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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Just tweeting with Chris Arrant from newsarama and he pointed out US Amazon have a boatload of hardcovers

Gipped again!
Damn you Brexit!!


Well, yeah - but they tend use Omnibus as an excuse to raise the price!

Yeah, but that one is still standard size.




I think it’s worth buying the individual “issue” releases on this so as to support the format - it’s also more cost effective.

This is a must buy.


I still need to finish reading the first album of Dark Prince Charming. I got maybe a quarter of the way through but had to stop for some reason. It looked great though, and there were some fun bits.


I honestly didn’t care much for it.


If you are trade buying Mark you really need to come in this thread and speak to Ben. He knows exactly where to get the best prices. :smile:


Second this. Kot is a funny one — lots of great ideas but his creator owned stuff sometimes doesn’t follow through. I think he benefited from the discipline of working at one of the Big 2.


Here’s one for you Ben
Age of ultron hardcover
“Moderate damage “ to corner

Not sure if I got a bargain or not


F’ing hell, man. I would lose my shit over that. :rage:


You got ripped off. I’ve grabbed a used copy of that for about £27-28 and it was in good condition too.


Yeah I f*#ked up

Didn’t read the description properly when I bought it.
Le sigh

I should add it was still in the original shrink wrap when it arrived


How the hell did they manage to do all that damage and still keep it sealed? Sounds a tad dodgy.


Looks like it was dropped or knudged in transit to the depot


Hmm, I’m not convinced - they would have had to whack it to get that effect, no way is that a nudge.


I’ve seen ones like that. What happens is they are in a box to go to a store and the box gets chucked all over the place. Anything on the edges gets the shit kicked out of it but remains sealed.


Now I did take it out of the shrink wrap so what do you think my chances are of getting my money back?



For Giant Days fans, Boom are finally reprinting the original self-published mini-series that started the series:

The three self-published Giant Days comics are very special to me so I’m thrilled that BOOM! Studios putting them out in this collected edition. Though Esther had appeared before in my webcomics, these were the first appearances of Susan, Daisy and Ed Gemmell, and they seemed to hit the page fully formed. The stories in Early Registrationare as interesting to me for the directions I decided not to go in the BOOM! Studios series – crazy battles, yogic flying, demonic presences – as all the things that laid the groundwork for what came a few years later. They’ve always felt like part of the whole to me so I can’t wait for more people to be able to read them.

Each of the HCs has one of the issues too. They’re not as good as the ongoing (Allison’s art isn’t on the same level as Treiman or Sarin), but they’re still worth reading.


Worth a try, as I wouldn’t say that’s “moderate impact”.


I’ve been meaning to try Giant Days. Is it better to start with the Boom series or hold off for this collection?