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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


In fairness, I don’t think DC have ever made a single Absolute as long as Moore’s Swamp Thing run (around 50 issues). It’s similar to the multiple Absolutes seen for longer series like Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Y: The Last Man, Sandman, and Moore’s own Promethea.

They could probably do a single Swamp Thing omnibus if they really wanted to, but from discussions I’ve seen on the Marvelmasterworks boards, the thinking seems to be that the production budget for Absolutes allows a certain amount of cash to remaster the artwork and recolour it (similar to the Sandman Absolutes) in a way that other lines of collected editons wouldn’t be able to fund.

Which makes sense to me. The reproduction in the current HCs is ok, but not great, and would likely suffer if it was blown up to a larger page size, even if it was only slightly larger like an Omnibus.

I’m quite excited to see how good they can make it look. There’s some fantastic artwork throughout the run.


Is it wrong that the only reason I bought this was because I got sick of opening and resealing individual issue bags?


Is that listing correct? The new trade is out already isn’t it? I’m sure I saw it in my local comic shop.


Well, it better be - bought a copy earlier. Ah, if you’re wondering about the pub date of 10 July, that seems to be the default applied to a trade they never know for sure about then, it gets confirmed earlier and is available but looks odd. Also, Books Etc don’t do pre-orders, if they list it as to buy, it’s out.

Trade hit the comic shops last week, 21 Feb.

The Q is: How loyal to your local shop are you?


Moore’s Swamp Thing is a personal favorite, so if the Absolute is a quality reproduction I don’t think I’ll be able to resist upgrading from my old tpbs.


Ship 'em over.


Fairly loyal, but that’s too good a price to pass on. I’ve bought most of my trades from them recently so one online sale isn’t too much of a cheat on them.


Another month of clearing off my to-read comics pile, and some more very quick reactions:

Captain Britain: A Crooked World: The Moore run. Not his best, but still very good.

Howard the Duck: The Partworks edition. I’d read the Essential a few years ago, it’s nice to see some of it in colour.

The Life and Death of Captain Marvel, Parts 1 and 2: I love all the Marvel cosmic stuff in this, but Mar-Vell is an incredibly dull character. Dying is the only interesting thing he ever did.

Judge Dredd: America: Very good, though I was less a fan of the follow-ups.

Bandette, Volume 2: Stealers Keepers!: Not as great as Vol. 1, but still a lovely book.

Sláine Vol 1: Great art, but not for me.

The Nameless City Vol 1: I havem’t read much Faith Erin Hicks stuff, and need to read more.

Ghosts: If people are looking for more kid-friendly Day of the Dead stories after seeing Coco, this is worth checking out from Raina Telgemeier.

The Ballad of Halo Jones: Still great. I might even check out the colourised versions they’re bringing out this year.

Giant Days: Not On the Test Edition Vol. 1: It’s odd seeing Max Sarin’s art from only 2 years ago, and seeing how much she’s grown as an artist. Her stuff here isn’t bad, but it’s miles away from the new issues.

Boundless: Some nice short stories with lovely art from Jillian Tamaki.

Kingdom: Aux Drift: Not much story progress considering how the story doesn’t come out that often. I’m still on board.

XIII Vol. 2-4: Good, but I’m not sure I’ll continue on with the series.

Wet Moon, Volume 1: Feeble Wanderings: Found and old copy of this cheap, and it made me want to get the rest of the series.

Astro City Vol. 11-12: Still one of the best superhero books going, if a bit predictable…

Fantasy Sports No. 1 and 2: Saw these on display at the library and decided to try them. Nothing too memorable, but they’re fun.

Daredevil by Waid and Samnee HC 4 & 5: The whole San Francisco run. Not quite as strong as the early part of the run, but still excellent.

Prince of Cats: Romeo and Juliet updates are overdone, but this is a decent one.

The Fountain: Great art, and made me want to rewatch the movie to see what got changed (aside from far less nudity).


I had some time to catch up on a few trades that I’ve bought in ComiXology sales.

Archangel - I’m a pretty big William Gibson fan. So I thought a comic written by him should be just my speed but I really didn’t care for this. The art was a bit uneven likely due to multiple artists and the story could be a bit hard to follow sometimes. This was originally meant to be a film and I wonder if something was lost in the translation.

Conan Vol. 13: Queen of the Black Coast - I was drawn to this by my love of Conan stories and Becky Cloonan’s art. I was afraid that I would be disappointed with the issues she did not draw. However, I actually really liked the James Harren issues as well. I’m a bit torn on the wordiness of the book. One one hand it’s just too much but it’s part of what gives it that Conan feel.

Invisible Republic - I was interested in this book ahead of this same team doing Green Lantern: Earth One. It had some interesting elements but it really wasn’t my cup of tea.

Moon Knight Vol. 1: Lunatic - I admittedly have no history with Moon Knight. However, this book got a lot of strong reviews here. So I thought I’d give it a shot. Some of the historical issues with the character and his various identities were a bit confusing. The fluidity of reality made for an interesting tale especially with the issue that used multiple artists for this effect. Not a bad read.


