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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


This happened to me with the Judge Dredd collection. Around the second or third book. :slight_smile:


I got a copy of Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle: No Way Out in my comic shops bargain bin ages ago and just got around to reading it. Visually really impressive. Loved stuff like the page with a musical score that goes along with the panels.

Story feels like it’s standard pulp fodder (though I couldn’t say for sure since I’m not that well read in the genre) - not a slight, just really get that from the mood, colour palette and the story tropes within the book.

I’ll most likely get the following books (if there are any!).


Kara Bocek, a DHC Presents short has just come out - I posted a link to a Books Etc bargain, a week or so back, assuming the price remains unchanged.

So far, that’s it but Francavilla is doing a Shadow run, trade’s out in November.


Just put them on top of the ‘to read pile’.


I pre-ordered that also. I have Shemp Buffet but it seems like there is more that I’m missing Because that book starts off in the aftermath of something. Anyone know where to find the first Shoalin Cowboy Hardcover?


Some time ago there was news that DHC intended to translate / issue it.

As yet, it has not materialised.


Where can I find the Shaolin Cowboy Hardcover that comes BEFORE this one?


I wish ALL Millarworld books came in this 11"x7" Hardcover format instead of the Paperback size of 10"x6" like all the other Hardcovers seem to be.


That is, presumably, the one I was talking about. I don’t think it’s been published as trade or, if it has, it might be foreign language.

re: Reborn

Chances are that was possible because it was Image. Icon tend to be less flexible on formats.


Thanks for answering my questions bro


There was a trade collection of the earlier Shaolin Cowboy stuff but it’s out of print now and goes for crazy prices.


Nice one might pick this up after I sell on my collector’s edition.


That’s what I did. The Collectors Edition HCs were nice for the single issues, but it wasn’t a format that would be convenient to keep picking out to reread, and it didn’t contain many of the (numerous) covers produced for the series.


Some things I can’t resist if the price is right…

Dealer Alert

Superman Rebirth OHC1 - Books Etc - £16.19


Anyone know if the new Image printings of the Criminal OHCs came out the other week? They seem to be out of stock everywhere already, which is entirely possible, but has me suspecting they got delayed, especially as Incognito is easily available.


From discussions on a couple of other forums that I’ve seen recently, it seems they were actually old stock of the Icon printings that had been discovered in a warehouse and had been relabelled with a new barcode by Image and resolicited through Diamond.

Apparently that means stocks were quite low. So it may be that not everyone who ordered will get one.


Oh, ok. That’s weird.


Er, yeah, that’s odd.

EDIT: In other news…

This is the best price I’ve found for this:

The Tithe Volume 3 - Books Etc - £10.92

BUT, it is still very much a volume bought under protest because I suspect this is the last volume and I want to see how it turns out, except only 3 of the 6 issues in the trade will be new to me, as the other trio is the Eden’s Fall story!

Hawkins has a bad habit of doubling up and raising the price, as I’m fairly certain I saw this at RRP £14.99 some time back. The problem for him is other series are far better buys in terms of value for money. For the same price as this I also grabbed the Hadrian’s Wall mini, a 8-issue trade!

I’ve really enjoyed the series Think Tank, Wildfire, Postal, Symmetry and this but if he screws around with the price for the new story, Golgotha, currently RRP £14.99 I’ll probably bail and consider myself to burnt to consider buying his stuff.,


It is odd. I assumed from the solicits it was a brand new printing.

(Hopefully what I said in the above post is true - it’s all second-hand knowledge, as I haven’t seen any of the new printings myself yet. I’m glad I held on to my originals though.)


I picked up the new HC edition of Hard Boiled from Dark Horse. I had enjoyed the previous HCs in the same format (for Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy and Big Guy And Rusty), and was looking forward to this.

Although I remember Dave Stewart’s recolouring of Big Guy And Rusty being quite a departure from the original, I remember quite enjoying it as an alternate take, and I still own both the original collection and the new HC.

When I opened the new edition of Hard Boiled, I was quite surprised that Stewart’s recolouring was even more of a departure from the original than with Big Guy And Rusty - the bright, bold colours and neon nightlife of the original Hard Boiled have been replaced with a more muted and earth-toned palette. I haven’t read through it in full yet, but already I can tell that it changes the feel of the book considerably, and I’m interested to see whether the book reads very differently with these new colours.

Does anyone know if Darrow or Stewart have talked about their intentions with the recolours of Big Guy And Rusty or Hard Boiled? I’d be interested to hear their thoughts to better understand the choices they’ve made here (I presume Darrow was involved with the recolours). One thing I noticed is that Darrow’s linework is much more visible and clean in the new edition, which I guess must be part of it.

Here are some comparison pics anyway. This first one has the new colouring on the left and the old on the right:

While these others have the new colours either on the right or below.

(Also, slightly disappointingly, the art in the new OHC is actually the same size it was reproduced in the old TPB, due to the unusual dimensions of the art - the old book was more square and the art took up the whole page, but this new edition is more standard in its page dimensions, so you get a bit of empty white space at the top and bottom of each page with the same size art in the middle - with the exception of the double-page spreads.)