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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


By reputation it is to Daredevil as Secret Empire was to Cap, with Waid doing the repair job to end them all on each character in the immediate aftermath - so successfully that the events got forgotten about.

This is a really bad habit, you’re better off kicking it!


I’m not actually a completist for runs in that way (my completism tends more towards creators than characters or titles), I just thought it might be nice to plug the gap and be able to read all the way through from the start of Bendis to the end of Waid. But it sounds like it’s not much cop.


It’s shit.


I’m detecting a common theme here.


Jeez, Vikram. Don’t hold back pal.

But yes it’s shit.


I read the first half. It was okay. Never did finish it though.


Good, good, let the hate flow…


Ya know for dramatic effect.


Just went to FP to pre-order the new Moon Knight OHC and I noticed their standard P&P charges have gone up from £1 a book to £1.95.

Not a huge difference but something to factor in when comparing prices, especially if placing large orders.


To be fair, Shadowland is probably a perfectly average event story. In isolation. As a Daredevil story, however, it’s incredibly bad. Diggle was given a fantastic set up, but he’s not a writer with the range to write such a story convincingly. There’s no nuance to Shadowland at all. It’s entirely plot driven, with a really, really stupid plot twist.

Ironically, Diggle’s follow up Daredevil: Reborn mini-series was possibly the best thing he ever did with the character. But, by that point he was just marking time until the Waid relaunch.


That had David Gianfelice on art, right? I always meant to check that out.


I finished Gen X v2 and that proved to be quite an enjoyable trade on the whole. I like the cast a lot (although, with hindsight of later developments, having Banshee and White Queen start to hit it off feels weird). Bachalo’s art is still quite nice, though you can see it start to devolve even here (where it’s a world away from, say, Ultimate War or his BND Spider-Man stuff). Tom Grummett does a few nice issues too. Unfortunately, there’s an annual which has a weird mish-mash of artists (including Sienkeiwicz of all people) and then two issues by Roger Cruz, who a) isn’t very good (he draws most of the women with legs twice the length of the rest of their body) and b) overly sexualises the book’s teenage cast.
The only other problem is that Lobdell does the Claremontian “mutants, people born with a genetic quirk, protecting the world that hates and fears them” rigmarole at the open of every issue and it gets wearisome pretty quick (moreso than in rereading older X-Men stuff, weirdly).

And then in an actual reread I got through Supergirl: Way Of The World. The main reason I own this is because it’s got Resurrection Man in it, but it’s a disappointing read. He’s little more than a macguffin, with only about two moments of characterisation in the four or five issues he’s in. I understand completely him taking a backseat to Supergirl’s story, given it’s her book, but he could have not been present for the second half of it and made no difference.
The story is about Supergirl promising a dying kid that she will cure his cancer and it’s… ok. It’s trying to deal with big issues around the limitations super-hero stories put on themselves of not solving real world issues lest they suddenly become less relateable, but it doesn’t really have anything interesting to say on that beyond Supergirl being brought low by the hubris of youth. It’s interrupted halfway through by a fill-in about Kara accepting the death of Krypton, which initially feels like a rushed conclusion, before the main story picks back up and carries on for three more issues, its points having just been stepped on by the fill-in. And then there’s a really weak coda with Supergirl having spent decades preparing to take out a time-travelling villain, which doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny and really overeggs the dilemma Kara put herself into.
There’s some nice art by Drew Johnson and Ron Randall though, especially the understated cover (which I think is actually taken from an interior panel somewhere, rather than an original cover).


Yep. Though, I’d recommend that on the big deluxe hardbacks as there, unlike most, when FP say ‘postage and packing’ they really do mean ‘postage and packing’!

Nice big box, padding, bubble wrap - I get my money’s worth, but it is per item.


Animosity Vol 1: It’s a fun concept with all the animals in the world suddenly gaining intelligence, and rebelling against the humans. Unfortunately the execution didn’t really land for me.

The story skips back and forth in time a lot, which I felt got in the way of my enjoyment. Especially since it skips quite quickly over the initial “outbreak”, which I think they could have spent a bit more time on.

Another issue is the art from Rafael de Latorre. I’ve seen him before on another Aftershock comic Superzero. I like his style, but he didn’t seem to click with this one. And there were a few places when the story and art didn’t gel together for me.

So yeah, had high hopes for this one, but it didn’t really do it for me.

I also just finished up a reread of Y The Last Man and can confirm its still bloody brilliant.


I’ve got this on my tentative list.

I listened to the 11 o’clock Comics guys discussing it and 2 raved about it while the other was wondering if he’d read the same book.

After reading your comment now I’m really on the fence about buying it.
I think it’s maybe something I’d pick up in a digital sale at this stage. Heavily discounted.


Dealer Alert

Uber: Volume 6 - Books Etc - £10.86

Cable & X-Force: Onslaught Rising - Books Etc - £16.75



Coming in November.

I hope the reproduction quality is able to let the artwork shine in Absolute form. I’m slightly concerned by the mention of new colouring though - I’ll be holding onto my current HCs until I know more.


Price RRP $150


It says US$99.99 at the link.

At 432 pages it sounds like it contains the contents from the first two of the six current HC/TPB collections, so presumably the plan is for three Absolutes.


Why charge for one when you can charge for three!