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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I know some people have got it already, so it’s definitely out in some territories at least (ie. the US). There are a couple of unboxing videos on YouTube already - it looks like a fantastic set.

Also, I managed to get Amazon down to a sub-£90 price by paying for an Amazon ‘top-up’ to my account that gives you an extra £5 in credit if you top up by £25 or more (and then applying that credit directly to my order). Might be worth checking out for anyone with a pending pre-order.


Thanks. I wasn’t aware of “top-up”, but I’ll check it out.


Here’s the link I used:





Absolute WildCATS is now available to pre-order at Speedyhen for £36.66:

Get that order in now before the price goes up!


Dammit :angry:

“Good news! We have a copy of the Akira set! The bad news is we’ve sent it to Paul instead of you. Ha ha.” :angry:


I just was about to post this!

This will be the greatest of test of how honourable the Speedy Hen is!


I emailed Amazon about it and they said they are out of stock but would be getting more in around mid-November. I guess they just didn’t order in enough stock to meet demand (which is a bit annoying when you’ve pre-ordered the day the listing went up in February, but never mind).

They also gave me a £10 credit on my account to apologise for the inconvenience. So I’m ok with waiting a couple of weeks and getting the set for £80 - that’s not much more than a tenner per book!


If I’m totally honest, it would just sit in my book backlog for a year before I found time to read it anyway, so I’m not really affected by the delay :laughing:


So what’s the party line when they cancel my order? How have you made them honour your pre-order price beforehand?


Yeah. Amazon are getting ridiculous at that sort of thing. I preordered the Wildstorm 25th Anniversary book from them back in April. It’s been in stock for a few days, and hasn’t been dispatched to me yet. I look online to see what the hell’s going on this morning only to find it’s now out of stock again. So, I cancelled my order and bought it from Speedyhen instead - who have it in stock, slightly cheaper, and are already processing it for dispatch.


Aye that happens to me a lot with comics. Last two Providence HC pre-orders took 2 weeks to ship and I have Prime.


I’ve never had any problems with SH honouring pre-order prices. Even if they make you cancel and re-order (which sometimes happens because they only store payment details for 60 days), they promise to refund the difference if the price has gone up in the meantime and you have to re-order at a higher price.


That’s appalling. Last time it happened to me, I complained, and was told that it was because I had selected free shipping. The clear implication being I was getting poor service because I was a cheapskate.


See Dave’s reply.

You put a new order in, email them the new number with the old one to link it to and that’s that.

But this is a much bigger case, so going to be interesting. I think they will honour it, as it’ll get them a great rep and that can’t be bought.


I don’t see this case as being that much different to the Absolute Authority deal (for a similar price), and they honoured that.

Edit: actually, looking at the prices the Authority book was $75 and this one is $125, so it is a bit of a bigger deal.


Ok, yes, I hadn’t been keeping an eye on it.

Yes, the lack of a Volume 4 trade could be seen as an indicator all was not well.

But, I’ve just found that the Lucifer Volume 3 trade is the conclusion and finale of the series.

Are Vertigo fuckin’ insane? Do they have a death wish or something? Because all I see them doing is killing books prematurely that could really fly far.

There’s other series I haven’t even tried because Vertigo killed them so quick cue Clean Room.

The way Lucifer had set its story up in the first two volumes gave a story of epic potential, most of which will now never be tapped.



With a DVD for size comparison:

Now to find time to read them all…


Nice! I love the new dustjacket style, and the general design of the set overall.


Batman / Flash: The Button OHC

And this is indeed a deluxe edition, with the paper the same as used on the DC Rebirth OHC, which is a step up from that used on the other individual Rebirth OHCs.

After the lacklustre Bane arc, King is back on form here. The whole one minute sequence is a very smart piece of work, brilliantly drawn by one of my favourite DC artists, Fabok. I don’t think there’s been quite the super-speed fight sequence in the way this did it.

It manages to be wholly accessible, regardless of if you have or haven’t read Flashpoint, I’m in the latter category. It also manages to really take advantage of DC’s mass of alternate realities, histories, parallel worlds and use it to enhance the story. It’s possible depending on how this all plays out the Flashpoint story might be looked on a bit more kindly.

DC are playing a smart game here as they did the Rebirth special, followed it up with this and this signposts to Doomsday Clock. All the other bits ‘n’ pieces are entirely optional.

Reading this in the wake of Batman’s proposal to Catwoman is particularly interesting. As a major sequence is Bruce telling his father that he is now a grandfather, then Thomas Wayne telling his son to live instead of being Batman, as the world collapses all around him. It’s very well done, with a real emotional hit and the proposal shows DC intends to follow through on it. There will be much, well-founded scepticism on this, not least due to some of DC’s past tendencies, so they will have to show they are not doing that here.

Other neat production values are the prism cover where the image shifts from Batman to Flash / Reverse-Flash, depending on if you’re on the front or back cover. Totally unneeded but a very nice touch.