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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Is MillarWorld not a community? We’re in a changing world, terms will come to have new meaning. Language evolves.

So, if you can have a group online, who talk, get to know one other and help and support each other what do we call that if not a community?

In discussion it will be far more shorthand, the other way of rendering it is: ‘Trans people didn’t object as a group’, but if you go with that phrasing, it’s not a big jump to the term ‘community’.

First Q to ask is what is the basis for the offence? I can’t say I’d be surprised, as America’s an old story now, over 20 years old, so it may well fall foul in representational terms to new thinking, but still might be seen as at least making a flawed effort perhaps. It’s hard to say for certain without knowing the accusation.


I suspect Tom might be referring to Marvel’s America, the Miss America Chavez solo series.


The Complete Elfquest Volume 4

Unlike the last collection which was more short stories, this volume is far more akin to the first two, where a big storyline is collected in its entirety. As a result there’s a far stronger narrative hook running through the collection that encourages continued reading.

When I got to the end I wondered how much more there is to collect before starting Final Quest. From what I can tell the answer is: Quite a bit!

For anyone contemplating giving it a try, this isn’t the place to start. It starts with reference to previous stories and the nature of the conflict would mean little if you don’t know what came before. It might still work but nowhere near as effectively as it does with that knowledge.

There are some superbly creepy sections - the creation of the tentacled ‘peace hounds’, along with perhaps the darkest single page panel sequence I’ve ever read - where a vengeful, abusive husband beats his wife to death in nine panels, all in silhouette - was utterly chilling.

I still don’t know how DHC are putting these type of big content, superb value collections out at the price point they are. They pretty much blast everything else on the market out of the water in terms of quality and cost.

Oh, that one? OK then I’ve seen some chatter here and elsewhere on that one.


Yeah I meant Marvel’s America.
I and others find it reductive and passively racist, but others do not. I feel it fits into the prevailing question.


Just bought this. Never read it before.


Not as good as Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot - but still an excellent thrill ride.


I saw those signed copies on sale from FP this week but the price was a bit steep for me.

It’s a good read. Although very much a showcase for Darrow’s amazing art. I have the original TPB but I’ll be picking this HC up too as (like Big Guy and Rusty) it’s been recoloured by Dave Stewart for this edition.


I’m planning on getting it off amazon. Thanks to prime it’s only 14 bucks


How does £10-11 sound if you wait until Books Etc have it? That’s what I’m expecting their price to be.


I read the first issue today. Of course as a white European living in Asia I have little insight to give into the racial/ethnic authenticity aspect but it all seemed very heavy handed. "Hi I’m queer and I’m brown’, ‘take my brown fist’ etc etc.

I’m sure all the intentions are very sound but put those similar sentiments repeatedly into other characters’ dialogue and it is weird. “Hey Luke Cage here, just so you know I am black and straight”.


Not only that - but she’s not a Latina, and in the 3rd issue we get her origin and she comes over and blatantly co-opts Latin culture. Which the writer isn’t really too hip on - so America’s badly written spanish takes on very unfortunate implications.

Oh, and the latin students at that college? You think they’d switch it up because it’s not very well rounded a representation.


I can’t remember if anyone was waiting on a good price for the Batman & Robin Morrison omnibus, but just over £23 for 17 issues in OHC format isn’t bad:


Had myself quite a time with this pair:

Ragnarok: Volume 2: Lord of the Dead OHC

Ok, so yeah, IDW are also releasing this in paperback form too but seriously? You need the OHC edition to really enjoy all the glorious Simonson art.

More than any other book I can bring to mind easily, this is the example of an artist putting out work of such a nature that you can immediately know whose it is. Someone else could spin this tale but it wouldn’t have anywhere near the sheer nerve and enthusiasm that jumps off every page - big, ambitious apocalyptic sequences of destruction, complex yet clearly depicted fight choreography as Thor and Regn take on thousands of Firestarters - it’s page after page of superb work by one very skilled craftsman of the form.

