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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Dealer Alert

For those wanting to get the Batman Dark Prince Charming Book 1 hardcover in the UK, your options look to be comic shop or bust!

So, FP have it as:

£8.27 + £1 postage.

Now, that sounds quite high for a 64-page OHC, except I know Titan have issued the same sort of size volume with an RRP of £12.99, so it is in the general right area of price.

For me, it’s 64 pages of Marini at work - and he is good - so I’ve made an exception and just pre-bought it. I also like the idea DC have here and nothing says support like pre-buying.


Thanks for the tip, Ben. I was wondering whether it would be LCS only.


I don’t know for certain but I couldn’t find a listing for it on Amazon, Book Depository or SpeedyHen so…


Same here.


A couple of holiday reads:

Captain America by Ed Brubaker Vol 1 - “American Dreamers” (CA #1-5) by Brubaker & Steve McNiven. Following Steve’s return to life this is a pretty straightforward superhero tale, with great art. I enjoyed it a lot.

Green Lantern/ New Gods: Godhead - I managed to pick this up on Kindle for about £10. For a 400+ page book I thought that was a pretty good deal. But, in hindsight, it may not have been. The story was entertaining enough, I suppose, but it lacked any real charm. And, boy did the New Gods get shafted by it - Highfather became a one note villain, and even Orion fared little better (and I loved New52 Orion in WW), whilst Metron was his usual annoying self. Disappointing.

Oh, and Kyle & Carol? That was icky.


Wonder Woman Earth One

I’m not sure if I’m going against popular opinion here, but I really wasn’t all that impressed with this.

Grant Morrison’s stated aim was to take Diana back to her Golden Age roots, and to an extent he succeeds, not by setting the story in WW2, but by emphasising the “ideals” of William Moulton Marston. There’s an awful lot of tying people up in this story. There are interesting ideas such as Diana’s highly believable reactions to people in Man’s World (i.e. the realistic disgust you would expect from somebody who was raised on an island of physically perfect women), and Steve Trevor’s speech at the end. The “modernised-retro” Etta Candy and the Holliday Girls are pretty insufferable, though. The main problem is, although a lot of the ideas are good, it too often feels too contrived, like it’s all there to make a clever commentary rather than tell an interesting story. After reading that an Amazon is doing something with “loving kindness” for the fifteenth time, you sort of just wish she’d punch somebody instead.

No complaints at all about the art by Yanick Paquette, though. Every page is a marvel of beautiful detail and inventive layout. He’s one of the best stylists in mainstream comics today, and probably the best artists DC currently have (actually do they currently have him? I haven’t seen any monthly work from him since Swamp Thing, and that’s four years ago now).

Would I recommend this? Mmm-maybe. I’m glad I read it, but I don’t think it’s an essential volume, even for Wonder Woman fans, and I don’t think it’s anywhere near Morrison’s best work.


He’s currently working on the second Wonder Woman: Earth One book, I believe.

He also does the odd cover here and there.


Dealer Alert

3, 2,1 - Order!

Currently £46.27 - probably won’t stay as that.

Plus a time-limited FP 40% offer:

£26.99 + £1 postage

Get 'em while they’re going.

EDIT: One more:

Locke & Key: Heaven & Hell OHC - Books Etc - £8.76

Note that this is a slim, 72-page book only.

(RRP £13,99)


X-O Manowar OHCs 4-5

This duo forms an excellent third act for Aric’s story, which builds very well on what has been told already.

The Armorines tale is prelude to the quite explosive Dead Hand arc, but a lot of fun - even though you know how it’ll end, there’s still a good twist too in the ending.

The Dead Hand arc is far, far more serious with far-reaching consequences and it’s to Vendetti’s credit he follows through on those, all the way to the final, 50th issue.

There’s also some very smart use of the wider universe, with various guest characters popping up, most notably in the wedding issue, but in other stories too.

I’m really hoping these editions don’t end up at the $50 RRP mark as that’ll make buying them far harder, to the point where I might have to bail. Found an Amazon listing for Wrath of the Eternal Warrior OHC for March 2018, will get that one if I can as it’s freestanding piece.


Has anyone seen the New Teen Titan Vol. 1 Omnibus (New Edition) HC? Is it oversized (like DC’s Deluxe Editions) or regular-sized? Also, what are the contents? Is it the first sixteen issues (as DC’s solicit says) or the first twenty issues plus the four issue Tales series (as Amazon says)?


That’s kind of screwed up. Just checked it out, and might lean towards Amazon’s info just because vol. 2 next year says issues 21-40 plus more.

Odd that DC would be wrong, though. Dumbasses


If I remember correctly, the first Omnibus contained the same content as the first three Archive Editions. At least the first editions did. So Amazon’s listing looks more accurate to me.


How far did you get in (Gage and) Costa’s Cobra comics? They end up concluding with The Cobra Files (with Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra sort of connected). By comparing them to Brubaker’s Sleeper (I haven’t read it, mind) you seem to have read only the initial Chuckles arc. The story goes well beyond that. They’re some of my all-time favorite comics. I’m glad Costa finally got a comic at the big two (Venom) that stuck.

I picked up a bunch of trades recently. Grant Morrison’s Steed and Mrs. Peel, which I’ve really wanted to read since Boom!'s reprint, I found, so I snatched it up. I got a hardcover of Green Lantern: Secret Origin, so I’ll get to reread that. I bought Batman Vol. 3: I Am Bane (huge fan of Tom King, and his Batman run, so this will be one of those complete collection runs for me). And I got a Fialkov Ultimate FF (which the idiot at checkout didn’t bother to register at its bargain price, which I didn’t catch soon enough), and a Matt Kindt Marvel Knights Spider-Man.

I just finished a reread of 52, all four original volumes. Remains one of my all-time favorite comics.


The Cobra books do tread a similar ground to Sleeper but I think they are better.


The bundle has everything up until the Cobra Command storyline, and then has a mixed bag after that - A handful of Snake Eyes solo trades, the 2013 and 2014 reboots of the main series, and the two Cobra Files TPBs which clearly continue the Tomax/Chameleon arc from the older Cobra series, but the stories between Cobra Command and Cobra files that explain some of the changes (like why the special ops team is working out of a casino Tomax owns, and why he’s working with them) weren’t included.

The Chuckles stores in Cobra are very much Sleeper, but even after that, the Costa/Fuso Cobra stories still keep a big vibe of that series, just not with a sleeper agent. Part of it is because Fuso’s art is very reminiscient of Sean Phillips, and because it keeps up the dark, morally ambiguous noir-ish storytelling.

And you should totally read Sleeper, it’s fantastic.


Talking of online representation of trades, I received the Complete Elfquest Volume 4 today.

Where the online info suggested it was about the same size as Volume 3, so 400-or-so pages, the actual volume was 600 pages! Quite a bit bigger and far more value for money in terms of the cash I paid for it.


This came today.

They make quite a pair!

Looking forward to reading the whole thing through in one sitting.

Nice to see some smart behind-the-scenes material in the back pages of the second volume, too - some script pages and a fair bit of art process stuff.

It’s interesting to see the comparisons between the pencils and the final, digitally-inked pages.


Right now I’ve got, looking at me in the to-read pile:

  • Jupiter’s Circle Volumes 1-2
  • Jupiter’s Legacy Volumes 1-2

Which I’ve held off looking at until I had the new volume, should make for an interesting read.


Are you going to read them in release order?

(ie. JL1, JC1-2, JL2)


I was considering that, then decided against it as the gap was only really for Quitely to do the art - I suspect it’s set up quite well to go the chronological route.