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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Screw over the Local Comic Shop? Shops already have excellent reason to hold that Marvel aren’t their friend, this just gives more cause for Marvel being a lousy business partner.

It’s weird though, as doing this is evidence Marvel don’t rate their own product.


Good to know - I picked this up because of the metal price and Englehart


Fourth World Omnibus came.

It’s the same old printing with the defect. Goddamn it!


That’s impressive even for DC.


I’m blaming Amazon here.

Edit: Anyway, Amazon has stated that they will be making extra sure this time before shipping one. They say it might take a while.


As far as I know the new printings haven’t been released yet. So I wouldn’t expect one soon.


Absolute Killing Joke is shaping up quite nicely. I just saw this on Amazon - is that side-on view on the slipcase a new illustration from Bolland?

Looks like there’s going to be quite a lot in the way of extra material too.

Absolute Batman: The Killing Joke collects Batman: The Killing Joke and stories from Batman: Black & White #4, Countdown #31, Who’s Who in the DC Universe #13 and with bonus material that includes Brian Bolland’s new coloring from the Deluxe Edition, the original John Higgins coloring, all 128 pages of the script that has never been published before, Brian Bolland’s Joker covers and sketches, previously unpublished Bolland Batman/Joker sketches and more!

That £28 pre-order price from FP is looking like quite a bargain.


Some of IDW’s upcoming Artist Edition books are looking pretty special too.


I read and enjoyed the second issue just as much. I think it’s a winner. Especially at 69p.

There are some dodgy racist undertones that wouldn’t fly in this day & age. But, I don’t think they hinder the story being told.


The Panini edition of Avengers: No Surrender is up for pre-order:

Amazon have it at £20 for 16 issues, Speedy Hen have it for £14 though it’s not up for pre-order yet:


that’s nuts.

US 3.99 x 16 = 63.84 or £45.60
Speedy hen £14

saving £31.60


No more single issues for me.

As soon as all my current arcs are finished I will only collect Cable, Maxwell’s demons and indy comics at cons and the odd Kickstarter as single issues.

In fact, after their .69p Comixology sale I would be better off buying an Ipad pro.

They are really not giving me much choice here.


This is a big part of why so many people convert to tradewaiting. It’s a lot more economical: even for some of the big deluxe editions, you’re paying less per issue than you would for the floppies.


Also, take 5 floppies, place next to a trade of 5 issues - the trade will, even a good quality one, be probably be half the size. About 50% of floppies is ads!


Maybe ten years ago, but these days that’s not true at all.

I just flipped through Mister Miracle #7, and there are two ads not counting the inside/back cover. The newest Squirrel Girl has five, most of which are Marvel house ads.

The main reason for thin TPBs is crap paper.


Alright, Attempt #3 will arrive tomorrow.
This time they didn’t send a return label for Attempt #2.

This is gonna suck.


Well, that kind of shows how long it’s been since I bought an issue.

And yeah, this is true:


Re-read kill or be killed volume 1 and finally got to volume 2

Brubaker and Phillips together have produced some of the best comics over the last couple of decades and this is maybe their finest moment yet.

I don’t think Phillips has ever looked so good. I mean, his art has always been great from back in the 2000ad/magazine days, but I feel it’s gone up another level.

There’s a great mix of inventive storytelling techniques here that sets this book apart from the others they have done together.

The design of the book is amazing as well. In the trades l love the full red page break between chapters. The colours in general from everything to the design to the panels themselves is superb.
Smith’s painted art for Dylan’s fathers painted erotic art is sublime.

Looking forward to reading volume 3 later this week. I hope this series runs a bit longer than Fatale. I feel there’s enough mileage in it for a good 30 to 40 issue run.

I know Wallace has been raving about it continually for over a year, but if you are not reading this you really ought to give it a try, especially if you are a fan of the creative team.


I say rent or borrow.
It is really great and interesting.

But has minimal re-read value. Although if you really love Phillips’ art then yeah totally worth buying. Stunning pages there just purely for the art.


Disagree. I’ve just read the first volume for the second time and got as much out of it as I did first time round.
I can see me doing this again when volume 4 comes out.
Asides from being great to look at, It’s extremely well written and in a style that makes me want to keep reading.


I think the first impact is really something worth experiencing. It was a breath of fresh air for sure. Brisk and exciting.

But after knowing what the various turns are going to be, I think the large parts of obfuscation grate more than entice on re-reads.