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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Stray: Who Killed The Doberman?

Just bought it yesterday.

It’s very much a love letter to Dick Grayson’s journey from Robin to Nightwing. In fact, it’s just a love letter to superhero comics in general.


Dealer Alert

Wonder Woman: Volume 3: The Truth - Books Etc - £9.28

And no, I don’t know how they got it early either.


Amazon’s price for the full 12-issue Vision hardcover isn’t bad at £24.


The Aquaman Rebirth Deluxe edition was supposed to be out next week, but SpeedyHen’s got a new date for it of next January, while it’s disappeared off entirely, which suggests it’s gone the way of the Green Lantern deluxe edition and been canned.


I usually find Previewsworld to be the most reliable way to check release dates, and I can’t find the book on there at all. Was it ever properly solicited? Sometimes you get these phantom listings that were never put out officially.


I don’t know if it made it to the solicitations, but it had a full blurb, page details, cover art etc and I’m fairly sure it was listed on DC’s own website. I wouldn’t put it past DC to employ someone to churn out all that stuff for the hell of it though.


Dealer Alert

Anyone after this, I advise getting a pre-order in with FP sharpish, as Amazon US has the RRP as $49.99, not $39.99!

FP’s price now is £24.11 + £1, if it hits RRP $50, that’ll go up to just over £30 plus £1 postage.


I’ve only read the first two arcs of Bloodshot Reborn, but it’s fantastic. Highly recommended.


You’re not wrong, Absolute Authority is now up to £43.55 and Thor is £70.02.


Yep, the prices on some volumes are becoming quite mad.

Does make FP’s prices look better in comparison though!

EDIT: Dealer Alert

Bag it quick!



Couple of pleasant surprises today:

My copy of The Sixth Gun OHC 4 is on its way from SpeedyHen

Also spotted Mercury Heat Volume 2 on Midtown’s list for next week - thought that wasn’t ever coming out. So it might be War Stories Volume 5 turns up sooner than expected too.


Just got myself the first Blackhammer trade, just because I love Lemire and I feel like reading some off-kilter superhero stuff. And finally got the last Wiced & Divine - I am interested where the story will go now, after concluding the big storyarc in the last trade.

Oh, and I read Empress, which was a fun ride but nothing that’ll stick in my mind for a long time.

And I am finally reading The Vision, which is awesome. It’s funny that I’m only discovering Tom King now while there’s people already tiring of his style in the New Comics thread :smiley:


I just got the 8th GI Joe Complete Collection OHC. Bit narked to find that it’s skipped over Special Missions #9, with no mention of its absence at all. It should have been at the back of the previous volume (with RAH #68) but they put the fourth Yearbook in there (even though it’s set after #68 and published the same month), moved #68 to the front of this volume and I guess Special Missions #9 got lost in the shuffle. But for a collection that has not only two editors but Mark Bellomo doing his anal-retentive hagiographic notes for every issue, you’d think someone would have noticed they’d missed an entire issue (or thought to explain its absence if it’s been consciously left out, which is unlikely as it was in the old IDW paperback edition).


I have so many long-run re-reads on the go that I can’t really justify another one but hot damn you’ve inspired me to do my bi-annual complete ARAH and Specials Missions read. I might even sneak out of work early to get started.


Can’t remember if I posted this. Apologies if so.

£6 for these three. I suspect I will hate the JLA book, I remember liking the Strac Brave & The Bold when I read them in singles but not sure if they hold up and I’ve never read Faces so looking forward to that one.


Dealer Alert

For those after them:

Copperhead Volume 3 - £9.28 - BooksEtc

Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 2 - £9.28 - BooksEtc


Speedyhen has also put the Sebastian O/Mystery Play deluxe HC up for pre-order at £15.53 as of today. It’s a fairly slim collection for that price, but still better than most places are offering (like Amazon’s £25).


So I finally got around to reading my 2000AD hardcovers. I started with this:


Some brief thoughts from someone who read 2000AD weekly for the first 10 years and hasn’t picked up a prog since…

Holy cow it’s all in colour!!! Ezquerra’s art is amazing, and completely different to the style I remember. (The notes in the book tells me he enhances it on the computer, whatever that might mean.) However he does it, he’s still got the same flair for action and the same insane design sense that works so well for Alpha’s setting. And the colouring really is awesome, it’s art in its own right, always enhancing the panels, never detracting the way that some over-clever modern colouring can.

Wagner’s writing is just as I remember it, insanely violent, with just the right amount of gags to break up the melodrama.

There are three complete stories here. The first, The Kreeler Conspiracy, is a pretty by-the-numbers straight-to-video action piece. It’s entertaining but doesn’t knock me out.

The second, Blood Moon, really does knock me out. It’s quite an amazing piece of writing, the story flashing back to Alpha’s time in the mutant war and encountering a murderous mutant leader, then in the present day tracking him down to make him pay for his war crimes. It works perfectly as a straightforward action piece, but where it leaves an impression is its uncompromising look at the actions fanatics carry out for a cause, and how Johnny Alpha is shaped by those actions. It’s really an amazing piece of writing. And it has Middenface McNulty, so it’s automatically awesome.

The final story is the Headley Foot Job and is an out-and-out comedy with slapstick violence and a pantomime villain, and again highly entertaining, and a good inclusion here to give a contrast to the preceding ultra-serious stories.

The volume is rounded off by a short text piece giving the publishing history of Strontium Dog (obviously I knew the start of the history but not what came next).

Overall: highly recommended, whether you’re a lapsed fan like me or are just interested in dipping your toe into 2000AD to see what you’ve missed.


This week yielded the following two books from Dark Horse. A good week indeed!
DH Book


My copy of the Hellboy one is in the post.