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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Not to discourage you but it would be a bit like watching the Star Wars prequels first as far as the story. I don’t think there’s an enormous reveal but I thought the information flow worked better with release order.


Oho? I’ve read Vol 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy, so it’s only the other 3 that are new to me.

Wonder if Mark’ll set out a recommended order?


I’m with Ronnie, read them in publication order (however since you’ve already read Legacy vol 1 you kind of will be anyway.


There are one or two things casually mentioned in JL volume 2 that directly refer to things that are introduced in JC as part of the story. So I think it’s best to read JC first and learn them naturally before being told about them in JL2.

As Gar says, if you’ve already read JL1 then going straight to JC shouldn’t be a problem.


Oh ya. I definitely wouldn’t read Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 before Jupiter’s Circle. JC sets up a lot of what’s going on in JL2.


I really loved Legacy vol 1, but found little to enjoy in Circle vol 1 (I didn’t even read JC vol 2).


Dealer Alert

Had forgot this came out:

James Bond: Hammerhead HC - Books Etc - £13.46


I just purchased the third and last master volume of Locke & Key, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for over a year now. I guess it was good for me to wait because Amazon just gave me a free digital trade for purchasing a hardcover trade, so I also got myself the Daredevil: Born Again run by Miller and Mazzucchelli digitally, which I’ve been meaning to read for ages.


Talking of Locke & Key, there’s been a further couple of slim OHCs - Small World and Heaven & Hell.

The Master Editions are seriously lovely books, well worth the cash.


In my experience, that’s not odd at all :wink:


How long do those Hachette part works take to be delivered normally? I ordered a couple of books off their website last Tuesday and haven’t received anything yet. Is this normal? Never ordered anything from them direct beforehand.


It’s really messed up Vik.

What happens is you don’t get any notification from them, so instead I recommend:

  • Scan your account online every few days.
  • Once it shows as debit that’s your cue that the books will probably turn up in the next 2 weeks
  • 2 weeks after the debit, they’ll charge your card
  • 3 days later that charge hits your bank account

You won’t get any emails from them so all you can do is keep an eye on the account to know what’s sort of going on.


Sounds a right shambles :smirk:

Will wait and see. I don’t mind waiting if I know it’s going to take a while, but the site says 3-7 days delivery. And, there’s no dispatch e-mails or anything helpful like that. Bemusing.


If it wasn’t for the fact I’m getting some nice hardbacks for a tenner each I’d have said stuff it, but the quality of the volumes is very good - enough for me to put up with it.

It is part of why I wouldn’t do another partworks though. (That and I don’t have the space!)


Dealer Alert

Looks like this might be it for Think Tank:

Think Tank Volume 5 Animal - Books Etc - £9.28



Moon Knight v.2 TPB: Reincarnations

I really liked the first volume of Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight and this second volume is, if anything, even better. It takes the ambiguity and multiple-personality elements as presented in the first book and makes them the absolute focus of the story, with the entire arc flitting between multiple different scenarios - each of which features a different aspect of Moon Knight - and challenging us over which (if any) of them is ‘real’.

Of course, none of them is really real, which is part of the fun of the book. But watching as Moon Knight struggles to grapple with the various personas that make up his whole is hugely enjoyable, especially as the story starts to incorporate more rapid shifts in his perspective. This includes jumps that start occurring halfway through individual scenes, with certain immediate conflicts or threats persisting but manifesting themselves in different ways (depending on which persona is in the ‘driving seat’).

If that makes it sound like a bit of an abstract or intangible story, that’s not really the case. Each of the story’s individual vignettes - which are set apart from each other by their illustrator, with Greg Smallwood sharing the book with Francesco Francavilla, James Stokoe and Wilfredo Torres - gives us clear elements to get our teeth into. But the shifting landscape of the book means that we’re always questioning our conception of these elements, which only adds to the fun.

Even as an artist showcase alone, this is a fantastic book. Stokoe serves up some wonderful sci-fi madness with his tale of an astronaut fighter pilot going up against a crazed race of moon-bound werewolves…

…while Francavilla provides a more grounded, noir-drenched setting which benefits from his shadowy style (and some fantastic deployment of bold colour).

As the book ramps up - and we start switching between the different storylines more rapidly - it really helps to have so many different artists providing such a clear delineation between the various personas. And once we get to the stage where the artists are each providing individual panels for the same page, the whole thing starts to feel like a wonderful big artist jam project.

This simply wouldn’t work without a strong vision behind the project and a firm control of exactly how these different stories intersect, and Lemire pulls it all off brilliantly, bringing everything to a close in a surprisingly touching final issue of the arc that somehow pulls all these threads together in a perfectly fitting and satisfying way.

This is one of the best Big Two books I’ve read in a while, and my only complaint about this collection is that it’s only four issues long, comprising issues #6-9 (bulked out by an old Moench/Sienkiewicz reprint at the back). I gather that Lemire’s run ends with #14, though, which I guess explains why one TPB has to be four issues instead of five. It’s a very minor complaint either way (especially since I got this entire book for just a couple of quid when Amazon was flogging digital copies on the cheap), and I’ll definitely look forward to the concluding collection that comes out next month.

It’s nice to feel thrilled by a mainstream superhero comic like this, and to have that all-too-rare feeling of being unable to put a book down until you’ve seen where it goes next, to the point where you end up reading an entire volume in one sitting. Lemire has been hit-and-miss for me in the past, but this is by far my favourite work of his that I’ve read.


Try Black Hammer, excellent stuff.


Thanks, I’ll have to check it out.


Wow, I reckon if I wait for it there’ll be an OHC to really showoff the art.


Unless it goes seriously off the rails in the last few issues (which seems unlikely), it deserves one.