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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Recent acquisition and quick comments:

Cable & X-Force: Onslaught Rising - Proof that Marvel can do good trades… when they want to.

Hook Jaw - A nice, big hardback collection, should be a fun read.

Uber Volume 6 - Hmm, collects #1-7? That’s a pleasant surprise.


I just read the second issue in the Uber Vol 6 trade - the immediate fallout of the invasion. Christ. Horrific.


So I read King’s Omega Men series, and I have to say, while I love the technical side of it, the intelligence behind it, I have serious issues with the narrative. I appreciate the ending, how basically the OM end up as bad as the Citadel but while it’s thematically cute it makes the last few issues, and Kyle’s actions, all the more frustrating. Basically he was suckered into helping bad guys which, you know…

I don’t know anything about these characters so maybe they’re always shown in this light. And reading this as a story about one bunch of villains conquering another would make sense and make it palatable. But then to throw in a Green Lantern like that? I just can’t get on board.


Just finished the rest of the trade. The rest of it wasn’t as intense as that second issue but not was still pretty hardcore. I’m pretty stoked to see where the remaining volumes go.


Uber is a series I’m much happier reading in singles than trades. The issues work really well as a contained piece, but 6 of them in a row sounds exhausting. I need a month to recover after each one.


Hahaha! Yeah, it wasn’t exactly a “fun” read! I made a point of reading the notes Gillen had at the end of each issue and putting the book down and going off and doing something else for a spell before getting stuck in to the next one.


Ah I did wonder if his musings in the back would be included, they certainly add a lot to the series. For me as somebody who has next to no historical knowledge, they’re really helpful in contextualising an issue, a lot of the time I’ll immediately go back for a second read and get more out of it.



You up to this two-legs? This a harder than hard story of world gone.

Reading the three volumes of this, which in turn collect a decade’s worth of stories, was a huge amount of fun.

I could see too, how in the first story the language could have put people off - but that aspect recedes quickly on the next story. It never goes away but it becomes far smoother, much like Elston’s art - the imagery he provides in the third volume is far better than what is in the first, which itself is very good.

A story of quite literal dog soldiers in a post apocalypse world over-run by insects gone wild, it’s a gonzo premise that only the likes of Abnett could really make fly - and he really does.

There’s only one flaw - they better be planning to continue this because Volume 3 ends on an evil bastard of a cliffhanger.


This is the usual, high quality Humanoids hardback and has an interesting take on first contact.

It starts off by introducing the players, setting up the story but then the story goes off in quite unfamiliar directions. For instance, it has people being possessed by aliens, but one of the individuals is schizophrenic and resists his alien controller by personality changes. The alien agenda appears to be one thing and then transmutes as the story goes on and it’s a well executed revelation.

All all, it was a very good little story, that does a lot with what it has.


Yeah, Kingdom is good stuff. Interestingly Abnett and Elson had done something similar in the Prog a bit earlier circa 2002-2005 with a series called Atavar. It too features a world gone wrong and has the standardised Elson ‘big ugly dudes’.

It’s a good series that spanned three ‘books’ in the prog but disappointingly the third installment never got the trade treatment (parts 1 and 2 did get collected) so the only way to read the whole thing is via the prog. Actually, this would make a good collection for the Megazine supplement.


Huh, I read the collection a decade ago, but never knew there was more. I remember II being a bit of a letdown, though it’s been a decade.


I made a slight error. It was three books not four. I’m actually doing a re-read at the moment and am just about to start book three.

Atavar I 1281-1288
Atavar II 1329-1335
Atavar III 1443-1449


I didn’t realise Absolute WildCATS had come out yet, but I got an email from Speedyhen today to say it’s been sent out. So I’ll look forward to that next week.

It looks like a nice collection.

That video indicates it’s been recoloured for this edition - I can’t remember if I had heard that already or not, but if so I’d forgotten.


Yep, my copy’s on its way too - expecting the refund email Mon / Tues.


That slipcase art is gorgeous :heart_eyes:

I think it’s just the first four issues that have new colouring. Those had far inferior colours when originally published.

I wonder if the fold out pages from #5 will be included?

It’s a shame Savage Dragon #13 isn’t included too.

The stories in this book are pretty darn ropey. But, Jim Lee’s artwork has never looked better.

I hope this mean’s Alan Moore’s Wildcats run will eventually get an Absolute edition too.


Kingdom is a real favourite of mine and I feel it merits more attention on a global scale.

Being serialised in 2000ad means it’s restricted to that fairly limited audience.

It’s a great ideal executed extremely well by Abnett & Elson. Another one of Abnett’s massive successes for me.

It’s always a pleasure to see it in the prog and I expect we will see it again in the next year or so.

There’s also a novel set in that universe, called Fiefdom, co written by Abnett, if you are interested…


I really liked Avatar as well. Abnett and Eldon make a great team.

Can’t understand why elson never got more work in the US, he’s superb and very much from the Alan Davis school.


Probably will be nabbing that at some point, now I’ve read the comic.


Young Justice Book 2
I’ve been avoiding buying DC trades lately, because of them cancelling half of them and production problems on the other half, but I had this pre-ordered already and forgot about it. Ah well, it’s Young Justice. The comics in here are great, except for the 80 Page Giant at the back, which is a pointless genre pastiche montage thing. But other than that, it’s funny, clever, great characters, lovely art. What you’d expect really.

As to the actual quality of the comic, well, it’s not terrible, but the card stock on the cover feels a bit cheap (the inside of it particularly) and pretty much all the pages are wavy/rippled. Not a huge problem, especially compared to some of the problems I’ve had with DC trades, but it doesn’t scream high quality.

Solo Avengers Classic
This is a trade collecting the first 10 issues of what was really a Hawkeye solo title, optimistically sold as “volume 1” around when the Avengers film came out. Well, technically it’s only half a Hawkeye solo book. Each issue is split between his ongoing adventures (by Tom DeFalco and mostly Mark Bright) and then a second story (I’d say back-up, but they’re of equal length) focusing on some other member of the Avengers; one is Black Widow, another Black Knight, the first is a nice Mockingbird story with early Jim Lee art that is the other side of the main Hawkeye story.

It’s a really good format, actually. I know anthologies don’t tend to sell in the American market and even back-up strips don’t stick, but this makes sense. You get the Hawkeye story ticking along nicely and then an opportunity to do a story with a character that has no hope of holding a solo series or a chance to unearth of update an older member and which can be used as a try-out for new talent… Given how many Avengers there are now, it would be a good format to use now. If anthologies sold, of course.


There’s a nice detailed run-through of Absolute WildCATS here:

It gives you a great look at the recolouring job on those early issues.

I think this is one example of recolouring that I’m actually going to appreciate - I’m usually of the mind that collections should try and reproduce the original issues as faithfully as possible, but it’s difficult to see these new colours as anything other than an improvement.


Dealer Alert

The new Thorgal album is now available:

Thorgal: Volume 19 - Books Etc - £4.81

In other news, my copy of Absolute Wildcats has arrived. It’s an excellent collection but I likely would have passed on paying £60 for it, in place of the bargain I got. Of greater interest is that it has the Worldstorm #2 script too - which was a nice surprise.

Also got the Panini trades of Defenders: Volume 1 and Black Widow: Volume 2. Haven’t bought these in ages, so it was reassuring to find each had a sense of weight, which meant good quality, as opposed to Marvel’s paper-thin lightweight editions.