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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


When they mention chronological order, are they talking about in-universe chronology (rather than release order chronology)?

I usually prefer to read things in release order, but I’ve only read a little Hellboy so I don’t know if this is a better way to read the series or not.


Yup, but I think they’re wrong. I know why they’re doing this. There are fans that do really want this, but for myself, I much prefer the crazy chronology that publication orders gives.

One of the things I really like about the Mignolaverse is the sense that it’s a little too big to really grasp it all and the crazy chronology enhances that aspect for me.

Of course, my disdain has absolutely nothing to do with having bought 7 Library Editions, nope, no way.


Okay, so I own the individual issues, I own the TPBs, I own the HC Library Editions, and now I have to buy the chronological Omnibus books?

Well, okay, then!! :smiley:


Are these going to be the smaller size paperback omnibuses that DH do (e.g. for Grendel), or are these going to be B.P.R.D. type hardcovers?


Copperhead Volume 3

OK, yes, I miss Godlewski on art but Moss isn’t a bad replacement and has a similar sort of style.

Unlike the first two trades, this is just four issues, something that seems be becoming more widespread, which is a bit of a pain.

It is, however, a good continuation of this character-based story and ends on one hell of a cliffhanger that Faerber better know how to follow up.


No indication as far as I can tell. I wondered the same thing myself.


Based on the price, I think that it’ll be the value priced smaller paperbacks. Which are great if you’re looking for a quick way to read/ catch up, but aren’t really the best presentation format.


Mercury Heat Volume 2

So what happens when a research base suffers an outbreak of Ennis-Burrows? Aka as ‘the Crossed’? A massive and probably overdue mick-take of their off-the-scale sicko creation by Gillen. This culminates in a fantastically appropriate fate for the lead villain I can’t possibly spoil.

Like the first volume, this has Gillen riffing on current net jokes which get ported to the future setting. The art is also, in a way, a mick-take of the Avatar gore style, due to the perception filter Luisa puts in place.

The one weakness of this volume compared to the first is it doesn’t do anywhere near as much with the Mercury, this could have been set anywhere in space this time.

EDIT: Dealer Alert

For anyone contemplating a new Cinebook series, this is a price worth risking:

Trent: Volume 1: The Dead Man - Books Etc - £4.81

This series was the first collaboration between Rodolphe and Leo, a pair who I know from their later Kenya / Namibia series.


Anything Sienkiewicz Moon Knight is pure gold but I hate that shit.


Oh yes, I’m not complaining about the material itself. It’s good stuff.


Brilliant, glad you enjoyed this.

I’m still holding out hope of some sort of oversized or deluxe hardcover as the art is something to behold.


Yeah Dave Black Hammer is definitely towards the top end of the scale of Lemire’s stuff.

Although Ormston’s art also plays a big part.


Jupiters Legacy / Jupiter’s Circle Volumes 1-2

First, thanks for the tips, went publication order over chronology and it paid off very well.

For all its well-executed I can’t say this is among my favourite MW books, for me something just doesn’t quite work in what it’s trying to do, though Jupiter’s Requiem may alter this.

Reading Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 2 without having gone through Jupiter’s Circle would have been far less effective - (a recommended read order in the books would be a good idea) - due to the Starfox plot - , though some bits of the big finale seemed off - Walter just pulls pyrokinesis out of his arse to kill Starfox? Also wanted Brandon to get a bigger kicking than he got. Nonetheless, it can’t be denied Quitely’s art is superb.

In a way the books are an interesting study of autocratic leadership and where it leads to. While the idealism at the end of Jupiter’s Legacy fits the story, it’s one that’s hard to buy into currently. The people know best, huh? The same ones voting for Trump or Brexit? Who don’t give a damn about anything save they get what they want? As a genre, superheroics are about trying to appeal to the better aspects of the human character, what’s its answer to when people collectively go bad beyond hitting them? Maybe Jupiter’s Requiem will take aim at this.

There are some quite inventive use of superpowers in these books too and I like that Jupiter’s Circle strips away the idea that the ‘good old days’ were indeed all that good. While the art in Jupiter’s Circle is generally consistent, it is quite the collective output, which is where Jupiter’s Legacy has the edge. Then again, how could it not? Few artists can top on-form Quitely.

I think what doesn’t quite work for me in it is the idea Jupiter’s Legacy dances around at the start, but doesn’t really address: What happens if there’s superheroes that don’t want to go into the ‘family business’ ?


Thank you for this recommendation. I’ve just read #1-6, and I can’t think of anything I’ve enjoyed more this year. It’s right up my alley, with the blending/bending of multiple genres, natural humour, nods to extant big name characters, and just damned good storytelling.


Do any of you cats know if pre-ordering through Speedy Hen guarantees they’ll have the stock to fulfill your order? I pre-ordered Walt’s Thor omni with FP a while back, but SH are offering it around a fiver cheaper, so I may as well go with them, but I’m just a bit wary that it’s late in the day and paranoid they might end up not having enough.


On rereading it the other day it was the more small-scale, generational themes that really stood out to me - how younger generations define themselves in opposition to the older (without really understanding that their parents were themselves young once), but how growth and maturity eventually lead them to take their parents’ place to some degree. And how people change from rejecting the idea that they will one day become their parents, to actively embracing it (and perpetuating the generational cycle).

I expect Requiem to show us the next generation and how the cycle continues.


Usually Speedyhen are pretty good at getting stock in, especially if you order before release. I can’t imagine it being a problem for them to get a few more copies in. The book isn’t out for a month or so yet, is it?


Cheers Dave, I’m just being a bit extra paranoid with this one because I’ve been waiting for it for so long. I was way too poor for omnis back in 2011 and that was my comics holy grail, very hyped to see it coming back round again.


I think the latter is the biggest thing. If I’m honest I am mostly quite bored with the concept of proxy characters for major super heroes. It was novel in Squadron Supreme, Alan Moore did some good work with Supreme but that was enough for me.

I love Black Hammer for the character stuff that Lemire excels at. It’s like JLA/JSA mixed with Mike Leigh.


Given how Marvel’s production values are now, it won’t be quite the monster volume it was.

This might be a good thing for handling though!