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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Its not really shocking though is it Bobby ya bubble bursting fucker



Great review, Ben. SuperLex is one of my favorite parts of Rebirth. They’ve just started up a new story in Superman to delve deeper into him and his relationship to Apokolips.


FP are offering Absolute Sandman: Overture at the wallet-busting 40% off offer of £66 + £1 postage.

Thing is, the way things are going, if prices keep going up as they are Diamond could hike the prices again. Part of me says to pay for it now and enjoy it when it comes out.


£11 an issue?!


In two versions, on double-size paper.

Yeah, I know, the tricks we go through to convince ourselves of this being worth the money.

Used to be I could justify an omnibus / absolute up to £50-55, this new age we’re in? Of £65-70? Is a damn sight harder and really sticks in the throat.


Dealer Alert

Tories on the prowl, Tories on the prowl - send out the guard…

Oh wait, this is not that kind of alert:

Currently £18.35


That cover looks okay, but I’m just wondering…why the random Big Barda head?
Seems like they could have used the Jack Kirby portrait they had all over his centenary stuff.


Marvel are reprinting more of The Nam!

Not the good bits, mind. The schlocky Punisher cross-overs. :frowning:


Which puts it in direct competition with Ennis-written Punisher Max stories - I know which stories win that competition!


Arrived today. This is the end…

I think I’ll do a full read through of the library editions rather than just jumping straight in.


Lovely book, ain’t it?

EDIT: More seriously, this isn’t a cheap book, it’s RRP $50 / £45. It collects two trades, 10 issues, but does so in a top of the line Absolute-size hardback, with nothing spared on the production values. If you are going to charge a good whack for a book, this is the way to do it. To put out a volume of such quality that as soon as your copy arrives and you start looking at it, you can feel what you paid for.

It’s why I always keep an eye on DHC.


Aye. I’ve read the contents before so I know it’s going to be quality. The book itself as a physical thing is great too - you don’t need to pay through the nose for well put together HC.


Latest deliveries:

The reprint of the Thor omni is really nice - I think it’s slightly slimmer than the original (the paper quality is just right - reasonably thin but still sturdy) and it definitely has a more flexible spine. Looking forward to giving this another go.

I’m a bit disappointed with the Sebastian O/Mystery Play HC though, as it was solicited (and priced!) as a Deluxe HC, but is regular-sized. After doing a bit of digging it seems the solicitation info was quietly altered in August but it wasn’t publicised and online listings weren’t updated. It’s a shame as DC have for years been gradually getting all Morrison’s stuff out in OHCs, so this disrupts the set somewhat. Oh well.


That is so DC!

I wish they’d stop playing this game because it really pisses people off.


I will certainly keep an eye on their upcoming OHCs a lot more carefully in future.


The one I got burnt on was Legion Lost. Was sure it was going to be OHC, but wasn’t.


They did the same with Free Country - A Tale of the Children’s Crusade - a regular hardcover, when every other Gaiman hardcover is OHC trim. Quite annoying.


Dealer Alert

Move fast on this one:

Batman: Detective Comics Rebirth OHC1 - Books Etc - £16.19

This is good too:

Lucifer: Volume 3: Blood in the Streets - Books Etc - £8.79

Finally, an excellent time-limited FP 40% off offer:

£19.19 + £1 postage


Just got this from Amazon:

We’re still trying to obtain the item(s) which you ordered on April 25 2017

Otomo, Katsuhiro “Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set”

We’ll email you as soon as we have a delivery date, and we’re making every effort to ship your order as soon as possible. If you would prefer, you can cancel this order and you won’t be charged:

Hmm. Are they really struggling to obtain it, or are they getting cold feet over selling me a £152 (RRP) set for £95? :confused:


I don’t think it’s even out yet. My LCS hasn’t gotten it in and I have it on order with them.