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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


It’s the same size as the Invisibles omnibus. That book is an absolute monster too. Unwieldy, and uncomfortable to read.


Dealer Alert

I Hate Fairyland: Volume 3 - Books Etc - £9.28


Indie reads:

Blood Stain Volume 3

This book is brilliant. I’m hard pressed to think of comics that are screwball comedies but this is and it works so gloriously.

Does that much happen in these books? Nope, it’s all about the characters, with Serge being perhaps the sane one, in the middle of the perpetually blinkered Vlad and Ellie’s frequent attempts to make sense of where she is.

In itself, that doesn’t sound like a brilliant book, but doesn’t factor in stunning execution. Linda Sejic nails it brilliantly, with page after page of smart imagery, while riffing on pop culture and games - the panel where Elly sees herself as a Marlboro using Bad Breath on Vlad in a Final Fantasy / Pokemon style battle scene is ingenious.

You don’t even have to pay for the trade, it’s also a webcomic - so go read it!

p.s. At the end of this book it says Volume 1 is done, with 2 more volumes planned, each of 3 books. I always like seeing that sort of confidence in a book, it’s great. So reward it for that too!

Hadrian’s Wall

From the team that did C.O.W.L, this is a very effective space murder mystery that also weaves in galactic and personal politics.

The future vision here is squarely in the Aliens mould of a corporate world. It also weaves in some quite sly jokes, like maths skills being neglected and people just going with whatever a computer says.

This is not the kind of story where saying much about it is a good idea, but suffice to say it resolves effectively.

It’s not without one weakness which is that there is an art change for 2-3 issues in the middle and Reis’ absence is noticeable. The substitute is not bad but neither is it Reis’ distinctive style.

Finally, at a time where 4-issue trades are becoming the norm, that they issued this as one 8-issue complete trade deserves praise, even more so that they issued it with an RRP of £17.99 / $19.99. This is a big book at an excellent price.

Red Team: Volume 2: Double Tap, Centre Mass

A very final sequel to the first volume - there won’t be another - this is a story that reads far better in collected form. As monthly issues it would have been very slow, but read asa block that slow speed becomes a strength.

And the story? Well, it isn’t what you think - Trudy and Eddie don’t simply decide to restart what they were doing a year ago. No, rather it’s like before, circumstances force them into it. And why? Because they’re both broken cops who were broken by the world they inhabited. This second volume is, more than anything else, a character study in how they come to realise that and what they must do about it.

It’s a very smart and very well-executed piece of work and if I see these two teaming up again, I’ll definitely give it a look as Cermak’s a very good artist for Ennis.


Good to know, this arrived in my monthly Previews order last week and I’d forgotten ordering it


Hahahahahahah! Well, I think you’ll like it - you do get a lot of material for your money.

And talking of money…

Dealer Alert

Grandville: Force Majeure - SpeedyHen - £13.04

I think this will be the best price I see for the UK edition. Just over £13 for a 280-odd Absolute-size or just under hardback is a steal.


Ah, it’s tempting, but if I buy it in a store I can get Bryan Talbot to sign it for me.

I’m not normally that bothered about a signature, but I have the other 4 signed and my collector’s compulsion makes me want the last one signed too :smiley:


Dealer Alert

For those after a deluxe edition of this:

Justice League: The Darkseid War Omnibus - Books Etc - £38.46

EDIT: Oh, look what I found for April 2018:


Books Etc have the new printing of Absolute Authority for £41.80 too. That might be the best price around now that Speedyhen have put up their price.


Yeah, probably is - the same rule applies - move fast if you can.

Books Etc take the money at point of order too!

EDIT: Another big Valiant collection that turned up out of nowhere too:


So do Speedyhen, they just tend to do an initial block of the amount on your card when you order.


Yeah, that disappears after about a week on advance preorders.

Books Etc just don’t offer pre-orders, it’s in stock and out or nothin’.


I’ve been working through Kindt’s Valiant stuff on Comixology Unlimited, and it really is brilliant. Ninjak is ace, and Unity is a reimagining of the superhero team concept as profound and novel as anything Ellis/Millar/Morrison did in the late 90s and early 2000s.

That’s said, Divinity left me cold; I don’t understand the love for it.


I agree. I read the first Divinity and just didn’t get on with it at all.

I like all of the people working on it, but I didn’t enjoy it.


Grant also has something in the pipeline with Vin based on Grant’s dad. Not seen it mentioned anywhere yet but they did talk about it at a recent talk they gave in Glasgow. Link to the whole talk can be found on the Kelvingrove art gallery Facebook page.


Bit of Marvel fishing:

Spider-Man Epic Collection: Spider-Man No More

Wolverine Goes To Hell Omnibus. Over 900 pages.

Cap Bloodstone Hunt Epic Collection

Superior Spider-Man Complete Collection v1

Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers the Ms Marvel Years. (the Brian Reed run reprinted).


FP has a decent price on the new Vision OHC:

Under £23 is the best yet, I think.


SpeedyHen have it listed at £20.19, but it’s not available to order yet.


I’ve been swithering over getting this as I was wondering if they were going to issue the series again in another format . Very tempted though.


Yeah, it’s on my wish list at SH. :slight_smile:

Their prices can change before they become available though, so I’m getting a pre-order in at FP for the moment.


Plus, for myself, for £2.30 extra, FP’s packing is very, very good.

EDIT: Forgot to say my copy of Batman/Flash: The Button OHC arrived today. There’s a quite snazzy lenticular cover been done for it.

With the Superman: The Oz Effect OHC due March 2018, DC seem to be making an effort to ensure all the key pieces for leading up to Doomsday Clock are out in OHC.

EDIT 2: Dealer Alert

I did not see this coming, I expected a price of £9.28, instead they went for:

The Wild Storm: Volume 1 - Books Etc - £8.79