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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


The introduction of the Question is undeniably brilliant, and one of TDKSA’s biggest feather in its cap.
DKR is ultimately so well crafted, but DKSA’s is just unrepentant Millar in so many senses of the word.
Liking DKSA is probably why I enjoy ASBAR as much as I do, since it takes more of its tone from that series, given its prequel nature.

Stellar review @DaveWallace


Ha! That’s a great way of putting it. The story goes round and round in circles for a few issues until it’s time to get the ending under way.

I ended up getting rid of my HCs to buy this version. The box set of HCs was an unwieldy way to read it, although I enjoyed reading it in that format as it came out.

I know DKR so well now that I don’t get as much new out of it as I do when I revisit DKSA, certainly.

I just love the unrepentant big, bold craziness of DKSA. Miller’s mini-comics here definitely felt more in that mould.


Oh so much, The Atom and Batgirl mini-comics especially. So brash, garish, and uncaring for what people would think about it.


Dealer Alert

Any UK poster after this better move fast as it’ll likely go up to £17.49 quickly:

Wonder Woman Rebirth OHC1 - Books Etc - £16.19

EDIT: Talking of books, following a crazy amount of money being spent, my six-omnibus collection of 1970s Marvel martial material is complete:

  • 2x Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
  • 4x Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu

Is it worth it? I think so. I maintain that greedy gits that Marvel are could easily have done the Shang-Chi run in two Deadly Hands size omnibuses, but of course they went for four volumes and slapped a RRP $125 price tag on them.

The other omnibus that arrived today was Thor: Heroes Return, which looks to be one half of the Jurgens run. Though there is no sign of it, I would expect Marvel to issue the other half at some point in 2018.

Fortunately both are not anywhere near as bad as the taking-the-mick quality of the Loki: Journey Into Mystery omnibus, though they don’t match DC’s recent rival editions.


Rebellion are doing a great job on the British archives reprinting.

Marney the Fox hardcover arrived yesterday and it’s a beautifully put together book.


Wow! That’s proper respect being shown there. It would be a real shame if it doesn’t sell. I’m putting my order in now.


Damn, that does look nice.

Can’t buy it now, but end of the month probably.


The Tithe: Volume 3: Samaritan

This is a very well done, albeit pricey-as-hell for those who read and bought Eden’s Fall, continuation.

The book hits a couple of very smart notes, one is making the piece-of-crap that was Senator McKitrick move from that position to the Presidency. The other is Samaritan going after him via the angle of sexual purity. For the good politician has always faithful to his wife, or so he maintains. Like Eden’s Fall, the story draws on the wider character network of the Edenverse, though it doesn’t involve Eden.

It all goes down in quite a satisfying fashion and, assuming he doesn’t keep stupid things on the trades, I’ll be looking out for the next episode which will be the Mirra Sway book due next year.


I’m colonwaiting for The Tithe: Volume 3: Samaritan: Veritas: Oversized: Hardcover: Second Printing edition.


Have you tried prunes?


This arrived today from Speedyhen.

It’s the second Epic Collection to feature the Nocenti/Romita Jr run on Daredevil, which features some of my favourite JR jr art.

The reproduction here really serves the art well, particularly the bold colours which make the original issues look fairly washed-out in comparison.

This tranche of issues features the Ultron story and a lot of the Mephisto issues, which give JR jr the chance to get a bit more abstract and experimental with his art.

There’s also quite a bit of extra material interspersed throughout the book, including original art.

My only slight criticism is that a lot of tie-in issues and annuals are thrown in to the collection, which I’m not too bothered about - I would have rather had another few issues of the main title.

As it is, we’re still going to need another couple of these Epic books to finish collecting the Nocenti run in full: one to come directly after this one, and one to go back and cover her earliest issues, which haven’t made it to the Epic line yet (which publishes its volumes out of chronological order). Hopefully we’ll see them soon.


I am absolutely going to have to get that.


The previous collection is well worth picking up too.

It features one of my all-time favourite JRjr Daredevil pages.


I’ve got the singles but the colours are so washed out and faded I might have to grab these collections.


Yep, I originally read these in singles (I think many of the issues haven’t ever been reprinted before these Epics) and the colour makes a huge difference. There are pages that look incredibly vibrant here that were so washed-out looking as to be barely readable in the original issues.


My favourite JRJr was always with Al Williamson inking. I loved the lines he put in, complemented it so well.


I always quite liked Scott Hanna inking him on the early JMS Spidey issues, but that run on Daredevil was one of my favourites. And like Dave I have a lot of the original issues as well, but not all…and with nicer printing it seems like a no-brainer for me.

I have mentioned how JRJr is my favourite artist who isn’t George Perez, right? I have a JRJr Daredevil. print on the wall of my living room.


Yes, that was a really great fun for JRjr’s art too.

I think Williamson brings a really different texture to JRjr’s lines though, some of the heavy inking reminds me of the robust look of the Frank Miller/Klaus Janson collaborations, but then there’s really fine work with the thin lines Gar mentions too. It gives the art a bold look that really stands out.


It’s ok, you don’t have to specify “who isn’t George Perez”. It’s understood that everybody silently adds that whenever they talk about a favourite artist.


I have to admit. I really like George Perez as a person (he’s one of the sweetest people in comics, a medium populated by some incredible individuals) but he’s not one of my favorite artists.