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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Oh, well Ellis did that plot better in an issue of Global Frequency back in the day. And in twenty-two pages, no less!
Or was it twenty-four? How long were comics back then?


I loved both of these. I always hated that Millar’s setup for Professor X was almost immediately abandoned.

I also loved Travis Hairsine and thought beyond this mini he was underserved at Marvel.


His career is a little weird. He was on the verge of big things and named as one of the ‘Young Guns’ and then seemed to disappear for a while. There’s very little in his bibliography between 2005 and 2014. I usually assume in those cases it’s more lucrative work in film or TV.

He’s back now working pretty regularly for Valiant, his style is rougher and owes less of a debt to Bryan Hitch.


I was under the impression he couldn’t handle the workload. He rarely managed more than a few issues in a row. He didn’t even finish Cla$$war.


I think that’s because he was poached, if I recall correctly a recent interview with Rob Williams, to work for Marvel.

You are right he didn’t do any length of run but saying that there are plenty of others in that category that didn’t disappear, Quitely immediately comes to mind or Art Adams. Whatever the reason he seems to be producing okay at Valiant, not a long monthly run I can see but plenty of 4 issue ones with Eternal Warrior and Divinity.


Ya. Marvel poached him off Cla$$war. Plus there was a weird financial situation at Comix that created a break between issues at one point though I don’t remember exactly where that lines up.

Marvel also poached the artist that finished the book, Travel Foreman.


I do recall their offices were burgled and they lost all of their computers and equipment at one point. I’m not sure if it coincides with that in the timeline.


It delayed the book at one point. I just couldn’t remember if it was before or after his departure.


You know its things like this that make it so I can’t save up for citizenship.

It’s actually a bargain as it’s reselling brand new for £300 (shit you not)



That one has to be in the running for fastest out-of-print omnibus.


Yup I have them in single issues digitally but you know theres nothing like an OMNIBUUUUUUUSS!*

*I like to say it out loud in a deep booming voice cause Im a weirdo.


I’ve bought and sold the UXF Omnibus 3 times!


I just got my Essential FF trades out of storage and put them on my shelf. This is the bane of the tradewaiter’s existence here.

Don’t change the design on the spine in the middle of the series! Dumbasses! Literally the only people buying these books are people who care about this stuff!

Why does every company do this?

Edit: sorry for the bad photo. Dark room.


Shit like this makes the inside of my head itch. I reckon publishers do know this, and they get a perverse satisfaction from knowing the inner turmoil they’ve caused to nerds worldwide.


So perverse


Ed Piskor, the author/artist for X-Men: Grand Design tweeted this that I could totally get behind.


Compare it to my Criterion shelf which is so beautiful I want to cry. (Also dark room)


What order are those in? Release date?

Also, how could you have that many Criterion Collection releases and no good ones? :wink:


Oh shit, you got the Fire Walk With Me one! I’m still kinda stunned it got one. Not because it doesn’t deserve one, it most certainly does, but because it means the narrative around it has shifted farther than I thought it had.


Onibaba :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: