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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More

I checked out Lee Berjemo’s Suiciders from my local library (and isn’t it amazing how many graphic novels our local libraries have nowadays?! When I was a kid the only comics the library had was Garfield). I knew nothing about it but figured Berjemo’s art alone was worth taking a look at. It’s actually a pretty decent story too, especially considering he’s new to the writer/artist thing (as far as I know). Has he written anything else? Has anyone else read this?

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I haven’t read it, but Bermejo wrote and drew Batman: Noel a few years back.

And just when I thought I’d heard every last possible complaint about Man of Steel


I think it may be worthy of a dedicated thread.


He currently writes and provides the covers for We Are Robin

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Some Amazon fishing.

JSA: The Golden Age Deluxe Edition (that’s the mini series by James Robinson and Paul Smith, not the actual Golden Age stories of the JSA).

Batman: Brave and the Bold Bronze Age Omnibus v1

The Flash by Mark Waid Book One

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Holy $hit! That’s awesome. I’ve been waiting on a nice hardcover of The Golden Age for what seems like forever. Great to see that it might finally be on the way now.

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Nice find on JSA Golden Age HC.

Like I’m supposed to know how big a Blu-Ray is? You couldn’t put them next to an LP or something? :angry:


It looks like Amazon is planning to open more physical locations.

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Volume 12: Metamorphosis

This is a great continuation and an excellent example of how the Mignolaverse will develop a strand in one series and then have it turn up elsewhere. In this case - the Sledgehammer armour.

The collection covers two stories: One of a mission gone wrong that triggers Johann’s interest in the armour as a better way of contributing and the second of how he comes to learn how to wield it. No surprise that art is excellent across the volume either.

Great stuff as usual.

EDIT: Amazon-fishing gives:

Goon Library Edition 4 - Oct 2016

Leaving Megalopolis: Surviving Megalopolis HC - Oct 2016

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There’s a HC single-volume edition of the GN version of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book out in October:

The title says it’s a HC at least; the description says it’s a paperback.

Finished off Fraction’s Mighty Thor stuff last night. Vol 3 was pretty good and had a Ghostbusters/Stay Puft feel to it with the’ ‘Don’t think of anything, clear your minds’ bit. Art was solid and although the story wasn’t groundbreaking it was fun although it did stick to the seemingly ever repeating theme of Odin doing something dubious in his past and Thor disobeying him to reveal Odin’s secrets.

Everything Burns, the crossover with Journey into Mystery was awful. 9 sluggish issues that were a real chore to get through. Laboured scripting with a convoluted plot I struggled to follow and things that seemed to pop up out of nowhere (when did Volstagg become king?). Prior to this I was tempted to check out Gillen’s JiM run but if the writing on those earlier issues is anything like his writing here count me out. There’s a line from Kid Loki that sums up how I feel and is quite ironic, “Is the wordplay trickery as annoying when I do it.” The answer is yes. As for the art, I’m not really a fan of Alan Davis and here he turns in some shoddy work and the art on JiM suffers from some overly dark colouring so not great overall.

Everything burns is not representative of Gillen’s JiM run at all. The latter is brilliant and I do recommend you give it a go.

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Marvel Unlimited only has issue 1 of that series :rage:

That JiM had to be part of the Everything Burns event was a pain in the arse, as it was mostly just doing its own thing and was perhaps one of the best things Fear Itself gave rise to.

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It was three one-shots (subsequently collected)…so that might actually make sense.

I’ve only just got up. I will check that for you and report back after breakfast. :smile:

I checked the contents of that book. Thor: Ages of Thunder comprises 4 connected one shots.

  • Thor: Ages of Thunder
  • Thor: Reign of Blood
  • Thor: Man of War
  • Thor God-Sized Special

So maybe check under those names. I hope you enjoy them.


I just had a dig through a long box and discovered I actually have them! Don’t remember reading them though.


Rat Queens: Deluxe Edition 1

Been considering this for a while and it having a few issues with Stejpan Sejic on art, one half of a creative duo that are up there with Matt Hawkins as people to keep an eye on go, doesn’t hurt it either.

I can see the criticism that could be made that the bulk of the characters are women written as men, but for that to work it requires an essential view of either gender and that’s generally bollocks.

If anything taking it all very seriously is absolutely the last thing you should do. Taken on its own terms for what it is - a bawdy fantasy with a majority female cast - it more than delivers. Though, to be fair, the little extras at the end out-do the main story, the Courting 101 tales being the examples of that - brilliant little 1-pagers.

Presentation is very good - quality paper, good binding, oversized.

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