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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Midtown Comics has a similar incentive program, giving me $20 of free stuff for every $100 I spend. Like you, I try to spend that $20 on a TPB or HC that I might not otherwise have bought.


Dealer Alert:

Couple of Marvel bargains going:

Dr Strange OHC 1 Aaron-Bachalo - Books Etc - £16.75

Cable: Volume 1: Conquest - Books Etc - £8.43

Plus couple of Cinebook deals:

Valerian & Laureline: Volume 20: The Order of the Stones - Books Etc - £4.81

Valerian & Laureline: Volume 21: The Time Opener - Books Etc - £5.78


I picked up a cheap copy of the Garth Ennis / Carlos Ezquerra book Bloody Mary which collects the two mini series. Typically the first is pretty good and the second, while solid, is a case of diminishing returns. Ennis on fine humour form without going too far into grossout territory.


I’ve been asked to help a friend pick a Christmas present; what would the recommendation be for a first ‘Black Panther’ trade paperback, for a youngish (teens) reader who’s seen the trailers and wants to read about the character now?


Nothing written by Ta-Nehisi Coates!


The Black Panther: Secret Invasion story Aaron did a few years back is great, is freestanding despite the title.

Or there’s the McDuffie FF trades that feature Storm and BP heavily, think there was only two of those.

Not sure if both are still in print though.

Barracuda: Volumes 1-6 (Cinebook)

A series told across six albums, this has a whole lot of generally very good art:

There’s a disturbing, uneasy tone to how the story develops involving slavery, rape but also looking at gender identity and relationships. A criticism made is that the story should be far grimier than it is, but that might also make an already grim tale too much so. I think they got the balance about right and avoided glamourising piracy, as has tended to happen on other stories or mediums - see the later films of Pirates of the Caribbean.

It’s far more a story of people being thrust into awful situations and then letting those situations play out, with the characters showing their own nature in the process. Dufaux takes an ambiguous line on that, leaving moral judgements to the reader - though some individuals are skewed more towards one side than the other.

A weakness is that some of the story moves didn’t make that much sense like Keen-Flame’s desire to be Governor and in the long run didn’t amount to much either. If you want a story with a clear-cut division between good and evil, this isn’t for you. It is a quite good pirate tale, that does a bit of genre-splicing, along with examining identity.

Overall, I enjoyed it enough - though it is mostly a story of bastards and everyone trying to do over everyone else.


The Hudlin origin with art by JRJR, perhaps?


Probably the first Hudlin volume or maybe the first Priest volume


I’d go with the first Christopher Priest volume. It’s one of my favorite superhero runs ever.


I don’t dislike it as much as you but it is pretty heavy going and not too newbie friendly. I think the Priest and Hudlin recommendations are the way to go.


Thanks guys, I’m definitely looking for “newbie-friendly”.

Any other suggestion are appreciated, but I’ll check out the Priest and Hudlin books and make a recommendation.


I preferred the movie but I’m in the minority.


I acknowledge Watchmen’s craftsmanship, recently re-read it, but it’s not among my favorite Moore stories. From Hell is exquisite though/


I found the books such a drag . I honestly thought the film was a vast improvement. I’m not anti Moore just didn’t like this one.


Well, I received the OGN Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe today.

It doesn’t look bad, there’s probably a good story in there but

Marvel have gone full DC - and I mean old-school, unreliable, dodgy descriptions that end up with you not getting quite what you expected. (No, they’re not forgiven for the Legion Lost hardback.) Here? It’s been some time since I bought one of these OGNs and have found Marvel decided to reduce it by a cm off the dimensions. That in turn more or less removes the oversized aspect that made these books quite cool, wrecks any sense of volume consistency as I was considering the OHCs and for what? Does this page reduction really save them that much in print costs? I am sceptical.

So, what it ends up as is Marvel undermining my reasons to buy their books because they want to be cheap bastards. Well, that’s fine - there’s no shortage of competition for my money as Marvel go off on the event cycle once more. Yeah, they said they’d quit it but that’s easier said than done.


I don’t think the OGNs have ever been oversized?


The two I have - Avengers: Endless Wartime and Spider-Man: Family Business were, but they were the first and third in the series.


I didn’t know there was another one coming. The Deadpool one was the first I bought that wasn’t oversized. It was a little disappointing but I still enjoyed the story.


The main ones now look to be the Starlin ones.


I picked up the first of those and really didn’t like it. So passed on all subsequent volumes.