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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


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Another good price:

Renato Jones Season Two - Books Etc - £9.28


Dealer Alert

Going with the Empire might be worthwhile if you’re after this - currently £50.16:

EDIT: Waitasec - Amazon US says its RRP $75, I had thought it was $100.


Wait does that only contain the issues of Batman, not Batman and Robin and Batman Inc.?

edit: I realized that might be too much to fit into one omnibus. It misses Return of Bruce Wayne too.


Looks like it collects “Batman and Son” through the Last Rites two-parter that followed R.I.P.

I imagine vol. 2 will collect Batman & Robin, ROBW, Batman 700-702, and Planet Gotham. And a third will collect all of Incorporated.


They changed the RRP when they reduced the size. It was originally billed with a higher page count that didn’t match the contents listed.


The Vision OHC

Marvel are idiots.

There’s a good cover, some nice design work on the book underneath too, good interior design as well on the making of pages too.

So, how does it go wrong? Marvel have compressed the book too damn much. You cannot tell me this looks like a 480-page book because it doesn’t, it’s too slim. Like they did on the Journey Into Mystery Omnibus, Marvel have gone for thin, thin paper that will undermine the reading experience.

I’m certain I’ll enjoy the contents well enough, but I also suspect the whole time I’m reading it, I’ll also be thinking it could have been far, far better if Marvel hadn’t been such cheapskates on it.

I also suspect people may well buy this but will be more averse to buying again, which is doubly dumb on Marvel’s part. They could have used this as book to keep in print, perhaps as a gateway story to their other characters, but the lack of quality could well have the opposite effect.


Good news for super-duper trade-waiters: Invincible Compendium 3 is finally coming out in July, five years after Vol 2.

Collects the main series #97-144 (the final issue), but doesn’t have any of the tie-ins/spin-offs.


I’m not really a Snyder bat fan but the war rocket ajax guys, whose opinion I trust most of the time, say this is his best arc so £10 for both parts seemed like a good deal. On first inspection the binds are good and the paper is a nice thickness. Good production now onto the story!


I enjoyed that story a lot; curious to know what you think.


The Red Hood part of the story arc is probably my favorite Snyder-Batman stuff as a whole.
Such a good version of that character.

The whole Zero Year stuff is decent after that.


I don’t agree zero Year was his best arc, but hope you enjoy it


I just picked up Showcase Presents Superman Family volume 2 for £2.99 in Forbidden Planet. That’s 500 pages of Silver-Age awesomeness for around the price of a single issue of a new comic.

I feel blessed :slight_smile:


I really wanted to like these Showcase editions but couldn’t even make it halfway through the first Superman one.




I’m honestly glad you enjoy them. It’s a great way to package the material and an amazing value. I just couldn’t get on with it.


Being serious, though: I can understand why you would say that. Although they were often really inventive, there was an awful lot of rubbish in Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane.

I enjoy them for what they are, but I wouldn’t have paid much more than £2.99 for this collection :wink:


This is the one I picked up. I honestly wonder if some of this material could be made more viable for a modern audience by rescripting it. I agree that there were a lot of great concepts. They could just really use a heavy editing on the exposition. Maybe even issue them in a manga size.

There’s also this brilliant action figure that came from it.


For those keeping track of the Morrison Batman omnibus, the latest solicitation gives us a bit of new info:



This new Omnibus collection kicks off with the introduction of Damian Wayne! Then, Batman and a group of global heroes face a killer on a mysterious island, and Batman relives an adventure in the life of young Bruce Wayne: the hunt for his parents’ killer. And when Bruce Wayne disappears, the Club of Villains begins a crime spree through the streets of Gotham City, while Batman’s allies attempt to keep order. Collects BATMAN #655-658 and #663-683, stories from 52 #30 and 47 and DC UNIVERSE #0. This title also includes two new story pages written and drawn by Chris Burnham that recap events from “The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul.”

That’s quite a good way of covering the crossover without padding the book with loads of non-Morrison issues.


I have to say my inner kid was fed mightily this past Christmas with Lego kits galore and gift certs for comics and trades. It may sound trite, but I had such a blast grabbing trades that should’ve been in my library eons ago like Cerebus and Cerebus “Church and State Vol. 1,” Kingdom Come, Black Widow, Nightwing (90s series) and Dark Night Returns, Preacher Volumes 3-6, plus more recent stuff like The Woods Vol. 4, Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman Earth 1, Green Arrow Rebirth and I’m sure I’m missing a good handful trying to remember. My to-read stack is the most cumbersome it’s ever been in my life. My grandfather, an avid reader, would’ve been pleased.


Mirror: The Mountain by Emma Rios & Hwei Lim - It’s been a while since a recent comic has sat with me for so long after reading it, since a recent comic’s been not just an exciting story or a fine example of craft (I’m reading a lot of those), but genuinely challenging.

Mirror is a sci-fi tale set on a terraformed asteroid where human settlers are creating, or trying to create, human-animal hybrids to use as weapons in their homeworld’s war effort. The story follows a handful of characters through the present and each of their pasts as they try to come to terms with all the ways they’ve failed each other. The abuse of the hybrids is the great shame that motivates all of the players in what becomes a story about what it means to be human. A lot of stories have that question at their core and they conclude with saccharine reasons, but here Rios and Lim strike the perfect balance between the good and bad qualities of being self-aware and aware of death.

The comic is just 5 issues and, as far as I know, it’s a standalone. It’s remarkable how much Rios and Lim pack into just 5 issues. It can be a frustrating read at times because they drop you right into the world, with character relationships and world details coming out organically and with a lot left to the reader to infer, but the craft, characters, and ideas are so good that they made me want to go back and reread and sort things out in my head. It’s a lot like Prophet or Upstream Color in that regard. Not for everyone, but hugely rewarding if you’re game for it.