Glad you liked the Conan book, Ronnie. The rest of this run is great too, btw. :slight_smile:

And, Harren’s amazing.


Doctor Strange vol 1: The Way of the Weird - hhmmm, Aaron is a strange one for me (no pun intended). I vividly remember buying The Other Side as it came out in singles and on the strength of that bought Scalped which is in my top 5 all time books. Then I read Ghost Rider which I thought was mediocre and the first two volumes of Thor which did nothing for me which was indicative of the majority of his Marvel books (Wolvie & the X-Men was actually pretty fun). Outside of Marvel, Southern Bastards is very good. I have been tempted by his Dr Strange run for a while and saw a copy of vol 1 on ebay for £3.75 so took a punt. Hot damn this is easily his best Marvel work. He mixes fun, crazy psychedelic romps with bone crunchingly, world shattering threats with ample ease. It actually feels very much like Morrison’s Batman Inc run which I have just finished a reread of, with the family of heroes (in this case mages, sorcerers, wizards etc) facing a mysterious threat that will have dire consequences. I actually like this better than Batman Inc but then I’m not a massive Morrison Bat-fan. Bachelo, who is hit and miss for me, is perfectly suited to the weirdness on show and although the art occasionally suffers from his usual murky, what-the-hell-is-actually-happening-in-that-panel design, he is a great fit. The only downside is that this is very much half a story. That’s okay though as I’ve just ordered vols 2-4.

Archie vs Predator - Sure, I know of Archie and the gang but I’ve never actually read an Archie comic. Borrowed this from a friend and it was a waste of an hour. I just didn’t understand it’s purpose. Didn’t care or connect with any of the characters and it seemed to drag on and on.

Weirdworld vol 1 - Here’s my second favouirte Marvel work by Aaron. yes it might be thin on story and character arc and actual substance but it’s a fun romp that mainly rates so high due to Mike Del Mundo’s art which is truly sumptuous throughout.


The Punisher crossover was kinda fun


The second volume written by Sam Humphries is stil a very fun romp drawn by Mike Del Mundo, but with added story, character arcs and actual substance!


Yep I have them both. I think I actually prefer the Humphries one.


I definitely prefer the Humphries one, I was gutted when it got cancelled. I remember going into it post-Secret World and wondering what they would do with it and then been thrilled by the first issue and couldn’t wait to read this next.


Dealer Alert

I had thought there could be a good grab it fast deal from Books Etc on Absolute Wildcats, but their listing just went from £65 to £98!

This means that the SpeedyHen preorder price that was posted here some time ago of a jaw-dropping £36.22 - on what is a RRP £105 / $125 big bastard hardback - remains by far your best option, if it’s available to you.

An alternative is the Empire at just over £42:

Either way, if you’re after this, get your preorder in quick as I suspect once it’s out the price will go up to its official level.


It’s meant to ship to comic shops next week, I think. Hopefully that’ll mean Speedyhen gets it sent out in a week or two.


Yeah, I’ve still got my Speedyhen pre-order in (even though I had it cancelled and had to replace it due to their 90-day limit for holding payment details).



I was holding off until I saw what happened on Books Etc, as there was a chance, if their system had kept the RRP of £65, they might have gone as low as £35.

Since that didn’t happen, SpeedyHen get the replacement order instead.


Letter 44: Volume 6: The End

This is not a stunning series, but it’s a well-executed one, with good enough art. Soule deserves a good bit of credit for taking his ideas all the way to the very end, without changing course. It’s that refusal to serve away from hard answers to hard questions that sets this story apart from its competition and is reason enough to give it a go.

The story with Carroll and Blades reaches its logical conclusion - with Blades finally realising what Carroll could not about the Presidency. It isn’t occupying and possessing the job, it’s about what you do with it in the time that you have it. Thus, it is no surprise that, unlike Carroll, Blades knows has to let it go and is at peace in doing so.

Soule’s story is also built around fallibility - everyone has character flaws in it, even the enigmatic Builders. There are times in the story when the combinations of those flaws cause great, great damage, even catastrophe. It is to Soule’s credit that he shows how the various occupants come to their positions, even if the reader would disagree.

Over the course of about 36 issues, Soule has spun a story that ranges over 16 years and multiple worlds and countries. It is an ambitious tale and, for the most part, it succeeds in realising those ambitions.

Deadpool: World’s Greatest OHC1-3

OHC1 was a weak opening, it wasn’t that great, but it did have the sense of leading somewhere. Fortunately, OHCs 2-3 really pay off on that, building further on the foundation established while telling much better stories.

The other aspect that really stands out here is how good Duggan is at using Cable - why Marvel haven’t got him writing that character too is mystifying. The bit where Cable explains his method for perpetual financial ability - hint: time traveler - is genius. And as to where the plot with Stryfe is going is anyone’s guess. Great work.