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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I just checked, and on Amazon buying each softcover individually would cost £113.54, so the box set is cheaper even now.


And you get Akira Club into the bargain, which is a great companion book.


Mine was delivered the other day by Amazon Prime and the box had a massive corner bash and was split along the lid. The books themselves were unharmed since it was where the piece of cardboard packing was inside but I’m contemplating sending them an email.

Despite that the box and the books are spectacular.


You should definitely ask for a replacement. The box is part of the set and shouldn’t arrive damaged.


The digital copy of the Providence art book finally got delivered to my email this morning.

The foreword by Moore is alone with it.


Mmmmm okay I might order the box set… Not paid as much for something I have never read before mind you lol


That’s why God invented Christmas, Kevin. Put it at the top of your list and hope someone else buys it for you. :slight_smile:


Get it! It deserves its rep.

EDIT: Dealer Alert

Letter 44: Volume 5: Blueshift - Books Etc - £10.86

Robinson + Campbell? Yeah, worth a gamble:

James Bond: Felix Leiter HC - Books Etc - £13.46


I enjoyed Akira a lot, but it’s not something I want to read again.


After you hear people shout names, the printed word never feels the same.


My copy of Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible OHC1 has arrived.

Of note is the last paragraph in the intro, which says BPRD: The Devil You Know will be the final act of the Hellboy saga!

I like that they have a plan to conclude. Doesn’t matter how great a series is, without a strong conclusion it falls apart. Nor would its completion mean an end to Mignolaverse, as they’ll keep spinning various character stories set against the grand tapestry they’ve already woven.


Fourth World omnibus is down to $90 on US Amazon. I’m starting to get tempted. The cover price is $150.


Awesome. I pre-ordered and it had leveled off at 106 (with tax), and now it’s just a cool 99.


Lucifer: Volume 3: Blood In The Streets

Blood? Oh, there’s blood all right, lots of it but it belongs to Vertigo. Bit too much for a transfusion too, it bled out due to too many self-inflicted wounds. Vertigo’s dead.

American Vampire? Tie it up in three issues and see if anyone gives a shit.

Astro City? It can always leg it to Image to escape the infinite cull.

Oh, a new writer? So they take a successful team and screw it over and then kill the book? That’s adding insult to grievous injury.

Kadrey does an OK job, he doesn’t change the style, hell, given time he might have done a decent continuation and not been the book’s executioner. Similarly Garbett’s art remains excellent unto the end.

The bigger problem by far is that this takes all the potential that the previous 12 issues set up and sends it all down the toilet as if it’s a batch of dodgy coke. It throws it all away for nothing.

Plus, you would think, as a book that can draw on fans of the previous run by Carey, of Sandman, of the TV show with a bit of marketing, the book would be successful enough. Apparently not.

It’s an OK conclusion to what was shaping to be a great book and it deserved far more.

Vertigo? Vertigo’s fucking dead, bury or cremate its corpse and move on.


I recently read Defenders Epic Collection: The Six-Fingered Hand. I’ve only dabbled in the Defenders before now and not been overly wowed by it - Avengers/Defenders War is a bit dated; there was a couple of issues in the first Moon Knight Epic, but they were the tail end of a long story and were lacking context. Beyond that, just the post-Civil War Last Defenders, which was alright, and the JLI style mini from about 10 years ago.

So this was my first real taste of Defenders proper and at length. And I have to say, I really enjoyed it. JM DeMatteis’ weaving of plot threads is top notch and his characters enjoyable to read. Art is mostly by Don Perlin, who I’m only familiar with from Transformers, and generally inked by Joe Sinnot. It looks great for the most part - there are some terrific faces and expressions through-out and solid story-telling. The book suffers at times from having hasty replacement inking teams, some of whom do Perlin no favours on faces.

What I really like about the book is the team. Or “non-team” as it wants to have it, though it’s not a non-team, in many ways. Nighthawk quits at one point, which isn’t something you can really do for a non-team. But I like the haphazard manner of membership, that it’s just whoever is hanging around at the time. Beast shows up in the latter parts of the book and without invitation or confirmation, becomes a defacto Defender for a while. It feels organic and a nice contrast to the formality of the Avengers of the time (with their membership cards and press conferences and all that, which I do love, mind). And I love that it plumbs the depths of the D and E list. Gargoyle and Devil-Slayer are on the team for a while. I’ve never heard of Devil-Slayer before, but he’s an interesting character and used well.

This was a pleasant surprise and I’m keen to pick up the next volume, Ashes, Ashes, soon.


What’s the other one?


Usually Watchmen, but a few others bubble under - Appleseed, Miracleman, PlanetES, Ellis’ run on Stormwatch, Casey’s run on Wildcats, Simon Furman’s Transformers


Good list, I’ve read most of those.

For me, the only comics I rank above Akira are The Invisibles, Sandman, From Hell, and Stray Bullets. And honestly, Akira is a better example of craft than the first two–they just appeal to me a bit more thematically.


Oh, The Invisibles and Morrisson’s New X Men should be on the list too! I’m not a huge fan of Sandman, but it’s more that it’s not for me than that I don’t like the creators (and I really like the first Death miniseries). Shockingly, I’ve not read From Hell or Stray Bullets, though I have the former in digital so I have no excuse.


Cable & Deadpool: Split Second

(That should be me first!
Shut the fuck up.)

How good you find this depends on whether you’re a fan of either character and / or if you read Nicieza’s earlier and quite epic Cable & Deadpool run. If yes, it’s excellent; if no, your experience could vary quite a bit.

Obviously, I’m a fan and found it to be a hugely fun book. More surprising was that Marvel didn’t take the piss with the trade - it’s a decent size book for a 3-issue series. This was good to see as while Panini trades are good, the don’t tend to go down to the middle-tier characters like Cable.

The story is a mind-frell time travel tale, but this works really well with a character like Cable. In effect, this little story acts as an excellent continuity cleanse for the character, which sets up the new series quite neatly.