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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


From Hell is incredible. It’s The Wire in comics from–a deconstruction of an entire city, as well as the time period. Along with Akira and a few other comics, I’d put it up against the best art in any medium.

EDIT: I also want to clarify that by craft in my previous comment, I meant specifically comics craft. Gaiman and Morrison are great writers, among the best in comics, but it’s rare that a writer-artist team has the synergy to utilize the medium as well as a solid cartoonist. Brubaker/Phillips, Morrison/Quitely, Gaiman/McKean, Miller/Sienkiewicz & Mazzucchelli, Moore/Campbell & Gibbons, are some examples of writer-artist pairings that can compete with the command of the medium of guys like Otomo. The artists in these cases have the same level of command on their own, as well, but collaborations can leave things lost in translation, so to speak, even between great artists and writers. Truly synergetic pairings are very rare.


My copy of Grandville: Force Majeure is on the way!

Upon its arrival, royal badgering will commence.


Bryan Talbot is doing a lecture/signing in Sunderland next week, so I’ll get my copy then :slight_smile:

Meanwhile…oh my god this is big :scream:

I have, literally, no space in my house to put this.


There’s room on top of the refrigerator, David. Trust me.


That Akira set looks awesome. But I, too, would have no place to put it. I haven’t bought any new comics in probably 6 months, if not more, because I don’t really have room. I’m gonna have to start paring stuff down at some point. Because I really miss the feeling of a new stack of trades to read every couple of months.


What about the place it’s setting right now? Have you gone over to the dark side of using “literally” when you mean “figuratively”, David? :wink:


I’m still trying to decide which book to buy in this quandary in my amazon wish list!

21 PM


Literally no space that it won’t have to be moved from because that is regularly needed for something else :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a nice quandary to have, though :slight_smile:


For the pre-order - bag it.

For the already published - wait for Black Friday?


It depends, @RobertB. I suggest JLA if you are just trying to tone your upper arms, but Kirby if you really want to develop upper body strength.


Wow. You’re really doubling down on this “literally” stuff. :wink:


Meadows needs L-space.


Looking through the Akira set properly for the first time today.

I like that they’ve left the sound effects as originally drawn (with translations as endnotes), as they’re a significant graphic element that really enhances the dynamism of certain panels.

And for signs etc. that you need to understand as part of the reading process, there are translations on the page.

It’s also been fun reading through the Akira Club book again. Some fantastic art in there, but I think the part I enjoy most is Otomo’s captions, particularly when they’re fairly banal asides that have little or nothing to do with the illustrations they accompany.


That last one is great.


Does anybody know if the Akira boxset is limited to a low number of copies? My pre-order got screwed up (partly by Amazon, mostly by me) and now I’m finding myself short of funds and wondering if I can safely wait until next month to order this thing?


Let’s see, here’s some stuff I’ve read recently:

Black Hammer Vol 1 - I’ve heard from multiple people that this is the best book on the stands, so I went in with high hopes. A couple of issues in, I found it too low key for such a designation, adjusted those hopes, and liked it quite a lot. I haven’t looked at Lemire’s influences but it reminds me a lot of Shirley Jackson’s novel “We Have Always Lived in the Castle.”

Moonshine Vol 1 - I know people disliked this book but I liked it quite a lot. I should mention that 100 Bullets is my favorite book ever (not counting stuff I read as a kid), so I’m obviously predisposed to like this creative team. My question is whether we get any more out of this run…I have my doubts.

Birthright Vol 1 - I gave this one up pretty early. The craft is pretty good. I admittedly can’t really get into sword-n-sorcery comics unless it’s older stuff like classic Conan, Elfquest, Kull the Conquerer, stuff like that. This one just isn’t for me.


Pre-ordered the Fall of Deadworld vol. 1 HC.
Comes in a couple of weeks and I am stoked about it.


He bought a tiny new house just to put Akira in.


I wondered about this too. I enjoyed the first six issues but I haven’t heard anything about the book coming back.