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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Orion brings forth the sun every morning, signaling another push back of Darkseid’s cruel grasp of night.

aka “Sun good”


Bah, surely it’s Lightray!


Lightray is the stars. Dancing across the sky in mockery of Apokolips.
That’s why you wish on one.

He’s also Santa Claus. :laughing:


My nephew’s 18th birthday is coming up, and he mentioned to me the other day that he had really enjoyed the couple of Batman TPBs I have bought for him in the past - Year One and Hush.

So I have picked up these two for his birthday. (So sue me for being unimaginative.)

After that, does anyone have any recommendations? It’s sometimes difficult to put yourself in the shoes of a relative newcomer to comics.

Sticking with Batman I might go for Long Halloween or Court of Owls next, as they’re relatively accessible. Or I might branch out and go for something different but still relatively straightforward, like V For Vendetta or Ultimates.

Basically, I’m happy to see him getting into comics but don’t want to blow his mind with something very dense or complicated too early. Some of my favourite comics are also ones that are best read once you’ve been around the block a few times.


Incidentally, that new edition of DKR has a short interview between Azzarello and Miller in place of an introduction. Which is fun, but does feel like an ad for DK3 before you’ve even read the original!


I say ASBAR. It’s a fun romp.
He’s 18. He might get a kick out of it.


I did consider that actually. Especially with the Jim Lee art, after he enjoyed Hush.


If he’s a newcomer to comics and such, I think there’s less of a stigma that ASBAR in general holds. And he’s already got most of the other Millerverse Bat stuff, so it fits in neatly.


On the other hand, he might never speak to me again.


If you’re sticking with Batman, maybe Paul Dini’s run on Detective? Don’t know if it’s still in print, mind.


Is this not Batman-only?
Because in general things I think are crowd pleasers…there’s always Stray Bullets. What teen doesn’t love pitch-black comedy crime stories?


I find you can’t go wrong with Y The Last Man or Preacher for newbies


Matt Wagner’s two Batman: Dark Moon Rising volumes are fun, light on continuity stories about Batman’s early days (I’m sure you’ve read them but they might appeal to your nephew as they immediately follow Year One).


Yesterday I bought a used copy of Aztek the Ultimate Man by the Chief, Grant Morrison, & N. Steven Harris. Never read it before, but I loved Aztek’s appearances in JLA. Looking forward to it!


Is Dini considered a good writer outside of the Batman animated stuff (which I haven’t read)? I ask this as I’ve just got through his run of Detective as part of a big Batman reread and found it extremely underwhelming and pretty boring, aside from the single issue Slayride story.


I found his Streets of Gotham, particularly “Heart of Hush,” rewarding.


I really liked his run, especially how he pulls together elements from seemingly disparate stand-alone stories into his (sort of) finale.


I liked Dini’s run too. The scheduling issues with Streets of Gotham pissed me off, and the run totally fell apart when Bruce returned, but I enjoyed it otherwise.

“Slayride” was a fantastic issue, I agree. The last great use of Tim as Robin.


Have we already covered the Runaways omni? I’ve just spotted it on Amazon, and I don’t remember seeing it, but it’s unlikely somebody here hasn’t talked about already.


I’m invoking the Bobby rule!