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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Just got an email from Speedy Hen telling me that the Superman Rebirth Deluxe v1, which was due out in August, slipped to October is now due in January. What is going on with DC’s OHCs?


Previewsworld still has it down for 27th September.

Speedyhen is often very screwy with release dates, I wouldn’t necessarily trust them.


They very rarely email with date changes though (in my experience).


To echo Dave, don’t believe them.

I’ve had those emails and then a day or two later the item has despatched.

Hell, they emailed saying Sixth Gun HC4 had been bumped to 5 Sept and then it was sent off Weds and I think it’s now wating for me at home.


Ah, fair enough then.


I think it’s something that’s become automated more recently. I’ve certainly had a lot more of them in recent months.

Also, I think that when a book gets its release date changed, they can often end up putting in false placeholder dates (further in the future) to take them out of pre-order range, as they say they can only store credit card details for two months.

(I’ve noticed that almost all their pre-orders seem to go live almost exactly two months ahead of release, which helps you to know when to look out for them and order at the best possible price before they raise them.)


SpeedyHen’s suppliers really seem to mess them around, but then they also more often than not supply early too.


Yep, largely I find them pretty good - a lot of comics get sent out on (or shortly after) their Diamond shipping date, compared to a couple of weeks later for Amazon.

But their release info on the item page is often unreliable.


Well the product page still says October (as does Amazon). So… shrug


Faces is great, one of the very best arcs from Legends of the Dark Knight.


@nJerry @BenObiwomble Very interested to hear what you think of the Hellboy prose book. Tempted by that myself.


I assume it will be along the lines of the three previous Dark Horse anthologies featuring Hellboy and the BPRD – Odd Jobs, Odder Jobs, and Oddest Jobs – all of which I got a kick out of.
odd jobsodder jobsoddest jobs


So glad you enjoyed this David.

Wagner & Ezquerra and Wagner, Grant & Ezquerra’s Strontium Dog stuff is probably my overall favourite run in 2000ad.

On a related note, I’ve decided I’ll pick up the ultimate collection books that I’m interested in having as collections, it does save digging though piles and piles of old progs.

From the first 4 I’ve bought the Horned God from eBay and I’ll pick up the Strontium Dog & Halo Jones, and I’ll not bother with Shakara.

All this stuff I read episodically apart from anything that was in the best of 2000ad monthly, so it will be good to read in collected for like this.


Dealer Alert

For those curious to see how it ends and a different style from Gillen:

Mercury Heat Volume 2 - £10.86 - Books Etc


Just to say, anyone who’s not read Halo Jones needs to take this opportunity to pick it up. Phenomenal comics right there. I only bought 2000AD randomly at the time and one issue I got was the one with the origin story of the Glyph - the person who switched gender back and forth to the point that they became utterly forgettable. That one story stuck in my mind over the decades until I picked up Rebellion’s reprint in the early 2000s and finally saw which series it was part of


That story is a phenomenal example of what you can do with a short strip. It’s poignant, funny, tragic, an absolute comics writing masterclass. There are people trying their best on maxi series that can’t touch on what that did in 6 or 7 pages.


I really enjoyed Shakara. It’s worth buying for the Henry Flint art alone.


Sorry, I don’t think I was clear in the post I made before.

I’ve read all of these in the prog as they were coming out, there’s just some stuff I’m keen to maybe own in hardback and read again in one sitting rather than digging out old progs from the loft to do it.

I loved the art of Shakara but the story isn’t something I’m bothered about reading again or having on my bookshelves.


Yeah, Shakara is a mad, bad and insanely good story but I wouldn’t re-buy it having got the two trades.

Changing tack, I didn’t realise Assortment of Horrors was a prose short story collection, I’d thought it was a comic short story collection akin to Strange Tales. Nonetheless, like most of DHC’s output, it’s a quality volume, nice illustrations, some neat design touches. It also looks like its predecessors are not that easy to obtain so this looks the best option for trying out Hellboy in prose form.


Thanks to the most recent Humble Bundle, I’ve been reading a load of the older IDW GI Joe comics. I remember delving in and out of them at the time, and thinking they were decent enough, and that assesment stands thus far.

It’s a bit of a weird thing, they discarded a lot of the goofier elements at the start - each character having what amounts to a costume is gone in favour of more generic military uniforms embellished with some bits of the old toy/Marvel/Devil’s Due character design, and there’s a lot of modern military jargon dropped in there, and for the most part the art depicts modern guns as opposed to random sci-fi esque things. The really out-there elements of the 80s franchise - like Serpentor and Cobra-La are reworked as a scientology-esque cult that funnels money and mooks into Cobra. Which works very well.

But at the same time, it’s very sci-fi. When the story begins, GI Joe is a covert military team who inhabits an underground base the size of a city - there’s buildings and a road network and everything. The crux of the plot for the first 30 or so issues of the regular series is that Cobra are trying to make a teleporter. There’s ninjas and insanely advanced robots and drones and other random bits and pieces. And to a degree the naturalism falls away - we see more of the toy character and vehicle designs show up, but it tries to keep the stories as grounded as possible.

But at the same time, there’s the Cobra series. Which is basically Sleeper, but without super powers. Even down to an art style reminiscient of Sean Phillips. And it’s not as good as Sleeper, but it’s really good.

Overall I enjoyed what I’ve read so far, but there’s one thing which bugs me about the narrative in the books (as of the Cobra Command storyline). One of the things that made the 80’s Transformers and GI Joe comics work was that both sides had defeats and victories. It felt like a war. In the IDW GI Joe, the Joes are pretty much on the backfoot throughout the whole thing, and at best get some phyrric victories while Cobra’s losses don’t seem to faze them. I’d like to see them get an unequivocal win at some point.