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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Nah, the event itself was this combo of:

  • 4-parter
  • 3-parter
  • 2-parter

But on the omnibus they included a pile of prequel stories too. It’s a damn smart collection and Wolverine #85 has one of Cable’s best ever entrances.


I don’t know what you mea…



These smell Suuuuuuper old


Yeah, that’s the one!


Is HRRMM someone’s name that Cable’s yelling (Heorge RR Martin Martin, maybe?), or the sound effect of the air conditioning duct he’s holding?


It’s what awesome sounds like when it enters the room. :wink:






So what, were Batman and Rorschach bit by radioactive air conditioning ducts when they were kids or something?


I actually read it as HARMM which seemed pretty excusable by 90s standards.


I was thinking of the first panel. For the bottom one I assume the sound effect spills over onto the next page and it’s actually HRRUMPH


If you told me that Harmm was a 90s X-Force character I would have completely believed you.




So, this whole video is worth watching, but I’ve queued it up at a list of 100% genuine all real 90s comics superheroes


What? Mrs Sexdeath?


I mean, what?


You never read Mrs. Sexdeath?


No, but I have now watched all of that video, and it’s now my all-time favourite comics documentary.


I’m eagerly awaiting his long-promised video on why the Star Wars prequels are actually good.


I can’t believe David hasn’t read it. To me it’s the best thing that Alan Moore and Bernie Wrightson have done and is woefully underrated.


If that Legion of Superheroes guy had done it you know David would have all the deluxe hardback artist’s editions IDW put out a few years ago


Thanks for posting this. I’ve never heard of this guy before, but I ended up watching a load of his videos and they’re great.