totally agree.
This is a technique Remender employs a lot, but although I am a huge Remender fan, I feel Brubaker and Phillips have refined it and taken it up a notch here in terms of effectiveness.


At the weekend, my friend’s wife was asking how I can possibly buy an omnibus every month. I pointed out that for 30 issues of content they cost about the same as the 20 comics I was buying every month and no longer buy. Basically, the drop in the appeal of modern comics is funding my omnibus habit :wink:

But when I’ve decided I’ll collect an ongoing series in trade, I always realise, when the trade finally appears, that it’s not as essential as I thought it was. There’s still something compelling about making the effort and picking up something every month that’s missing in waiting six months and buying cheap on line. (That’s also why I never made use of my Unlimited subscription – I don’t feel the same urgency to read something when I haven’t made any effort to go and buy it, so I wait… and don’t read it.)


I see tradewaiting the same way I see buying a book. There’s creators I really enjoy and I like their work enough to actively seek it out. There’s other stuff I like but don’t love ad will get when I’m in a shop, see it and decide to buy it, and there’s other stuff I like, but not enough to buy physically or new, in which case I get the digital version or if I see it second-hand.



I just saw the cover. Nice homage.