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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


So, can I justify buying the Detective Comics Deluxe hardcover (vol 1) for myself as a Christmas present?


Absolutely - but only if you get if for a good deal, I know a place…




The Hen’s offer of £18.11 is decent, but…

How about £16.19?


Quite tempted by the Fourth World omnibus now. I might see if there are any decent offers on it after Christmas.


Been in my Amazon GN Wish List for weeks, just waiting for me to hit the pre-order button…


I think I’m going to wait a couple more weeks for the early-adopters to make sure there aren’t any production problems with it, and then grab it after Christmas. :slight_smile:


I think not only can you justify it, but you need to do it.

I’ve double dipped on it as well, this run is going to one I remember for a long time, both writing and art.

It mertits a classy collection taking a space on your shelves.


Ooh, that is a great price. Never used them before, though. They good? Packaging and speed of delivery up to snuff too?


They’ve been fine when I’ve used them. Not the fastest to send stuff out, but it all arrived safely.


Packaging is on a par with da SpeedyHen - no one is stealing FP’s crown in this area.

As Dave says, they can take a little longer to send stuff out, but at the price they offer some stuff it’s a trade-off I’m OK with.


I’ve had no problems with Books Etc either, but remember you have to go into your account and mark books as received (for some reason).


I’ve wondered about that. What happens if you don’t?


I’m not brave enough to find out.



Used to be that if you didn’t click on it after x days after despatch it marked the purchase as received autonatically, but, as I queried an item, it no longer does that.


OMG :open_mouth:


Just saw the description on Amazon - it says “Collects BATMAN #655-658 and #663-683, stories from 52 #30 and#47 and DC Universe #0”, so I guess it is going to collect those two 52 stories, the Joker short from DCU #0, and everything in Morrison’s run (including the Ra’s Al Ghul issues) up to the end of ‘RIP’ and the two Final Crisis ‘Last Rites’ tie-in issues.


My other delivery is something I can actually lift



This is what I’ve been waiting (im)patiently for, for years. I do wonder if there’s a volume 2 or 3 planned - they can’t fit all the rest in one vol, can they?


Dammit David, you’ve finally tempted me on this one.

A 10%-off voucher for Abebooks (use code EAFJA6) and a low Speedyhen offer made the final price of £67.36 too good to pass up.