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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Of course, I keep my movies chronological, my music organized by genre and then alphabetical, and my graphic novels by how I like the spines to look. I’m not a monster.


I don’t know, you’ve not got Essential Fantastic Four v1, which is surely the most essential of the lot.


That one is in my kid’s room. I slipped it on his shelf in case he ever felt compelled to read it.

He hasn’t. :frowning:


Of course not, it’s in black and white. He wants you to buy the Masterworks so he can read it properly.


Also I think Volume 3 (issues 41-60) is the most essential of the lot.


Read all 5 volumes of Shutter over the last week or so, having realised that after intermittently buying them in digital sales, I’d finished the series without realising it.

It’s good, although it kinda sneaks up on you - for the first couple of volumes, I thought I was reading it as a breezy adventure story, maybe mostly a vehicle for Leila del Duca’s (amazing) art, then the big plot kicks started and I realised I cared about the characters as well.

The last volume really nailed home what a nice world Joe Keatinge built up, and although I’m not sure it’ll stick with me until my dying day, the feeling of the creators having fun radiates off the page. Every volume contains at least one (usually more than one) really cool off-the-wall bit of work.


That’s a pretty cool collection. Criterion doesn’t seem to be so big in the UK so I only actually bought my first one a few weeks ago (Tarkovsky’s Stalker).
How is the original Hara-Kiri? I’ve only seen the Miike remake.

Hang on, which thread is this? One of the comic book ones?
I’d love a Criterion collection comics-equivalent. I guess it would be pretty impossible though. Certainly if you were going to include any of the rare deserving stories from the big two.


IDW kind of cover some of that. Publishing the super sized artists editions of some Marvel books with all the frills.

One of the problems I heard with DVD extras in ‘region 2’ is they use up a lot of storage space with subs and dubs for a dozen or so European languages.


They’ve only been available since 2016, so they’ve a lot of catching up to do. I have a few imported from the US, but they’re expensive.


I have more that I bought before Blu Rays existed, including some of their “Eclipse” box sets. Those are mostly just my Blu Ray ones, and a couple aren’t there.

I have never seen the new Hari-Kari but the old one is incredible. Depressing though.

A comics version of Criterion would be great. If both DC and Marvel agreed to let their best stuff be published under one snazzy limited-edition “comics essentials” line, along with other publishers, it would sell like crazy. Criterion has been great for physical media and more companies should emulate their model—slick branding, appealing directly to collectors, high standards of quality, making releases announcements into events.


Dealer Alert

Move fast, it probably won’t stay at this price:

Cable: The Nemesis Contract - Books Etc - £16.75

EDIT: On a different note, who’s read this stuff already?

As the art combo would incline me to buy it just for that.

EDIT 2: Now this is a surprise, Panini are also issuing Punisher Max: The Platoon! And their trade can’t be worse than Marvel’s edition!


I read the first volume on Comixology Unlimited and am hoping the rest will be on CU before long. I really enjoyed it, so much that it made me look up the rest of Keatinge’s work.



I can think of so many problems with that.


Especially if your collection is only one genre. :wink:


Don’t be silly. David has it listed by 275 different definitions of prog.


Duh! :roll_eyes:


Dealer Alert

I don’t know how stable this price will be:

Hellboy & The BPRD: 1954 - Books Etc - £10.22


I hear it’s already killed seven in Pembrokeshire and has evaded the police.


Clearly not strong and stable then!


Well it’s pretty strong to get that many people.