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LA LA LA I’M NOT LISTENING :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:


If it helps, I’ll share a story of how much I love George Perez as a human being. I was once standing in front of Rob Liefeld’s table at Wizard World Chicago several years ago. Perez came by, gave Liefeld a huge hug and kissed him on the cheek. They both had large, genuine smiles, chatted for a bit and then, Perez left. You could tell there was a great friendship there. Later that day, I found out that I had walked up just after an attendee of the convention had been particularly nasty to Liefeld feeling they were justified in some way.

For that reason, I give Perez’s art an opportunity from time to time but it just really isn’t for me. I realize that it’s purely a personal taste sort of thing.


I realize that Ronnie is a mod, but can he be banned?

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Artistic taste is subjective. I understand there are actually some people who do not agree that Mike Mignola is the greatest artist currently working in the field of comics art. Apparently they are all legally blind.


So George Perez is my favourite comics artist who isn’t George Perez?


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I’m currently reading Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection volume 7: The Goblin’s Last Stand.

As you can probably guess from the cover, it’s got the story where Gwen dies. But that’s near the end, I think, as I’m 2/3 in and haven’t hit it yet.

The volume is the tail end of Stan Lee’s run on Spider-Man and it’s an odd, slow fade from the series rather than a clear departure. He disappears for an issue or two, with Gerry Conway taking over, seemingly for good, only for Stan to reappear, co-writing with Gerry for an issue or so. It makes the (apocryphal?) anecdote that Stan had no idea Gwen was killed off hard to believe, as surely working with Conway repeatedly over the course of months, he’d have had an idea where he was going.

Stan reappearing is good in one regard though, as it looked like his last contribution to Spider-Man was going to be the creation of… The Gibbon!

Which is not a good way to go out. Mind you, Ditko left on Just A Guy Named Joe, so it’d be in keeping with tradition.

Anyway, the volume’s pretty good, overall. I’ve not read this far into classic Spider-Man before. It’s odd seeing Romita’s art with a bit more grit to the inking, as it’s much smoother and cleaner when he joined (which is about where I’m up to). I’ve never read Gwen’s death issue before either, so I’m interested to see if that works and whether they’ve left in the sound effect suggesting Spidey’s web-line broke her neck. She is a bit of a drip of a character though, so her impending death doesn’t seem a terrible decision.


This just went live at the quick chick: £71.72 for the big Fourth World omnibus:

It’s going to be a monster book, so that’s not a bad price for it.


I just found out about this. Wow. It sounds great.

The Dark Horse “Curator’s Collection” book that they did for Sin City (in the ‘artist edition’ style) was really good, so I have high hopes for this one.


Eisner is another one of those guys I really want to (and really tried to) like but just don’t get on with.


He’s always spoken very highly of you.


The three pieces commonly grouped under the Contract With God ‘trilogy’ banner are really excellent, and The Spirit has some wonderful moments of invention. I can understand not getting his style though.


It’s honestly not his style as much as his content. Contract With God was the one I thought I would really like but just fell flat with me.


The chapter in A Contract with God about the, like, 5-year-old girl “seducing” her building super and ruining his life really turned me off to his work. What I’ve seen of his artwork is amazing (aside from the racism) but that creative choice, even for the time, is pretty WTF.


Ever tried Dropsie Avenue? That one really worked for me.


Ya. The whole thing is just one kick in the nuts after another like a grandfather to Stray Bullets.

Is that one part of the Contract with God trilogy? Those are the main works I’ve read.


Yeah, it’s the last one where a neighbourhood goes through a cycle of newly built to gradual decay to demolition and back to newly built.



Format: Hardback
Pages: **1536 pages**

Holy heck!! Does it come with a forklift?


400 pages more than Simonson’s Thor :open_mouth:

I’m not sure it’s physically possible to read such a book.


No, you must crack the anti-life equation to stand a chance of lifting it.