Nor is Simonson holdng back from being decisive on the plot either - there’s an excellent conclusion to the first plot of the book which has been told over the last 12 issues, which then sets the next one running.

Absolutely excellent. Even if you do buy the paperback editions.

Reborn Volume 1 OHC

I don’t know if Mark reads the trades thread, but if he does he really ought to consider doing more of these OHC editions - getting a hardback this size was a very pleasant surprise and it really showed Capullo’s artwork.

As to the story, it really is quite, quite gloriously mad with enemies like General Frost - a very vengeful moggy who is nowhere near over having his nuts cut off! Nor is he the only mad - and very, very bad - creation on display here either.

There were times in this story where it opted for a far swifter pace than I expected like the trip back from the Dark Lands. Another story would have got many issues out of that just on its own but instead it moves very, very fast indeed which was refreshing.

And yes, it could just keep on going given how it ends. I like that there’s plans for up to five volumes, there’s enough fuel in the tank for that with far more to explore of the world.

So, this is quite the superb addition to the MillarWorld titles.


Kill or be Killed Volume 2

There’s something indefinably special about Brubaker-Phillips collaborations. The comics they’ve done are frequently wonderful but also feature massively messed up characters who somehow manage to grab and keep the reader’s attention despite all that. It’s a hard, hard trick to pull off and this pair make it look easy.

This is a very strong continuation from the opening issues and manages to go against type. In a whole lot of stories a serial killer goes to town and never fears the police. That doesn’t happen here - Dylan gets noticed by the cops and it all gets far, far harder, not to mention more complex and a good deal messier.

I’ve still no idea where this is going but I’m hooked on the ride. That they threw in the idea that Dylan’s off his meds is a genius way of also screwing with the reader as well as the character. This, along with all the other meta touches, works very well.

Above all, this duo have a real skill for taking a story and characters that shouldn’t really work and going way, way in the other direction… At Mach speed.


After nearly a month of emailing (mostly from my end) I managed to get clarification from IDW about the issue of Special Missions missing from GI Joe Complete Collection 8 - it was left out by mistake and is intended to be included in the next volume, but there is no set date for that’s release.
It makes a mockery of the whole “correct reading order” raison d’etre but at least it’ll be included (eventually).


Good news, Ben. Marvel heard your complaints and have amended their solicitation for the Vision HC. :grinning:

One of the most celebrated comic books of the century, collected alongside an expansive array of special features! Vision wants to be human, and what’s more human than family? So he heads back to the beginning – to the laboratory where Ultron created him as a weapon. The place where he first rebelled against his destiny and imagined that he could be more – that he could be a man. There, he builds them. A wife, Virginia. Teenage twins, Viv and Vin. They look like him. They have his powers. They share his grandest ambition – or obsession? – the unrelenting need to be ordinary. Behold the Visions! Theirs is a story of togetherness and tragedy – one that will set the Android Avenger on course for a devastating confrontation with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Collecting VISION (2015) #1-12, plus the extras from VISION DIRECTOR’S CUT #1-6. 488 pages, $39.99.


Hahahahahah - oh, that’s funny, thanks for sharing the info.


Oh, well, that’s a shame.

The Locke & Key: Heaven and Earth HC is standard size only.

Still a nice book though.


The new Scooby-Apocalypse trade came out today, so I picked both it and the first up.
They’re your generally floppy malleable trades, but the first has the benefit of more bonus character concept art, which is nice. Definitely not a bad way to jump into the series in any case.


Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Volumes 6-10

This was a pretty good second season for the book. I’d agree with the criticism that the book does get a bit indulgent and aimless, but despite that it’s still good.

As ever the book’s ace card is the character interaction and some very sharp one-liners. It’s also one of the densest books going but it doesn’t come across as being needlessly so. Roberts packs in a lot to each issue without it feeling too wordy.

Unlike the first seasons, I don’t feel any inclination to check in with the rest of the line, but given trade prices now that’s a good thing. Onward to The Lost Light Volume 1.