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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


@RonnieM and anyone else who cares about this - it has finally been sighted:

June 2018

EDIT: Black Hammer’s been getting some praise here, looks like it’s getting a spin-off book too:


Dealer Alert

I didn’t expect to be able to get this for this price:

Superman Reborn HC - Books Etc - £12.72


Thanks for that Ben, they’ve got some great prices on other books too - Dark Knight III: The Master Race (and the deluxe book collecting all the covers) for £13.69 each. Great find.


The one thing I’ve found with Books Etc is their despatch times can really vary and I’ve had to chase them for an update on a few occasions, but their prices can be very, very good.


Who here read Saucer Country by Cornell a few years back?

It was a book Vertigo killed off but looks to have been revived at IDW and a new collection covering the first 14 issues is now out, RRP £24.


I did and have been picking up the new issues from IDW.

On a related note:

Ryan Kelly‏ @funrama 39m
I guess I’m unemployed when Saucer State is done so I guess let me know if you need an artist next year. I prefer to work for physical money


Oh that sounds unfortunate for Kelly, still maybe it means they’ve been able to conclude it well.

Take it that you liked the issues you read Gar?


I’ve only read the first one so far but yeah apart from the mandatory title change it is more of the same, if you liked it before then you’ll like it now.

I also think Kelly’s tweet may be a little tongue in cheek rather than truly desperate. I mainly linked to it because it just came up and it means that the book isn’t some huge epic to go on for years :smile:


Which is a selling point in itself.

Might grab this in a couple of weeks when the next paycheck’s come in.


Nice. You’ve inspired to get on a Batman reread. My Knighfall collection has the Sword of Azrael and the Vengeance of Bane shot.


So read a DC set:

Batman Rebirth Volume 3: I Am Bane

Hmm, this should have worked better than it did. To be fair, King certainly tries his best, the issue where the backgrounds of Batman and Bane are contrasted is a neat one, but on the whole? It wasn’t what it should have been.

I think the problem is the fights lack a sense of peril - at this point both fighters have broken the other’s back - and recovered from it! Now, I’m no doctor but that level of injury ought to be a damn sight more serious than it’s been treated here. This volume takes the preceding one as its cue to ratchet up the injury - so Bane wipes the floor with Batman, but it turns out to be Batman letting him win as distraction. It was neat seeing Bane’s trio of minions initially, though they then got worfed by Catwoman. The final fight with Bane? Doesn’t work for me - an injured Batman scores a few glancing blows but gets utterly decked and then, in response to Bane monologuing, replies with a ‘I’m Batman’ and a super head butt. A head butt so incredibly severe that it is a one-hit KO on Bane! … er…Hmmmm… Are you fuckin’ kidding me? Nope, that’s what it was.

On the plus side, this was an OK resolution to the running Gotham Girl plot, though the issue with them both, though it tried to be an examination of Batman, didn’t really work out either. And then there was that wedding proposal… Superheroes and weddings and the status quo mean I have excellent reason to be extraordinarily sceptical of this move.

All of this may paint the picture that I didn’t enjoy this volume, which wouldn’t be accurate. It was OK, it was nowhere near as bad as the god-awful Detective Comics Volume 2 trade but it didn’t set my world alight either, nor am I that intrigued by the talked of ‘War of Jokes and Riddles’.

Wonder Woman: Volume 3: The Truth

This was a good conclusion to the present day story of Wonder Woman, though there’s a sense of missing pieces that I suspect the fourth trade will remedy.

Rucka’s story was good, but Sharp’s art was even better.

Sixpack & Dogwelder: Hard Travelin’ Heroz

OK, so yes, it never really manages to top the second issue’s complete mockery of the Spectre combined with a I Am Spartacus for Baytor, but this is a fun, very warped six issues that is, more-or-less, the end of the line for this motley crew. Ennis’ scattergun approach hits all manner of targets, mostly through a down-on-his-luck, shadow-of-his-self Constantine. It also covers the origin Dogwelder which is more even more messed up than you’d expect.


I highly doubt Prodigal was always planned, despite what Moench says. It always felt like it was a last minute addition when everyone was up in arms about why Dick wasn’t Bruce’s first choice as a replacement. IIRC, the Bat- Office weren’t allowed to use him at the time because he was a Titans character.


