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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


My Absolute WildCATS arrived today too. :slight_smile:

Yes, that was in the WildStorm 25 Years Celebration book too, which I might sell off now - between the new Absolute Authority and Absolute WildCATS, most of the extras that I really wanted to hang on to are now doubled-up in other books I own. I might just hang on until the new Absolute Authority 2 comes out, to see whether it has the unedited Quitely pages.


Mine too :laughing:

I was just going to say, for a team that has only existed for something like 150 issues in total (of which, I’ve only read 2/3 of) it’s amazing how much I love these guys.

Cheap knock off X-Men that they are.


That cover looks pretty sweet, but I remember reading the very first issue once I got it in some lucky dip bag for a pound (it is surely still lining the quarter bins today). I can’t remember much of it but I don’t remember understanding any of it. Jim Lee is probably the best of the original Image guys, but I don’t get the love for this series. What makes the original Wildcats worth reading?

I’m assuming that’s a new Jim Lee cover? It does look really good.


That is a new cover. It’s gorgeous.

I’m pretty open about the fact that most of the comics collected in this run are pretty shit. They’re literally written by Jim Lee’s mate from school, for god’s sake!

To be fair, there is a story arc by Chris Claremont that I have fond memories of, and Morrison’s #1 from a few years ago.

However, Jim Lee’s artwork is prime Jim Lee here. He’s just coming off the X-Men, and has perfected his team book art. It’s certainly more accomplished later on in his career, but the energy that these pages demonstrate is hard to deny.

That being said, if that’s all there was to the Wildcats, I think they’d have quickly been forgotten (Divine Right, anyone?). But, it wasn’t. Immediately after this run, James Robinson came onboard and made you care about these characters. Alan Moore built on that with an epic superhero tale. And, a few years later, Joe Casey deconstructed the team, only to reinvent them in a pretty revolutionary way (for the time).

It’s those subsequent runs that made the team a fan favourite. This initial run is pure eye candy.


If it’s got the unedited Art Adams pages too I might even upgrade as well.


That Claremont arc is like peak Claremont. There’s mind control, S&M themes, people’s bodies being altered. It’s a checkbox of most of his fetishes


Kids these days.


Creator owned comics! He didn’t have the man (or Anne Nocenti) keeping him down, with a spiked, PVC platform-heel boot presumably.


I think you could successfully argue that, even years later, Wildcats 3.0 remains revolutionary.


Thanks for that answer. I wasn’t trying to be down on the book or anything. I just didn’t see the appeal, other than Jim Lee art. If that’s all there is then sixty pounds for a big high quality art book by Jim Lee with a plot stringing the splash pages together might actually be worth it.


Some of us got it for £36.22.

(Yeah, I’m not going to beat this one for ages!)


I don’t suppose that price is still live?

You put it in bold! :laughing:


Some things pretty have to be in bold and in answer to you Q - Ye gods, no.

And I haven’t yet got the SpeedyHen refund for the £9 or so that takes it down to that price.


I agree. Spawn had the more interesting start.
But Wild Storm led to more sustained bad-assery.

That deserves commemoration.


I got an email at quarter to 1 this morning from Amazon UK, telling me that Sandman Mystery Theatre Book 3 was in stock (after setting up an email alert). Or available to order at least. I went and looked this morning and it’s gone from “unavailable” to “temporarily out of stock” which isn’t really any different except they’ll let you order it.

Thing is, I can’t work out why Amazon have suddenly decided this. The book was supposed to be out last summer but was cancelled. It’s not available to order anywhere else (including Amazon US, where it won’t even show unless you have a direct link).

It’s also listed as the 28th best selling book in the DC trades category on there, just behind Batman Year One, which seems… unlikely?



Maybe they’ve got a restock of the original vol 3 TPB, rather than the planned re-edition.


Little bit of Marvel fishing.

Odd trade dress on the Marvel Knights ones, and odd they would be reprinting Armour Wars and The Client when they’re part of (recent) more comprehensive collections.


That Iron Man of 2020 collection is tempting as hell. I’ve a major soft spot for the Machine Man/Spider-Man issues he was in that got reprinted in Tranformers UK


I’m sure they’ve done that collection before. I wonder if it’s a topical reprint due to Slott’s run (or maybe the movies)?


Wow, Pak’s Warlock finally being collected. I still have my original issues in the attic, as I remember it never coming out in TPB at a time when everything else was.