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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Dealer Alert

Do not expect to get it for Xmas, but it’s a hell of a deal:

Astro City Volume 15 HC - Books Etc - £12.72


What was wrong with that? I can’t recall any complaints (though most Legion fans I know wouldn’t touch Legion Lost with a bargepole).


It appeared to be a OHC and ended up being a normal size HC but DC played so fast and loose with their description it was murder to work out in advance.



Doom Patrol v.1: Brick By Brick

This was an interesting read. After doing his own Doom Patrol-inspired book with Umbrella Academy, Gerard Way turns his hand to the real thing - and ends up with something that feels like it struggles a little between trying to pay tribute to past eras of the book (notably Morrison’s run) while also trying to push forward with new characters and ideas.

It’s enjoyable to read in a fast-moving ideas-packed way, and the artwork by Nick Derington is pleasingly bold and colourful. There are some fun twists and turns, and occasional satisfying structural flourishes (like the section where a character’s history is set out through a comic-within-a-comic).

But in trying to bring back so many old favourites at the same time as telling a new story about new characters, it feels like neither is served brilliantly. I’m not sure what new readers would make of all the old characters who are dropped in largely without explanation, while I can imagine longtime fans wishing we got more of those characters and less of the new pretenders.

Ultimately though, the book manages to tell an energetic and fun story that holds your attention while you’re reading it, even if it doesn’t stick around very long in the memory afterwards. I didn’t feel much of a connection to the characters and I don’t think I’ll follow the series into volume two, but at the same time I’m glad that I tried it.


Dealer Alert

Couple of bargains, so long as you’re relaxed on when you receive them:

Waid Captain America Omnibus - Books Etc - £54.94

(The official RRP for this one is £110!)

Aaron-Dauterman Thor OHC2 - Books Etc - £16.75


I came home to this - Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me :laughing:

I look forward to reading these stories again, starring at Barrows’ & Martinez’ art, and soaking up all the 1990’s nostalgia.


See? We told you it was good for you!


Eaglemoss have another new Partworks just started, The Legend of Batman.

The cheap first one is the first half of Zero Year, with the second half in #2. After that is Born to Kill (from the start of Tomasi’s New 52 run), Faces of Death (the Joker cuts off his face story from the early New 52), DKR, and The Court of Owls from the start of Snyder’s run.

Not one to subscribe to for me, but I might check out individual issues when they get to the older stuff.


Assuming this is similar size to the 2000AD one, that’s 80 books of around 160 pages each, or 12,800 pages of content. Roughly 640 issues, or, 21 omnibuses.

21 Batman omnibuses :open_mouth:

Thank God they’ve only included the ESSENTIAL stories :open_mouth:


So I carefully nabbed a copy of the Duggan-Posehn Deadpool Omnibus for just under £40.

Now, this particular volume has a bit of a reputation for falling apart so I decided buying a second hand copy might be the way to go, as it has to be at least intact to be sold. The copy I got lived up to its rep - very good, but not perfect. I do see what people mean about careful handling required due to Marvel assembling a bit too much content into one volume, but it’s nowhere near as bad as I feared.

As I’m now off for Xmas, this will be one of the reads along with a few others.


Enjoy, it’s great stuff


Deadpool Omnibus - #1-15

This is fun stuff - dead Presidents, demons, a trip to the '60s and '70s and a Cable cameo.

It all works in quite a zany fashion, but with the ending of the last couple of issues far more is being teased as to what’s going on with Wade’s memories.


Picked up the first one today. I’m not going to subscribe to it or anything, but I’m curious to reread Year Zero. And it’s hard to pass up these three pound first issues.


Keep forgetting to post that I got this in the mail a little bit back from a Kickstarter.


So, I just received my copy of Cable: Conquest.

I had been encouraged by the copy I bought of Cable / Deadpool: Split Second. It was a good enough trade, not quite equal to DC’s Rebirth lot but not far off either. So, thinking Marvel had finally improved their trades, I ordered the new series one with a fair amount of optimism.

What I got was a damn insult. A super-slim, so compressed tome that has somehow had 6 issues shoved into it.

So, Marvel are back to their bad old ways on new paperbacks. Go Panini if you can, not that that applies in this case.

It’s strange as the trade I got a week ago, Cable: The Hellfire Hunt, was very good.


Fell victim to a devious marketing ploy in Forbidden Planet. They had moved stuff around so that the stuff I wanted to look at had been replaced by their sale items with massive reductions.

I’ve never bothered with the b/w Showcase range before, but how could I possibly turn down 500 pages of Silver-Age awesomeness for less than £5? :open_mouth:


The rest of the Deadpool Omnibus…

After those first stories there’s an interesting and gradual change in the book. It still has various jokes, but it also becomes more serious with revelations about Waid’s past being handled well. The times past issues remain an effective mechanism in the collection too, as they are used to weave in enemies for the future.

There’s also, as the run continues, far more links to the various X-Men characters and Marvel as a whole, with the book having to tie into, in quick succession: Original Sin, Axis and Secret Wars. It somehow manages to do this without letting those events take over. I liked too that it picked up threads and characters from Cable & Deadpool and Uncanny X-Force, particularly where the character of Evan is concerned.

In story terms the run was strongest for the block of issues #1-26, after that the wedding plot takes over and tends to overstay its welcome, but the run does recover from that loss of pace.

In quality terms, it’s OK though it does feel a bit too unwieldy, then again it has about 52 issues slammed into it.

Will be moving onto the World’s Greatest OHCs in the new year.


Reading the first Epic Collection of Nocenti/JRJR’s Daredevil run, “A Touch of Typhoid.” It’s great stuff so far. Nocenti’s dialogue doesn’t have the lyricism of say, Chris Claremont, but it’s so bold and energetic that it makes up for its occasional clunkiness. And JRJR, with Al Williamson’s inks, is just a revelation. I’ve always liked him but this has got to be his best work.


I agree - I don’t think JRjr has ever looked better than those early DD issues with Williamson.

I’m looking forward to the rest of Nocenti’s run being collected in Epic form.


The Nocenti/JRJR run of Daredevil gets my vote as well. :slight_smile: