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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


My guess would be a second volume with Return of Bruce Wayne, Time and the Batman and Batman and Robin (and maybe Final Crisis thrown in too), and then a third with all of Batman Incorporated.

It would explain why the planned Morrison Batman and Robin omnibus never materialised.


Perhaps I haven’t been clear about how big this book is. Here it is next to a a full-sized Transformer:



There’s more than one size of Transformer, David!


I think David means it’s one of the life-sized ones from the movies.


There’s only one size that I own :stuck_out_tongue:


Simonson’s Thor on the right:


It’s Big Damn Sin City and the Invisibles omnibus that it really needs to prove itself against. :slight_smile:


Sorry, you’ll need to think of something published before 1990 :stuck_out_tongue:


Page count wise it’s the same as the Invisibles Omnibus, but looking at that picture I think it’ll end up being thinner.



Another Morrison Omnibus I need to sacrifice shelf space for


Like this one?



Fourth World omnibus has landed over here as well. It’s big, and it’s heavy, and it looks amazing. I’ve no clue where I’m going to keep it though.



Yeah so that will also be going on the list, especially at that price

I might punt on the originals just to put few quid towards it

My batman run I probably couldn’t sell because it’s so well read, full of creases etc


I just got done rereading Seven Soldiers. I love those characters so much, especially Manhattan Guardian, Frankenstein, and Bulleteer. If Morrison ever returned to 7S, or to revamping minor superheroes, I’d be there in a heartbeat.


I wish that we had gotten a full tale about Hobo Genesis. That was probably my favorite Morrison idea for the Fourth World.


For sure. I also wish the minor heroes, many of them New Gods/7S-related, had ended up being the heroes of Final Crisis, which seemed like the idea at the beginning but then by the end it became about Superman.


Got the Fourth World Omnibus in. It is a tome. Up close, I mind the Hunger Dogs cover art less. It’s got a certain synchronicity to it.

This is my problem with NG integration as a whole. Hobo Genesis vs. the upper street lavishness of the Dark Side Club was this fantastic microcosm just itching to get out.


Yeah, I got mine too. Just read the first two issues of Kirby’s Jimmy Olsen run. No sign of the New Gods (aside from one panel of Darkseid) but already it’s crazy as hell. I mean, Habitat? The Outsiders? The Mountain of Judgment??

I can already tell I am going to love all of this.


My brother sent me a photo last week of a bundle of the original issues with the question “Is this any good?” When I told him it was he said “That’s your Xmas sorted then.” I’m very much looking forward to it! I’m sure I read it when it came out (borrowing the issues from a mate) but haven’t looked at it since then.


It’s crazy, bold, idea-packed stuff. Kirby’s writing might have its faults, but the stories’ strengths outweigh those weaknesses.