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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


The upcoming Akira box set of HCs is looking very nice.


These two came today (thanks again to Ben for the Books Etc tip-off):

Looking forward to reading the story again in one go, and especially looking forward to working through the covers book - there were loads of great pieces done for this series and lots that I didn’t see in print.


And talking of whom…

Dealer Alert

Hard Boiled OHC - Books Etc - £10.22

EDIT: Also:

Hadrian’s Wall - Books Etc - £10.86


Cracking price on Hard Boiled, thanks again Ben!


I actually just picked up the 12"x8" hardcover Shoalin Cowboy and Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot. Pre-ordered Hard Boiled. Is there anymore Big Guy comics out there?


The giant Big Guy and Rusty is the full collection.

There’s also an old cartoon that was stellar.


Don’t think so.

There’s Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop The Reign? OHC due in October.


I actually just read the story from Madman Comics #6 and #7 that features a Big Guy/Madman team-up. It’s Mike Allred’s book but Frank Miller writes the Big Guy dialogue. It’s good fun and Allred’s art is always enjoyable - he captures Big Guy well.

The story actually came out before the Miller/Darrow series.


Forgot to add, for completism there are also some small appearances in other Miller books - Martha Washington: Stranded In Space and a cameo in Sin City: Hell And Back.


The number of out-there indie comics that got cartoons in the 90s always amuses me - Xeonxoic Tales, Duckman, The Tick, some Daredevil parody…


I only did one day at Thought Bubble this year but as usual FP had crazy discounts. All books were buy one get one free including omnibus and absolutes. My budget was not big so I only got two books but £30 for these two seems like a good deal. They had them priced at £45 and £40 (admittedly you could get them cheaper online) so it worked out at £42.50 which I longingly considered to which the member of staff said, “how about £35? no, wait £30?”. I took that deal.

My friend paid £150 the following stack. He figured he could stick them on ebay or amazon and get about £400+. (I think the Inferno books are worth a fair bit on their own)


Superman Reborn HC

Well, this could have easily been a disaster.

First, Do I read Action Comics? No, I do not. Did I have any difficulty getting my head round a plot that is clearly from there? No. The story does a good recap. It’s also made very clear that whoever the guy is, he is not Clark Kent.

Second, oh, I see - now I know who that guy at the end of the Multiplicity trade is, turns out to be the same guy who’s grabbed Tim Drake. That’s a neat and effective bit of coordination.

The use of Mxy here is interesting, it’s far more serious, with the character being a more disturbing threat by messing with memory. It’s notable too that Mxy later says he isn’t the ultimate architect of all this, which I take to be a big hint towards that being Dr Manhattan, with Doomsday Clock acquiring new significance to me due to reading this. Also, for the same reason, I’m looking forward to the Batman/Flash: Button OHC due next month too.

I just wonder how they’re going to collect this story in the OHCs they’re doing - of the two, it’d be a better fit to Action Comics than Superman.


Dealer Alert

OK, yes, given Marvel’s form of late this might be complete arse… On the other hand it’s Aaron-Ribic…

On the basis there’s more to this than just Legacy #1, £23.75 for an RRP $39.99 / £35.99 OHC ain’t bad:

And if it is total arse? Well, that’s what the order cancellation function is for! Book is due end of Feb 2018, so you’ll know if it’s worth buying.


Most if not all of Duckman is on YouTube too - I loved that show back in the day; it aired late at night here on one of the commercial networks; I’d have to tape it on VCR.


Duckman aired on the Paramount Comedy channel in the UK and this was back around when it first launched, on a time-split deal with Nickelodeon. About 6am to 7pm was Nickelodeon, then it switched to Paramount, which for a kid of about 8 was a fascinating change, and really reinforced the idea that the world got more interesting after bedtime. Duckman was one show I caught part of during that period without really understanding it, yet found oddly fascinating.


It should be fine. I don’t think that Marvel’s comics are arse generally, they have a certain level of quality usually and some of their books are still really good.

The problem is more to do with their strategy, or lack of a coherent one beyond ‘more first issues, more events’.


Is the FQ variant cover in the Master Race covers book Dave?




Just got the Ennis Punisher Omnibus from Amazon. Nice pre-order price of £48 made even nicer by the fact I sold the first edition on ebay a year ago for £350!


Two more parts of the 2000AD collection came through the door today.

I am now 3 books behind and have no hope of ever catching up :anguished: