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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I picked up the mummy: palimpsest by peter milligan and ronilson freire

Published by Titan, the story itself is an enjoyable romp, however this is one of the worst cases I’ve seen recently of art and colours really detracting from what could have been a very solid book.

It’s really hard to easily see what is going on for various reasons and it really badly impacts the flow of the book;

Hard to tell individuals apart due to both art and colours
Hard to tell groups of people apart
Poor panel layouts
Can’t tell between stuff set in the past and present day
Lack of facial expressions
And just poor rendering in places

I don’t want to crucify anyone but I think it’s important to be honest about these thing, especially when I’m very much forthcoming with praise when it’s due

Bit of shame as this could have been a better book.


You have two very excellent reads ahead of you. I echo the sentiment that Challengers is Loeb/Sale’s best collaboration.


That’s nice to hear.

I’ve already read Vision digitally, so I know that’s good. :slight_smile:


So I went to place my previews order before today’s deadline and with it the Morrison Batman Omnibus and Seven Soldiers Omnibus

I have both in single issues but they are boxed a away and tatty from repeat readings.

I’ve been waiting on a omnibus series collecting has Batman for what seems like a long time now and Seven Soldiers is more the completionist side of me wanting to add to my Morrison omnibus shelves.

The prices I order at are normally as good or better than Amazon and other online stores - however since the adjustment for the poor Sterling exchange rate about a year or so ago I’ve noticed a really large increase in the prices.

Out of interest I checked these on Amazon and they were a whopping £10 cheaper each on there.

I always try support my comics dealer as best I can, but £20 is too big a saving to pass up and unfortunately for him I’ve gone with the big guy this time round.

I feel a bit wrong but I am trying to save money and £20 less spent this month on comics is a decent saving.


Yeah, Amazon have some good price offers at the moment.

I ordered the Morrison Batman omnibus with that £10-off-a-£50-order voucher a while back, when it was listed at £50.12 or something like that. So I thought I was getting a good deal at £40.12.

Now I see the Amazon list price has dropped £10 to around £40, and Amazon are still honouring the discount voucher, so I’ll be getting it for £30. I doubt a better offer than that will come along.


And hopefully they follow through and replace my FW omnibus.


The latest update on that is that DC are going to require retailers to cut off and send back the front cover of the old HC (the actual hard cover, not just the dustjacket), and a replacement will be provided. Presumably that’s to make sure DC don’t get lumbered with return postage costs for such a heavy book, while preventing the retailer from still being able to sell on the original version.

So all Amazon should require is for you to return the cover to them, for them to send back.


Hmm, I should contact again. Just to check. What was implied is that they’d just sent one of the reprinting.


Pretty certain they went up third volumes for the Divided We Fall, United We Stand crossover event then stopped.


Ordered this today based solely on the fact I’m sick of opening and rebaging the single issues as I reread my collection


Annoyingly the next Omnibus has a completely different trade dress and titled “Deadpool and XFORCE Omnibus


Yeah, but just get it quick. Among others it has the big Cable epic that is Fathers and Sons!

Good price that, I nabbed my copy for just under £45 from Books Etc but suspect it might be out of stock there.

Getting any $99 RRP Omnibus for under £50 is a great deal these days.


Yup picked it up for £47.
And your spot on about Fathers and Sons.
Got allllll the original issues.
I’m a proud double dipper!


Yeah, mine are in the attic. I wasn’t going to get this Omnibus, then I spotted the listing for what it had…

So before Xmas, I went on this massive buying spree and bagged X-Force Omnibus 1, X-Cutioner’s Song OHC, this one, Phalanx Covenant , Age of Apocalypse - got that whole event chain they did in the early 90s in Omnibus / OHC form.

Without this acting as the final link I wouldn’t have done it because I didn’t want any gaps!


Got x-cutioner in original trade paperback but would love an OHC.
Phalanx all in single issues.

Have the AOA Omni and all the single issues. Tempted for the Onslaught omnibus for completion reasons!


That too was in the great spending splurge of 2017.


worth it?


Depends on the emotional aspect and connection or lack of.

It is a crappy event, but it was one of my earlier Marvel reads and the Loeb Cable run was pretty damn good.


Your good people Ben.
Many many beers for you one day.


is phalanx a 2 parter?