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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


yeah I have it digitally and only want it for the silliest of completist reasons.

Wolverine & The X-men Omnibus By Jason Arron might fill that niche for me but £120 is a lot and its no Uncanny X-Force




I was just going to tell you your nuts and then googled it for the contents. Good call

Collecting: Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine 1-6; Wolverine (2010) 1-20, 5.1, 300-304; X-Men: Schism 1-5;



There is a SpeedyHen inactive pre-order price of just under £50 for it too.

Should go active 2 months ahead of the publication date.

re: Wolverine & The X-Men Omnibus

Wow. It isn’t that unreasonable, as you can flog out of print books for about 3x the price but when that gets applied to an Omnibus it becomes eye-wateringly pricey.


wow cheers for the heads up on speedy Hen.
Lotsa out fo stocks there but your right for the new stuff.


SpeedyHen has its quirks, if you’re going to order from them, pre-ordering is the way to go.

For bargains on stuff already out, I’m finding Books Etc to be great. Can take a little time to send off, but their prices are stunning.

Combine the two for maximum effect from minimum effort.


oh I forgot about fear itself.
How does that read in a sitting?

At the time it was like Amazing!! I can t believe they killed bucky again!! then epilogue fix made it all blah.

Anyone have the hardcover?


There isn’t one!


Oh my god your right!!!

I could only find this

Wow did it tank that bad??? This is unheard of right??


Marvel clearly thought so! What’s more they also stopped the OHCs of Fractions Iron Man after the second one as well.

And yeah, very rare not to get an OHIC of an event.

Around the same time they also stopped OHCing Bendis’ Avengers run too.

All very odd.


okay this is bonkers. theres hardcovers for all of the fear itself tie ins but not the main series??


Yeah, but those are more likely to be standard-size, Premiere-style hardbacks, not OHCs.

Now if you want to go for those, OK.


Excuse my ignorance
OHC= Official hardcover?, Original hardcover?Omaha Hotel Checkin?

And no tie ins thank you good sir. Blurgh



Omnibus and Oversized HardCover are the same size, about 28cm tall. The only difference tends to be the number of issues collected, though Marvel have sometimes taken the mick like deeming Young Avengers an Omnibus when it was 15 issues! Generally Omnibuses are much, much bigger than OHCs, with a price to match!

In some cases it will be cheaper to buy the individual OHCs than the Omnibus, if they are still available!

Some will collect a number of earlier OHCs so for instance the Duggan Deadpool Omnibus collects Deadpool OHCs 1-4.

BUT Marvel also issue stuff in standard, around 26cm tall, hardbacks, that they give a variety of names too.

The rule on this stuff is always check the product dimensions.


Well this explains so much.


Aye, DC would rather say “Deluxe” for anything below 20.


I guess Omnibus is accurate though, when it’s a book that collects the entire series.


and its fun to yell out like Pavarotti



Oh and for clarity