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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


More old trade reading and it’s more mid-00s DC, oddly.

All-New Atom: My Life In Miniature
This is another post-Infinite Crisis launch (I think) and is the debut of Ryan Choi as the Atom. I like it, but not unreservedly so. Gail Simone writes and so it’s got a decent mix of humour and action, but there are some annoying tics in it - Ryan is always saying “weight and density powers, I love you”, which feels straight out of Stan Lee era Spider-Man. One of the groups of villains speaks in broken tenses, which gets very grating to read. Simone also decides to footnote dialogue and narration with scientific and philosophical quotes, which is just annoying clutter most of the time. Oh and the phrase “there’s a war coming” gets used loads and that’s one of my pet peeves.
There are also problems with the gradual reveal of the nature of the conflict between science and magic that’s building. For the most part, Ryan gains knowledge about it (such as the name of the Waiting) without actually learning it, he just suddenly knows enough more to advance and explain the plot.
The biggest problem is John Byrne on art though. It’s incredible to think he’s the same artist that did Iron Fist and X-Men and FF. His art is scruffy and awkward and ugly through-out.
Despite all that though, I still enjoyed this and I should get around to reading the rest of the series some time.

Doctor 13: Architecture & Morality
This is a tongue-in-cheek, metatextual story about the rebooting of DC continuity around Infinite Crisis. It has Dr 13 - the ultimate rationalist - and a bunch of other misfit characters unwanted in modern continuity getting in an extended argument with the Architects rewriting reality (barely concealed versions of Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka). You’d think that wouldn’t age well at all, but it really does. The subsequent flurry of DC reboots only makes the story more relevant and funny. Cliff Chiang’s art is superb and Azzarello’s script is both withering and full of wonderfully awful puns. This is a little gem.


I picked up a copy of the Garth Ennis / Gary Erskine Dan Dare trade today from LCS’s bargain section. Damn this is good comics. Ennis war stories through and through!


I reread that not too long ago, such a fun comic


It is absolutely superb. I love their take on the spaceships. But the last issue takes a great series and goes much, much further.

One thing, you did get the full 7-issue series? Ages ago there was 3-issue version doing the rounds.


Gary Erskin is a top man. Always available for a chat and to lend advice. Honestly one of the nicest blokes in Scottish comics


Seriously, one of my favorite sci-fi comics ever.
So good, and so…heroic.


I’m glad that Doctor Thirteen is still relevant and great. I’ve been meaning to read it for a long time. I’ll have to get around to it soon.


That era of Superman comics was actually pretty cool. Busiek and Pacheco’s “Camelot Falls” was a brilliant, time twisty epic. Johns & Kubert’s “Last Son” was a blockbuster action movie; followed by his three stories with Gary Frank, that were all really enjoyable too. All of those are worth hunting down if you’ve never read them. The current Superman books share a lot of the same sensibility as these books did.


I read the Johns/Frank Brainiac story right after finishing Final Crisis and it was the perfect palate cleanser. I enjoyed both a lot, but soon after I found that Superman stories that good were in short supply.


It’s the full series - it’s described as being an “omnibus” in the publishing notes on the inside front cover.

I remember seeing the three issue collection when it came out - it was a hardcover and, possibly, oversized. Weird wee thing.


I vaguely recall reading the first Busiek volume (Back In Action?) but not what I thought of it. I read some of the Johns run and found it typically underwhelming.


Yeah, I would agree I have fond memories of those Busiek & Johns runs as well.


I found the LoSH and Secret Origin arcs better than the Braniac story too. Both are definitely worth a read if you haven’t already done so.


“Back In Action” was a last minute fill in, IIRC, to plug a whole in the schedule when Adam Kubert fell behind on “Last Son”. It’s not particularly indicative of the Busiek/ Pacheco run that was far stronger; “Camelot Falls” is the name of their arc.


You’re saying this like it’s a bad thing :confused:


Oh, no. I definitely have those. I think the only bit of the Johns run that I haven’t read is the Bizarro World story.


That was pretty cool too, to be fair. Only let down by the fact that I have little patience or affection for Bizarro. However, it thematically ties in quite nicely with the Brainiac arc, as it really demonstrates why Pa Kent was such an important figure to Clark.


Looking at it, I think I’ve actually read most of Busiek’s subsequent run, with the Third Kryptonian etc. That was back my local library actually had money to buy comics. It didn’t blow me away.


Wordery offer, today only, buy 2 graphic novels and get 10% off.



I was just about to order the last two Invincible trades, so that saved me a few pennies.