Maybe but the whole thing was cooked up by O’Neill, who was on top of his game, I wouldn’t put it past him to have it set out figuring enough time would have elapsed that they get to use Nightwing later.

EDIT: In other news, Titan are taking the piss.

3-4 years back they started issuing translated European material in pretty decent form - OHCs, about 2 albums per collection, RRP £11.99. They did a couple of larger collections that worked out at a decent per-album cost too.

So what do they then do? Some bright spark decides to abandon, leaving series midway through and incomplete, in order to serialise it in their magazines. And to then follow and compound this insult? They start issuing paperbacks towards the end of last year, the album for these? Highly variable. They issued World War X as a complete 144 page trade at RRP £17.99 but have issued Samurai 5-6, as 48-page paperbacks, RRP £13.99. Chimera Brigade sounds a total mess too. It’s all very sad and pathetic and shouldn’t be rewarded with any sales.


You’ve really got to get over that Detective Comics vol, Ben. I know it wasn’t your cup of tea, but objectively it wasn’t that bad. :wink:

Totally agree with you on “I Am Bane” though. It was decent, but the ending was a total anti-climax. I’ve dropped Batman now. King’s run is just so ill suited. Massively disappointing.


Objectivity be damned!


This week’s reads.

Hawkeye Deluxe 1 & 2 - Loved it in singles as it came out, thought it was overrated on a reread once it had concluded and now having read for the third time it has gone back up in my estimation. The Kate parts are clearly still the best, and as much as I hate the ‘bro’ thing and that fact that the pizza dog issue is nowhere near as good as people think, this is a great example of Marvel creators at the top, or near to the top, of their game.

1985 - Easily the best thing Millar did at Marvel (I have zero love for his Ultimates or Wolverine stuff) and it sports sublime Tommy Lee Edwards art to boot. Really enjoyed it.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents vol 1 1-10 & vol 2 1-6 - Technically I read these in singles but I’m sticking them in this thread regardless. Here is another series I had previously read twice. On release I loved, second time around I wasn’t sure. Now having read for a third time I can conclude it’s a bit of a shambles. The first 6 issues are great. I really tight super hero covert ops book.Plenty of espionage, back stabs, double crosses, shadowplay, cracking art by Cafu and great scripting by Nick Spencer. Then it goes downhill rapidly. The story seems to change track completely and focuses on one character and her relationship with her mother. It all comes out of nowhere. Then volume two is just as messy and I struggled to see what th point of it was. A wasted opportunity in my opinion.


Dealer Alert

For those who’ve been after this:

The Black Beetle: Kara Bocek HC - Books Etc - £7.15


I wish all MILLARWORLD titles were in this 11"x7" Hardcover format


Indy reads:

Think Tank: Volume 5: Animal

And, save for a prose novel Hawkins is working on, due out next year, this looks to be the end of the line for this series.

Hawkins resolves it all quite, quite nicely, to the point where you wouldn’t a continuation for Loren ends in a better spot than he ever anticipated or indeed expected.

This has been a great little series - if you want something a bit different and smart consider giving this a try.

Trent: Volume 1: The Dead Man

A new offering from Cinebook, this was Leo and Rodolphe’s first collaboration and it makes for a good, effective tale of crime in the North of Canada.

Leo’s art is excellent, while the scripting spins an intricate story of gold and crime.

The album is also presented in oversize form, which is good for a RRP £6.99 item.

James Bond 007: Hammerhead

Dynamite seem to be on a roll with 007. This is a fun tale of weapons tech, mixed with the desire to return to the ‘good old days’ of empire.

One little detail I like is that they do these mini intro sequences of just a few pages and then you get the title sequence, it’s a neat nod to the films.

What I’m really enjoying here is that this series is the story James Bond, Bastard. And that’s it. Bond gets told to go somewhere, he ends up killing up a lot of people, isn’t particularly bothered by it as they were all gits anyway and then goes off to the next job.


I haven’t bought a new Cinebook series in ages. Think I might try Trent. Hopefully they have the usual 10 for 5 deal at Thought Bubble next week.