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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


The pilot got leaked online and apparently that killed Warners’ desire to make the show. Which is a shame because it was a decent for the time adaptation of issue 1. The concept was tweaked slightly -as well as Miranda Zero and Aleph, the two agents who dealt with the case in episode 1 would be the regular cast, teaming up with other members of the Frequency each week.


I can see that working. The comic concept is a good mix of episodic stuff with vague overarching development for the recurring characters. It feels like it would translate to TV very easily. And you could get away with some regular shocks and twists given the ‘everyone is disposable’ nature of the series.


Couple more DC advance listings (disclaimer: I don’t think these ones have been in solicitations yet, but I could well be wrong.). Pinch of salt etc.

(This is Sins Of Youth fifth week event, where all the heroes get turned into kids and YJ into adults, which is a lot of fun)

So, Aquaman was supposed to be getting a Deluxe Edition when Rebirth started, but it got canned, and yet they’re trying again, picking up part way into Abnett’s run. DC be crazy.

A random smattering of old Hellblazer issues.

Green Arrow Deluxe was originally listed at the start of Rebirth but disappeared, along with Aquaman and Green Lantern, but here we go again for some reason. :confused: Not sure why Green Arrow warrants being picked up from the start while Aquaman is skipping 24 issues.

DC sure have managed to come up with a lot of anniversaries for this year.


Everything has an anniversary every year! :slight_smile:


:laughing: Yes, fair point.


Thanks for these Martin.

I’d go for the Aquaman one just for Sejic’s art.

While the series is great, that American Vampire omnibus does take the mick - as the series remains incomplete.

I wonder of Tyunion’s final Tec arc will get a deluxe edition of its own? Nice to see that and Superman getting a third one.

With Action Comics OHC3 getting bumped to December, I wonder if that’ll get the finale specials added for both books, so making a nice neat set before Bendis starts.


It would be most annoying if it didn’t :thinking:


You’d hope, given the forewarning about the change in teams, they’d alter the trades to reflect that and tie things up, but it’s DC, so shrug. Who the hell knows.


Yeah, that is the big question mark over these.


I’ll probably hold off getting the next volume until 'Tec Vol 4 is announced.


The one encouraging point is there’s now plenty of precedent for it.


Ultimate Adventures: One Tin Soldier
I was really into the Ultimate line back in the day, but has since divested myself of everything except this and Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra (which isn’t a patch on proper Elektra, but is a solid college vigilante story with nice, clean Larroca art). Ultimate Adventures doesn’t have a great reputation. Created as part of the U Decide marketing stunt that was intended to boost PAD’d Captain Marvel, it was chronically delayed, taking about 18 months to do six issues. It was the first Ultimate title to add “new” characters rather than directly update existing Marvel stuff. And it’s written by Ron Zimmerman, who gave us the reviled Max Rawhide Kid. And yet…

See, the thing about Ultimate Adventures is that it’s stupid. Hawk-Owl and Woody (after a woodpecker, obvs) are obvious parodies of Batman and Robin and not desperately clever or insightful ones, either. But the book knows that. It doesn’t have anything particularly deep and meaningful to say about Batman beyond pointing out how absurd it all is, which it does by taking the concept and stripping it of pathos. Jack Danner is a rich orphan who dresses up as an owl to fight crime. Why? Well, it’s not to avenge his dead parents, who died in a car accident they caused. It’s not to honour the memory of his dead brother, who also died in a stupid accident. It’s because, well, why not? And this is used as a springboard to tell a decently fun story, with some genuine laugh out loud moments (mostly thanks to Hawk-Owl’s butler Mr Toliver) and an interesting appearance by the Ultimates .

Although Zimmerman’s credited as writer, Joe Quesada has a curious “story editor” credit that I suspect is code for him script doctoring this, possibly moreso near the end to get it done. The blatant mockery of Batman’s origin is pulled back a bit near the end and we’re shown Danner getting a (knowingly stupid) inciting incident of saving an owl from a hawk.

On top of all this, there’s art from Duncan Fregredo, who nicely sells the comedy but also the action. Interestingly, the issue featuring the Ultimates has a ringer inker to smooth them out and keep them more on model, which seems a bit pointless for a comedy side-series.

I went into Ultimate Adventures expecting to have soured on it like the rest of the Ultimate U, but, due in large part to being so adrift from the rest of the line, it holds up as a fun little self-contained story.


For balance, here’s an interesting (less enthusiastic) essay about Ultimate Adventures and its strange origins: (Including insight from Duncan Fregredo that would explain why he was so unimpressed when I got him to sign my trade at Bristol Expo ‘06).


I remember quite liking Ultimate Adventures as a bit of an oddity, but it’s never something I’ve felt compelled to return to.

I remember quite liking the Ultimates guest-appearance though, for the way they were played relatively straight.


Could also be an opportunity, in that he could do for Cable what Bendis did for Cage.


Your right.
As much as I’m very interested to see what Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson do with their Cable run, I’m surprised they don’t start a new Story arc with a few big names around the time of the Deadpool 2. Buuut I guess that’s what the below is for.


Fairly certain there’s a Panini trade of this too.



You cant see it but it £7.66


Which is a steal, but I’m certain they’ll OHC this as they’re doing or done most of Duggan’s run, so this final piece will be one final OHC.

Hmm, interesting seller name, wonder how you found them? :wink:


Some random guy keeps plugging them.
I feel dirty though.
It’s my first pannininininin book